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  1. Just got to Jan 2021 and debating weather or not to extend the contacts of Mata and Edinson Cavani. They have great personalities for mentoring but I really not use or need them and they both want well over 100k per week. What have others done in this situation?
  2. Hi All, where has the replay speed adjustment slider gone? The replayed goals are in slow mo and I would like to speed them up a little? cheers
  3. Where can I find the match stats at half time on fm21? Also where has the analysis tab gone?
  4. Im glad this has been raised, its been happening to me quite a bit but I thought it was just my cbs with poor ability.
  5. Enjoying the progress on the tactic, are you still rocking the team instructions from the OP? Or have they changed as your tactic has evolved?
  6. Nice man And what about team width? You said you set to slightly wide but it isnt set like that in your SS.
  7. Great post once again. Just wondering if you change the Tactical Training Focus or do you keep it on tactical?
  8. You really felt the need to make a thread in tactics about this?
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