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  1. Im glad this has been raised, its been happening to me quite a bit but I thought it was just my cbs with poor ability.
  2. Enjoying the progress on the tactic, are you still rocking the team instructions from the OP? Or have they changed as your tactic has evolved?
  3. Hi, Might be a bug in my save but every time I play a player in a different position from what I have set their training too, they get put back into a default training program. For example - I have Ross Barkley training as DLP-S from DM but if I then play him in say LW for a game, then after the match he ends up out of the training program I set him up in. Is this a bug? its very annoying. Any help to prevent? Cheers
  4. Nice man And what about team width? You said you set to slightly wide but it isnt set like that in your SS.
  5. Great post once again. Just wondering if you change the Tactical Training Focus or do you keep it on tactical?
  6. You really felt the need to make a thread in tactics about this?
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