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  1. Im glad this has been raised, its been happening to me quite a bit but I thought it was just my cbs with poor ability.
  2. Enjoying the progress on the tactic, are you still rocking the team instructions from the OP? Or have they changed as your tactic has evolved?
  3. Nice man And what about team width? You said you set to slightly wide but it isnt set like that in your SS.
  4. Great post once again. Just wondering if you change the Tactical Training Focus or do you keep it on tactical?
  5. You really felt the need to make a thread in tactics about this?
  6. Yeah his very good on my Berlin save. They actually have a pretty decent squad. Aubrey Modiba is pretty good budget LB
  7. @Cleon Sorry to dig this up but Im looking to replicate 70's Brazil and would be keen to see what formation you went with as links are dead. Thanks
  8. I'm not sure but I highly doubt it I'm playing as Man Utd. It is the same case for my other saves. I never had an issue in fm17
  9. Yeah that doesn't work for some reason. I see no scout option? Also, when I go to set an assignment it doesnt appear in the competitions either
  10. Its probably easy to find but how can I scout the world cup in fm?
  11. We are in the same boat, I have an outstanding number 10 and im struggling to get best out of him. I have been seeing best results using AP-A or AM-A
  12. Hi, The database side of the game has always confused in the sense I don't know what combinations of leagues and options will provide me with a nice balance between game speed and realism. What DB's are you guys running?
  13. I can't seem to find match stats for my team whilst in game. The page which shows stuff like passes attempted and completed, dribbles made, interceptions etc. Its pretty much how I use to play all the other fm's before
  14. Yeah im also not a fan of new match day. I play the match day on the full stats but I can't find it anywhere?
  15. This is easily the best thing I have read on the forum period.
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