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  1. Ah ok, it includes his appearances at ever club, not just yours, so you need to be careful with it.
  2. Subs do indeed count - an appearance is an appearance.
  3. And Armando has called an end to his Newcastle career at the age of 35 after a staggering 746 appearances in 16 years. Could have kept going for a season or two more but wasn't interested in taking a pay cut to stay on. I'm not paying a 36 year old over 300k a week. GK: None DC: None DC: None DC: Nohan Kenneh - 565 apps WBR: Armando - 746 apps WBL: None MC: Sander Berge - 573 apps MC: None AMR: Bukayo Saka - 451 apps AML: None ST: None TOTAL: Incomplete Several players who had a chance have also left the club without getting enough appearances to make it worthwhile adding them to the total.
  4. Must be over 600 apps in total now, can't be bothered to count until he's done.
  5. Kenneh has called an end to his Newcastle career and joined Crystal Palace so he lodges into the squad with 565 appearances. GK: None DC: None DC: None DC: Nohan Kenneh - 565 apps WBR: None WBL: None MC: Sander Berge - 573 apps MC: None AMR: Bukayo Saka - 451 apps AML: None ST: None TOTAL: Incomplete
  6. Season 2034/35 progress roundup: Kosic (25) - 317 apps O'Neil (25) - 151 apps Kavanagh (24) - 228 apps Armando (32) - 526 apps Kenneh (32) - 563 apps Smith (23) - 121 apps Bajic (27) - 302 apps Voryllas (27) - 447 apps O'Donnell (20) - 177 apps Williams (17) - 70 apps I'm a little underwhelmed by how many apps these players actually have at this point, I thought they'd be higher.
  7. Just posting up a bunch of players who have a good chance or are guaranteed to get into my team in case I lose the screenshots of when they were actually good.
  8. Well, his debut is definitely promising. O'Donnell has also become a wonderkid, which is fantastic.
  9. Ok now this guy looks like a proper prospect. £19m on signing can't be a bad thing. Straight into the team to replace a 34 year old Mbappe... Slightly worried that two of my front 3 are now kids, but the third is one of the best players in the game and they're surrounded by brilliance everywhere else.
  10. This is how I've played the game for about 10 years now
  11. Ah that's not bad. Seems in England they're coming through at 17 and turning 18 before the end of their first season. I used to start players at 15 in previous versions.
  12. One super full season of development is already seeing huge improvements here. If he keeps developing and performing then he's going to be a superb player. Obviously at the moment he's getting carried by a world class team so it'll be great to see when he can hold his own.
  13. Yeah it's going to be tough, you're going to need about 20 seasons of going the distance in every competition possible to hit the 1,000 - though luckily I believe the German league often has players come through at 14? Or is there an age limit?
  14. Actually got someone through this season who the coaches say will be great and was worth £10m as soon as he signed a pro contract, so he's gone straight into my team:
  15. I'm still yet to have anyone through with any actual talent.
  16. So yeah, in previous games I've done this and seeing as I'm actually into a game again, it's time to bring it back. The premise is simple - get as many of your players to have as many appearances for you as possible. The ideal result is a team full of 1,000+ appearances each. You'll need to count the appearances up yourself as I still don't think there's a place that just gives you the total. As such, a picture of the player (at any age you want) and a picture of his history screen at the end of his career with you are required. You can update us about your squad progress as often as you want - though obviously the most suitable would be per-season and the least acceptable would be per-career. Obviously it's far too much effort to include screenshots of every season's full stats, so an element of trust is inherent in this challenge. It's not like you win anything so no point in cheating. So let's get this started. I don't have much going so far, but here's my current AAA squad (haven't bothered including players with less than 10 seasons at the club): GK: None DC: None DC: None DC: None WBR: None WBL: None MC: Sander Berge - 573 apps MC: None AMR: Bukayo Saka - 451 apps AML: None ST: None TOTAL: Incomplete Note: you can use any formation you want for your AAA squad, in my case I'm using the formation I actually play.
  17. Btw, if anyone would like to start a new thread and take over this challenge, please go ahead. I'm not around much and can't get into FM18 at all.
  18. Newcastle aren't a bad lower rep team tbh. You can sell the less needed players really easily in order to bring in the players you need, and Ritchie is just an absurdly good player who you can retrain to play anywhere (he's left back for me).
  19. Not really. I switch from Standard to Control and it seems to have sorted out any problems against the more defensive teams. The problem is when I forget to switch it back for the big teams because then they just counter me back
  20. Spurs is where you want to be. Retrain Kane to SV.
  21. Just a string of 0-1 losses or 1-1 draws. Bloody Crystal Palace.
  22. There is, however, one formation this really struggles against, which is this:
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