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  1. They need to trim their roster substantially first. There's a whole bunch of wrestlers there not worth the paper their cheques are written on.
  2. As said earlier it's got nothing to do with whether I like the product or not, I'm complaining that they don't put enough effort into making their product presentable. There's always glaring errors in matches, in the coverage they provide, in the decisions they make - all stuff that really shouldn't be happening this far into their run.
  3. I genuinely thought the brass ring was the photoshop there.
  4. Jo Guest was amazing. Probably my first proper crush.
  5. The Sega ones were all great though. And there's more that I can't be bothered looking for.
  6. Can you remember the stat though?
  7. One of them, I assume Excalibur, started shouting OH MY GOD but it came out more like OH MY.... god? I assume JR had his head in his hands and Shiovani was on his phone looking at memes.
  8. The commentary reaction is another example of the unprofessionalism of the whole thing - either they didn't now it was going to be crap and reacted like it was large, or no-one actually tested what sort of explosion it would be and just assumed it would be large. If it was intended, as Khan said, then why didn't the commentators play along, why didn't they react to what they actually saw? Why did they pretend it was a huge bang? Did Khan not bother informing the commentators what was happening? And if they did know were they still instructed to sell it big? I can't believe it was a h
  9. For the record, I'm not actually pissing on the explosion, it's what I expected. It's Khan's explanation for it and telling the fans that they should know better is where my issue lies.
  10. I'll say it again, modern wrestling fans are ****ing idiots. You'll defend any old ****.
  11. Except I'm commenting on their ability to do their jobs. You're the one who bafflingly equates that to entertainment.
  12. They literally called their first Champion, the guy who carried the company for most of the first year, a "development curtain-twitcher" or something like that the other day. They have no clue what they're doing. They don't grasp that calling your opponent crap, or making your wrestlers look like idiots, is doing nothing but suggesting the wrestlers are crap and idiots.
  13. That's cause people who disagree with me are idiots Whether you like it or not has no impact on the quality of the product. People like all sorts of ****, it doesn't make it good. At least most people in here are able to accept that AEW, in particular their production, needs a hell of a lot of work - except for you it seems. You're defending stuff you haven't even seen.
  14. Which part of kid's school pyro when they promised an exploding ring, followed by "haha nah mate, you're an idiot if you thought we'd actually do that" is a good thing?
  15. So what exactly is entertaining about a guy spending over 10 seconds watching and waiting for someone else to chuck a third person on him that entertains you? Are you so devoid of the ability to objectively judge things that you loved it? Do you think AEW's official twitter using that clip to try and sell the PPV was a good move? All of this is objectively bad, and you must be blindly devoted to not see that.
  16. Kenny isnt going to suck your cock if you keep defending his company dude. You're allowed to say it's **** when it's ****.
  17. Right. If you have no intention of following through on something then don't do it. At least it wasn't Rey Mysterio losing his eye though... He's calling you a bunch of chumps for believing they'd follow through on what they said.
  18. Oh btw, it's not just AEW, is pretty much all modern wrestling as a whole. You can't even praise WWE for production values when they're constantly showing Nia Jax botching her way through every show. Though at least they don't use her botches as advertising. (With the obvious exception of the Becky Lynch nosejob, but that was ridiculous luck and very clever reactions that made that special).
  19. Music where you hear crackling, out of tune vocals etc is bad Books full of spelling mistakes and plot holes are bad Video games full of bugs and cheap fixes are bad Film where you see coffee cups and wristwatches in medieval England are bad. Wrestling companies that show a wrestler waiting and watching for over 10 seconds for an incoming move and then use that to try and promote the company are bad.
  20. They've been going for over a year now, while the people involved have been in wrestling for much longer and should know better. There's a huge amount of experience in every aspect of the company (well, except at the very top with Khan). They don't need to compete with WWE production, they just need production that isn't so obviously bad.
  21. This led to a massive sales boost with the female demographic iirc, so it worked.
  22. AEW's entertainment is the same as seeing cameras and boom mics in finished movies, spelling mistakes in published articles and bits of metal found in cookies. They need to show some proper pride in their work and apply it to their production. Instead they, and everyone who supports them, just dismiss it as "well it's only wrestling, isn't it?".
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