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  1. I think the problem with Ali is that his injury in the first game is still hanging around and every time he takes a bump now he slows down and falls off pace. He's started well in his matches otherwise. He's not overrated, he's just been unlucky. Sterling has been terrible though imo.
  2. Trippier has been really fantastic.
  3. Whereas the English anthem is so turgid I'm amazed the team can even be bothered to kick the ball after singing it.
  4. Colombian anthem really is just something out of a musical.
  5. They better not have blown the entire game in the first 5 minutes. Better keep this up
  6. There was a brief glimpse of a really hot russian girl sticking her tongue out on ITV's grainy as hell footage there.
  7. Some of the passes need to go forwards tbh.
  8. That's not exactly much of an achievement, especially for a team like Spain. Their approach was completely wrong.
  9. Tie-breaker is way fairer than just sudden death tbh. It wouldn't be so bad if they trashed Extra Time and just went straight to it.
  10. Extra time is awful. Aways. Have they changed the penalty rules at all? They should adopt the Tennis Tie-Breaker rules where you need to win by two clear goals.
  11. well, that Nacho bit is going to be a gif soon.
  12. If things aren't going his way, Messi's head seems to drop, he starts just slowly wandering around the pitch waiting for people to make something for him. He doesn't seem to try and make something himself? Like after every France goal today, Messi's expression suggested an inevitability of failure. Where's the anger or determination to fight back? Rightly or wrongly, everyone looks to him. Also as mentioned, Argentina have like 3 billion great strikers, so losing the "GOAT" for a more varied but slightly less talented strike force could be better overall.
  13. Cause he really doesn't seem to do much for them.
  14. It's been way more interesting than most of the recent previous international tournaments.
  15. You can't blame VAR for this ref performance ffs The system works. The idiots that use it are the problem.
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