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  1. Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 has bribery in it. You can still get copies of it I'm sure. It's a very good game.
  2. Sid doesn't want to catch the gay from attractive men.
  3. My requested page is always blank when I've checked it - however, even if I'm not using it right (which is easily possible) it's still a bunch of extra clicks that I shouldn't really need to make. I just want a news item to pop up and go "here's a list of those reports you wanted" and let me scroll through them.
  4. @Neil Brock Can we get a separate news item for FM19 (or 20) that is a scouting roundup of only players you've requested? We currently have the general scouting meeting news item which is great, so an additional one for requested players would be even better. Say, once a week, but only if we have players requested.
  5. Does he even play internationally any more?
  6. Yes, yes. Objectifying people is bad. Stop perving over normal people. I identify as mayonnaise etc Right, with that out of the way, let's perve on people!
  7. Scouting centre is almost perfect tbh. It's the delivery of the information that's the problem.
  8. Serious. My entire footballing knowledge these days comes from the Newcastle thread and whichever football threads have interesting titles.
  9. I hadn't realised it was a World Cup year ffs
  10. The only way that is even remotely useful imo is to shortlist everyone you scout and then check your shortlist every few days for updates - removing the ones that have been scouted and you have no interest in.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garbage_in,_garbage_out
  12. In older versions of the game, whenever you scouted a player it would generate a news item, one per player, so you could see the reports. Is there a way to do this in FM18?
  13. It's guaranteed to happen every time I start scouting for players. I've not been able to progress past a few days, week at the max. Don't have the room to install on internal unfortunately.
  14. Has occured with multiple teams, all with the English league only loaded. The first save was quick launched with Newcastle, the second save was prem and championship only with Man City.
  15. I can only assume this is what is causing it. I've started two saves and have had it crash either while navigating players to scout or navigating around looking at scouted players on the news page. For example, I go to the player search screen, set the search to show DL only, then used the left joycon buttons to navigate to the first player, hit X to open the menu and then use the joycon buttons again to navigate through the menu to confirm the scout. I did this for 20+ players and it would crash, at some point, when a left joycon button was pressed. With the news item screen I'd use the joycon buttons to navigate through the news items, clicking on player names to view their profile from the news items, and occasionally accidentally using the joycon buttons to go to the search bar at the top. This crash would also occur when pressing a joycon button to navigate.
  16. So I take it you want help with replicating mourinho's 4-2-2-2?
  17. Great to hear. I really need to get back into FM, it's been a while now.
  18. Can't tell if my save has come to an end or not at the moment. Haven't touched the game for quite a while now.
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