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  1. Uruguayan players gonna be suspiciously ill any day now.
  2. I don't think its as relatable a fact as he assumed either. I have no idea what the weight classes in boxing are. Now, if they'd said he weighs the same as Rey Mysterio Jr on the other hand...
  3. Venables was likeable because he reminds you of a guy that's in your local pub who's quite funny and occasionally buys you drinks.
  4. Vardy's allowed to be a twit because he's considered an underdog.
  5. Yeah, most interesting World Cup I can remember.
  6. It really looks like nearly anyone can beat anyone in this World Cup cause everyone's a bit of a shambles.
  7. Should send the keeper off for that dive.
  8. Some players can take quite a long time to fit into a new team on this version. It might take a while until he clicks, especially when he doesn't speak the language and is a peripheral part of the social group.
  9. So it turns out that Refs can't get things right even with replays. Who'd have thought that Refs were just useless all along?
  10. I'd drop Sterling because he was trash. Alli was great before his injury so I'd keep him. Unless he's still injured, of course.
  11. I'm not liking the judgement that's infecting this thread. This thread is for appreciation -_-
  12. Yeah but watching him trying to touch and generally annoy Roy Keane in the studio was hilarious. After a couple of appearances Bilic is suddenly sat further away.
  13. I liked Savage as a commentator because he's the only one who didn't actually have much of a bias.
  14. With the introduction of VAR I expected to see a proliferation of divers getting carded but there seems to have been none.
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