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  1. Ali was struggling the entire game. No idea why he wasn't taken off after the big hit early on.
  2. Should've been 4-1 though with two ridiculously clear penalties not given.
  3. Sterling should not start the next game. He was rubbish.
  4. Is it just me or is Lawro really trying hard not to be racist about the ref?
  5. Surely there's no way that Simon Kjear's name is pronounced Semen Care?
  6. The whiny-voiced simpleton on commentary is Lawro, yes?
  7. Guy crumples like a bit of paper. Give him a yellow.
  8. Probably because he goes like 20 minutes between shots to save for Spain. Doesn't need so much concentration when playing at Man U.
  9. If you stick your leg out you're just begging for someone to take advantage of it. Stupid decision. Shouldn't be how it is, but oh well.
  10. Ronaldo getting his one goal per tournament out of the way early this year.
  11. Why do they keep giving Danny Murphy a mic? He's awful to listen to.
  12. Southall wasn't 'very good', he was exceptional. One of the greatest of all time.
  13. Nah I went through the team lists and there's no-one who really stands out as "how the hell did he get a call up?".
  14. If you go back through the World Cups there were some hilariously bad and out-of-depth goalkeepers at the tournaments. This year, everyone seems to be competent. (Sorry about the awful commentary, couldn't find a better video).
  15. Are ITV filming on old mobile phones or something? Their picture quality seems way below the BBC's.
  16. Jesus BBC, that the best panel you could put together?
  17. @Neil Brock Can you sticky this? Edit: Just realised you have and that's why I was able to find it...
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