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  1. I personally haven't seen this in the game but it's the type of thing I wouldnt be suprised about if it happened. Player interaction needs a serious improvement as currently it literally takes no context into account. It's quite amazing that it's like that considering most other areas of the game are clearly well thought out.
  2. No idea why they took this functionality out. I honestly think it was an oversight.
  3. It's hard to believe that people who claim it 'NEVER' happens in real life actually watch football
  4. I dont work for SI but based on what SO staff have said they take into account: - Their team needs (based on managers preferred formations, and strength and depth of each position) - Their transfer budget and how much they think the player will cost (transfer fee and wage) - Their scouts perceived CA of the player - Their scouts perceived PA of the player - The players form (current and long term) - Whether think think the player will want to join Their will be other criteria Im missing out too.
  5. Yeah you did read this, think it was Seb, and maybe others that have said this
  6. Thanks that's good to know and I gathered that would be the case. However its not really addressing the core problem people have been talking in this thread which is that the AI often doesn't buy players whose performances exceed what you would generally think their CA would allow. Someone raised a good point asking if the human player does that and I for one do that take form massively into account. In fact I often wont buy a high PA player whose average rating for his current club is poor as it could indicate bad hidden attributes (assuming the player has been playing at an appropriate
  7. Lot's of people forget this, quite a few clubs have done this.
  8. Yeah I've definitely noticed this too. In a previous FM I had an English 17 year old who scored 30 goals in the league , and then the next season he scored 30 goals again however his potential was only 'good premier league player'. His attribute spread obviously made him a beast. I never recieved a bid for him once which was completely unrealistic.
  9. Man City could have won the league today but Aguero did a really rubbish paneka for a penalty and Chelsea lost. Sometimes a player is having a bad day and doesn't play well. Real people are implementing your tactics and real people are not 100% reliable. If you are looking for a strategy that doesn't have human error (in this case football player error) as part of the game then sports games aren't going to work.
  10. I don't think this is a good way of judging if the game is easy. l would bet that a large number of players restart the game if they lose a match they think they should have won/got an injury to a key player/failed contract negotiations with a player (most people I know in real life that play the game do this). However as we have no idea how many players did this tis best to just ignore the achievements.
  11. Visual training is absolutely needed so that I can test our formations before a match and also see how my players will perform in their role
  12. Ok I just did a search and found out that: Training Rating is made up of a few things, including attribute development and morale. Whilst it does not directly affect match performance, a player that is developing well and has high morale, thus a higher training rating, will likely also perform well in match (relative to their ability of course). So it looks like I should use a combination of both attributes and training rating.
  13. The attributes of my current number 1 goalkeeper are better but as we know there are also hidden attributes that massively contribute towards a players performance. I assume coaches partly take these hidden attributes into account when they rate players and that might be why they rate the lower attribute player higher than the higher attribute player. Basically the attributes don't tell the whole story. Hmm it looks like I cant use the training rating then, I think there should be a way of knowing which player has been playing better in training or even watching training highlights as an
  14. My club has just signed a new goalkeeper who has, in my opinion, worse attributes than my current number 1 goalkeeper but my scouts rate him higher than my current number 1. I want to give the new goalkeeper a try but because goalkeeper position is such an important position I dont want to risk playing him without having an idea of how he will perform. In real life a manager would look at how both players perform in training before making a decision. I also want to do this, so my question is can I use the training rating to tell me which player has been playing better in training?
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