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  1. Those custom DB numbers are good. Playable leagues are 100% fixed
  2. The assister does pop up in the new 21.3 update. For assistance advice yep they removed it for some reason but use this mod to get it back:
  3. I see. You are using a custom skin and that skin uses the MOD im talking about. Th default skin doesnt allow you to do that. @big daddy @MrPompey @Sportsfreund @Mars_Blackmon Use this mod to solve your problems everyone
  4. Hi, there is no option to view the dugout when highlights are showing during a game, this means you can go very long amounts of time without seeing your assistants feedback. When watching Full Match it is particularly bad as highlights are always showing so you never get to see the Dugout. Also when assistant advice pops up at the bottom left of the screen it only stays there for about 2 seconds and then disappears and I can't access it again,
  5. Are you using the Match Screens MOD? You cant change the number of panels. Would you mind taking a screenshot please
  6. Your poor form coinciding with the latest patch could have been coincidence though
  7. The difference between heading of 6 and heading of 10 is very significant. However I agree with you that all attributes are linked anyway
  8. Even with attributes you shouldnt be choosing a striker because his finishing is one point or even 4/5 points higher
  9. The ME has hardly changed since release and people havent been shouting loud about the ME. They have been shouting loud about player ratings and stats.
  10. An issue with this though is that we can tell the difference between a technique of 20 and a technique of 16, but the attribute skins would group them together. One is the absolute best technique possible whereas the other is top quality technique.We probably can't tell the difference between 18 and 20 technique though. It's even more pronounced at lower leagues where the difference between an 11 and 15 is massive but would be grouped together. This is why I think the attribute skins arent the answer and the options are either put all that information in a coach report/use attribute
  11. Also are you aware that you can see all passes made by all players for both teams and can also filter by player and it works correctly? It does a very similar job, and covers everything you use pass networks for as described in the other thread. For this reason I'm not bothered about pass networks not working
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