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  1. My keeper made 8 blockbuster saves and saved 2 penalties in the 1st half alone. Rating was 7.5. Changed tactics and shored the backline up for the 2nd half and he didn't have a save to make, dropped down to 6.8. Won us the game but my striker who done next to nothing got a 7.1 rating. Keepers in 20 are a joke.
  2. @knap Quick question. Are you still going to support FMScout with your tactics considering what's come out about the guy who does the videos for your tactics? Obviously you get paid for the privilege but when it's being used by a dirty piece of work surely a line must be drawn?
  3. I hire or keep a loan manager in place if I'm at a club like Chelsea with their 6 million loaned off players. Trying to keep that many maintained is a nightmare. If I'm at a lower level club with say 10/15 players out on loan then I take care of it myself and save on the staff wages a bit.
  4. Number 1 tip when offering contracts for me. Hardball low on the playing status as much as possible and the wage demands will be lower 95% of the time. If the guy is playing like a star player but is willing to accept regular starter status then keep it that way.
  5. I've only noticed players carry on their personality when becoming a staff member. Attributes and preferences seem to be very random.
  6. Plenty to sell and plenty of bargains who will do a job. Quite easy to turn around the squad.
  7. 2D extended. Even if they pulled out Fifa style 3D graphics I'd still use 2D.
  8. Hes solid when hes fully fit but it's no use for 8 games out the season. Chilwell has been a disappointment so far now looking at Vagnoman at Hamburg.
  9. Anyone manage to get a tune out of Tierney? 2 seasons in and hes been injured for 3/4s of it. Brought in Chilwell now but it's a shame since hes got a high potential.
  10. Using a modified version of this with Arsenal. Had to switch the AM to a CF as the front 3 were beginning to get very ineffective, especially against a side who played with 2 DMs. The corners I've slightly changed from in swinging balls to out swinging ie swapping the full backs around, score goals for fun now. Thanks for this 👍
  11. As @Mojby says above, set all transfer offers to reject, set his asking price at a much higher level than his value and if they have a high potential sign them to a full time deal asap. All part of the game.
  12. Afraid not in this years edition. Though I have heard if you briefly take control over youth training, set out the assignments and then delegate control back to whoever it will keep them assignments in place.
  13. Take control of either team or individual training and the option to set coaching assignments will appear.
  14. Unless he is a really good assistant then no. Always take a bit of time with training, balance out the workload and quality of training "stars" and you'll see the benefits far greater than leaving it to an assistant.
  15. If I remember right CM4 was just bug ridden to hell, even after the last patch. Think SI gave up and focused more on 03/04 which was bug free from the off. Can't remember the big one they couldn't get rid off though.
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