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  1. Looking great once again. On a 2560x1440 with 100% or 125% zoom usually, depending on the skin.
  2. Very much more optimised this year than previous years.
  3. They do that! Able to run on medium/high graphics will zero issue. It's quite the jump from the older laptop with its i3 4005u and onboard graphics anyway!
  4. Quick update, thanks for the advice that helped massively. Got a reply from the seller and the CPU was pants. So managed to blag another desktop with a AMD Ryzen 5 2400g and although the GPU is part of the chipset it's still really good. Got it for £280 with a 1440p monitor chucked in with it too. FM21 running like a dream now. Cheers again, lifesaver!
  5. Alright guys looking to upgrade my now underperforming laptop and have spotted a 2nd hand desktop with these specs:- I5 Quad Core 3.1GHz CPU 16GB DD3 Ram 120GB SSD 300GB HDD Asus ROG 1050TI 4GB Is the 1050ti still a good enough card for fm21? The processor is about 4/5 times better than my current one which is still barely able to run the game so no issues there for me.
  6. What's the chances of SI actually being able to sort out the entire match UI in this years version? Usually these things are set in stone until the following years versions. Looking like the skinning experts might find it difficult to completely change for the good. Would a roll back of such be possible or do we all just have to suck it up and put up with it for a year?
  7. Thank god they brought in the moveable touchline tablet. Though it does reset everytime. And the grey is gone! Replaced by purple but still a much less of an eyesore!
  8. One of my first jobs to do when getting a new year. Dark Grey for Low 1-6 White for Average 7-10 Light Blue for Good 11-14 Bright Orange for Excellent. 15+
  9. It's the same for low res displays and the zoom other posters talk about resets every match due to the team UI on the bottom coming back. He screenshot above looks good due to the bare minimum match stats bar being opened up. Nowhere near good enough and a massive step down from last seasons iteration. Would like the customisation to be ramped up but looking very doubtful now. Fingers crossed for the skin makers saving the day once again.
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