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  1. Thanks for looking into that for me, didn't think the fierce rival thing would matter so much.
  2. Hopefully my save file is now uploaded under Steven Smith - Ajax.fm Not worried about current save, just happy to help if this is a big. Thanks again.
  3. Cheers mate, will upload when I'm on later tonight. Still had the issue last night now the window has shut but can wait till January to get him. Seems their asking price is £21m with add-ons when I suggest yet still says £15m in his transfer status.
  4. Currently got a save with Ajax and managed to upset Boadu enough to hand in a transfer request with AZ. This request was subsequently accepted and a asking price of £10m was set. Now the transfer window has opened I put a straight £10m bid in, no installments/add-ons etc and the bid was rejected, thought to put another £1m in to see if that triggers their acceptance but still rejected, now they've rejected 2 other bids and the player is raging. Surely if they've put an asking price and that's met the team should accept?
  5. You've used a 'licence issue fix' during the beta then haven't changed it when the full game got released.
  6. I let my DoF try and sign a player first but I would have the final say if it's a good enough deal for the club or not. If it's not a good deal and I really want the player then ill go back in myself for him. All depends how good of a DoF you have and even then they can throw money down the drain if left unattended. Always like to keep some control yourself.
  7. Restoring the original files after the full game was released, the beta "licence issue fix" clashed with the main database for some reason. All sorted and back to normal, no need for the "fix" now with the great work SI do behind the scenes to make it as realistic as possible 👍🏻
  8. Hasn't the likes of Dele Ali and Kane asked for and recieved new contracts every season? Think it's the norm now with big teams, maybe start becoming a bit more ruthless and say no once in a while.
  9. This, it's a English rule for Bosmans. Some other countries have it too I think but most prominent in England.
  10. Yes it was this, clashed with previous version. All good now 👍🏻
  11. Seems to be an issue loading the Scottish league's after 9.1 Anything I can do to fix?
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