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  1. Captain would probably still have been Tavernier. Gerrard took his time to pick the captain after he joined and from what he saw Tav was the outstanding candidate. If anyone knows what it takes to be club captain it's Gerrard. He could've easily picked Goldson or McGregor as you say but he saw something in Tav. Understand the Young-Coombes move. Thought it was officially confirmed.
  2. 1. Agree with you to a certain degree but Gerrard still chose him as captain and stuck by him. You would think Gerrard out of anyone in football knows what it takes to be captain. Shown unbelievable leadership qualities the 1st half of the season compared to the past few seasons. To be at 13 is a bit of a kick in the teeth. McGregor ain't a leader btw. Try telling the game at the start of every season that you want Tavernier as your captain instead of Goldson. 2. Far too many to name tbh. Some of the drops are borderline ridiculous. Chances that Celtic "stars" have suffered the same drop?
  3. Tavernier about to lead Rangers to a 55th league title yet only has 13 leadership? Goldson is vice captain and has 17 leadership in comparison to the captain. Rangers stats over the board haven't been bumped up enough imo. Nathan Young-Coombes future transfer to Brentford is missing. Directors missing from the board. George Charlton missing as a recruitment analyst.
  4. Ah christ! Does sound familiar though. Well done to SI research team for getting this charlatan right but wish he wasn't in the game! Hopefully get bought over again quickly then.
  5. In my 2nd season after finishing 5th in the first season. Got taken over by a Edin Rahic, who by all accounts is just as bad if not worse than Ashley. Put the club in debt by £200m to buy the club then after a very successful summer I have generated around £80m to the bank on top of the £100m that was already there. Does he give me any funds for players? No Does he give me any training or youth improvements? Nope Honestly diabolical working under him. Now in 2nd in November with my contract about to run out, I ask for an extension and he says no. One of the worst chai
  6. Theres been precursors for an update on steam today supposedly. Usually a sign an update is coming very shortly. Wouldn't be surprised to see the transfer update happening separately this year with the amount of bugs including this one still in.
  7. Use my own 4231 tactic for Europe. One single tactic will not win you everything. But agree against the very elite teams you will probably struggle. FLUT
  8. FM21.5PaeisienneWalkwaysKnapPar1s424IWP110FA Yeah this tactic is crazy.
  9. Yeah my match engine has gone all blurry too. Resolution 2560x1440, Zoomed in usually at 125% but tried others (100%,110%) and no change, cleared cache etc. Graphics are all on medium for frame rate but gone onto high and no change either. Edit- Problem solved. Render quality seems to be the changer. Increased that to very high but put others down to medium and seems to be far better.
  10. Thanks for trying to address the ratings issue before the major update next month. Hopefully see a marked improvement now
  11. You would surely expect a hotfix this week to sort out the game breaking bugs. Shouldn't take that long to sort out considering most of them were fine in the previous patch. Also SI, please never release a big patch right before you go off on the christmas break.
  12. Sure they'll think twice before doing that again....
  13. Was flagged up just before the holiday period when they released the big update. The big update had broken the stat system somehow. SI ain't working full pelt over the holiday period so expect it to be a while before the fix it again.
  14. Not accepting the excuse average ratings/low ratings only affect transfer interest and value. They affect everything associated with the player. Sign a fullback from a non-human managed league for £30m because he is giving consistent 7.5's only for him to drop dramatically to 6.0's because he plays for you or is in your league. This needs fixed and needs fixed pronto. How this can become broken because of unregistered stats with an update that was clearly not thoroughly checked is unacceptable, especially during the holiday period where many manage to get time to play the game. Stop trea
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