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  1. Yeah Except I've tried multiple logo packs from multiple sites (including but Not limited to) the one that I used for every version of FM since 18's first release. I'm now trying buy removing all graphics from my user folder (which will take hours to re-install) and re-installing them all. Still convinced something in the last patch messed this up.
  2. I have installed them correctly, this has nothing to do with the location of the files its only the large club badges that don't show up not the small ones next to the teams in league tables etc.
  3. This has nothing to do with the location of the files. The small logos are showing up. Its the larger "normal" sized ones that are not!
  4. Well the small badges are now loading but not the large ones, I'm going to try a different logo pack.
  5. Yeah well I looked on google and that didn't reveal anything other than the instructions in this forum which used to work but as of the latest patch no longer do. So that's cool.
  6. Pretty much what is says on the tin, since the last update I have followed the guide to setting up FM 18 using the launch options pointed to my user data folder but for some reason the club badges foe some teams just dont show up in game. The Skins do however which tells me I've got it set up correctly. Anyone else noticed this recently?
  7. So my company just provided us with new laptops and I'm curious what specs I would likely need to run most if not all leagues and keep 18 stable. It has 8 gig RAM and an M. 2 SSD not sure on Cpu or its speed but I can find out tomorrow. My previous one I was using above would crash a lot using 4GB, with around 40k players and staff loaded?? On my Gaming machines at home it runs super smooth with max database.
  8. So I don't want to tempt fate , but by using my readyboost trick and also lowering the graphics settings to the very lowest settings possible...It look like i may have found a way to get the game to run on the Dell laptop!.
  9. I think this error has something to do with loading the 3d stadiums at the start of the match (and at half time but that doesn't seem to crash it) I just rebooted my machine and loaded my save which failed 4 out of the previous 4 tries and it worked. It's weird its definitely memory related but the fact that it doesn't happen every time and it ONLY happens when loading the match day stuff (going into a match) is very strange.
  10. Nope Didn't fix it. I'm not getting the specific memory errors now I'm using the ready-boost feature but I am getting a Crash dump every time I go to play a game now, I have to say FM18 is the buggiest version I have played for years!
  11. SO I managed to fix my issue by plugging in a readyboost compatible usb flash drive and using it in its entirety for ready boost. I'm now able to load matches and havent had the memory issue since. I'm running 4GB of actual ram on a 32bit system. 23000 players and staff loaded but i could probably use more now!
  12. OK so any idea how many players and/or staff i should be able to run it with on even the 32bit machine ??? ATM in my new full release game im running like 53k players and staf but it seems pretty limiting compared to last years game on the same systems!
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