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  1. Hi, I’ve bought FM the last 4 years and every year say it’s my last, not because the game isn’t very good, it’s definitely me that’s not very good. Every lower league save I try I fail miserably, whether it’s with a team expected to challenge for promotion or a relegation battle. I know it’s down to tactics, I’m only really familiar with gegenpress but I know this needs high energy/work-rate players. I switch to something else when gegenpress doesn’t work but with very little logic involved and continue to lose. I appreciate the number of tactical options doesn’t lend itself
  2. Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed many times before but I'm relatively new to FM. Fully intented to only play the Full version when purchasing but I'm considering this difficult if wanting a long lower league save. Started a Liverpool save on Beta release date to familiarise myself with the game before my intented plan of a league 2 team save on full release. I have only yesterday been able to get through a full season (nearly 5 weeks). My concern is at that pace even if I got promoted every season (very unlikely) it would take 5 odd months to even make it to the prem let alone ac
  3. I probably didn't explain this well, I didn't offer an up front loan fee which I appreciate would be taken at the time the loan deal was complete. I offered monthly fees depending if the player either played or not, surely I wouldn't be paying that monthly fee if I now own the player? Maybe I am wrong but that doesn't seem to add up.
  4. I am not sure if this is a bug or not so was unsure where to post but; Signed a player on loan with a large monthly fee and ended up just paying the negotiated future fee straight away to buy the player outright. However the possible loan payments which were taken from my budget have not been returned after I signed the player outright, so now I have paid the transfer fee and am unable to access the loan fees which have been taken from the budget. Bug and therefore need to post in relevant thread or just the norm?
  5. Hi all, 2nd season announcement of post-Brexit rule - Max 17 foreign players per 25 man squad.. hadn't played full FM since 2012 so just wondering if this ruling is fairly standard/harsh/lenient. I've bought in a lot of foreign wonderkids so I'm potentially going to struggle but does the ruling apply to those players already bought or will those already at the club not be considered foreign players for the purpose of squad rules? Any info much appreciates. Thanks
  6. Yeah, Wolves basically have no money so any money related request is turned down.. doubt I'll be offered anywhere near 10mil for changing target anyway but have only played FMM since 2012 so no idea how much of a risk it will be to change the target.
  7. As Wolves I signed two young players on loan with option to purchase fee with a plan of selling player/s in Jan to buy them if I wanted, unfortunately I have discovered in early December that due to debt the board only allocate 15% of transfer revenue (board request to increase gets turned down). I have no budget at present and minimal wages available but really want to keep the two players - need 10.5 mil. I am 5th at present so considering saying I will get top 4 for the extra cash but I highly doubt I'll make it, do I greatly risk being sacked? Any other plans to make up the cash
  8. Hi all, bit of advice needed on a laptop.. I have the following laptop which ran FM great https://ao.com/product/fx504gde4603t-asus-laptop-black-59430-251.aspx however the laptops ran into some issues and I've lost faith in it.. looking to exchange and the following laptop works price wise, improvement in having an SSD (I understand this doesn't impact on FM gameplay) however downgrade on processor with i5-7300hq from i5-8300h - I have very little knowledge tech wise, will the difference be noticeable or is that very unlikely? Otherwise they appear identical to me but would appreciat
  9. Hoping for some advice on two laptops.. these look spec wise identical to me but I'm really not great tech wise so some advise on which to go for would be much appreciated; https://www.very.co.uk/asus-fx504gd-e4603t-intelreg-coretrade-i5-processornbspgeforce-gtx-1050-graphicsnbsp8gbnbspramnbsp16gbnbspintelreg-optane-1tbnbsphdd-156-inch-gaming-laptop/1600287444.prd?_requestid=445869&Ntt=laptops asus https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-power-15-cx0599sa-15-6-intel-core-i5-laptop-1-tb-hdd-black-10185252-pdt.html Thanks
  10. Thanks for above info.. I am just going to save to memory stick as when I save on cloud none of the above seems to occur, no specific notification occurs and on steam FM shows exactly the same as after a local save.
  11. Sorry this is a really basic question but I haven't played FM for years prior to 19, where can you check to make sure the sync has completed/progress of the syncing? On steam I cannot see any indication that the sync has completed, I just save it and once the game completes the save turn the laptop off. Getting slightly concerned as my laptop is being replaced in the next week or two.
  12. Hi all, I've not used or needed to test the cloud storage feature before having only played on one laptop however my laptop is having to be replaced.. I have no reason to question the cloud saves reliability just slightly concerned having spend soo many hours on a save. Any noticeable issues? Is it possible to save my game onto a memory stick to be covered? If so how would I go about this as in what folders to save.. I'm really not great with computers so as much info would be really appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi all, Hoping for some advice on below laptops, I'm able to get them at the same price so please ignore price difference, just want to know best option. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-15-da0595sa-15-6-intel-core-i7-laptop-1-tb-hdd-silver-10184685-pdt.html https://www.box.co.uk/NX.GP8EK.003-Acer-Aspire-7-A715-71G-57YT_2156569.html https://ao.com/product/fx504gde4603t-asus-laptop-black-59430-251.aspx Any other suggestions around the £500-600 range appreciated.
  14. Only played FMM prior to current version since 2012 but just wondered if my experience was normal and if anyone could offer advice. Playing as Cambridge Utd (league 2) and had a really good start to season, long winning runs (6-7 games) between occasional draw or loss but into Jan/Feb just no momentum, can't put two wins together, general performance dropped from dominating games. Advice wise is it expected to need to change tactics dramatically, I don't know if the computer figures you out after a while, or persevere with what's worked? I've tried small changes in dropped defensive
  15. Hi Smurf/all.. I highly doubt it as I got a very good deal in the first instance but could anyone suggest a comparable laptop to the below for £550. I'm being offered a full refund (£550) due to two faults in three months. I don't trust the laptop now but may just have to get the same laptop replacement as I can't find anything close in specs. https://ao.com/product/fx504gde4603t-asus-laptop-black-59430-251.aspx I5-8300H, 8GB RAM + 16GB optane memory, 1TB, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB graphics. Thanks all
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