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  1. Only played FMM prior to current version since 2012 but just wondered if my experience was normal and if anyone could offer advice. Playing as Cambridge Utd (league 2) and had a really good start to season, long winning runs (6-7 games) between occasional draw or loss but into Jan/Feb just no momentum, can't put two wins together, general performance dropped from dominating games. Advice wise is it expected to need to change tactics dramatically, I don't know if the computer figures you out after a while, or persevere with what's worked? I've tried small changes in dropped defensive line as being beaten by balls over the top, shooting stats were becoming a miss match between shots/on target so started work into box but no luck. Compared to Full version (played a season during beta) FMT seems difficult to turn it around when it's not going well in absence of team talks, player interaction etc. Thanks
  2. Hi Smurf/all.. I highly doubt it as I got a very good deal in the first instance but could anyone suggest a comparable laptop to the below for £550. I'm being offered a full refund (£550) due to two faults in three months. I don't trust the laptop now but may just have to get the same laptop replacement as I can't find anything close in specs. https://ao.com/product/fx504gde4603t-asus-laptop-black-59430-251.aspx I5-8300H, 8GB RAM + 16GB optane memory, 1TB, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB graphics. Thanks all
  3. JD23

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Hi, I got the below laptop for £550 in sale however unfortunately after being sent off for repair has suffered another issue all within 3 months. Frustratingly it played FM19 very well for my needs - 4.5/5 * running top 4 leagues in Eng and top league in 5 other nations with 3* for graphics no issues on High settings. Although I could get an exchange I don't trust the laptop but unfortunately I can't find anything near the specs I currently have for the money I would get for an exchange (£550). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Current laptop https://ao.com/product/fx504gde4603t-asus-laptop-black-59430-251.aspx Thanks
  4. Had my standard Liverpool save on FM and Cambridge utd save on FMT set-up however my 2 month old laptop bought specifically for the new FM decided to stop working last night - having to go back for repairs for at least 2 weeks!! Any teams suggestions for FMM to get me over the dissapointment of my dodgy laptop?!?
  5. Confirmed that the laptop is not fixable at home.. has to be sent for repair which will take at least 2 weeks, unbelievable with view to the purchase being primarilly for Football manager release. Looks like I'm getting FMM again this year!
  6. Unfortunately I can't access any data.. stuck on a 'preparing automatic repair' and it's got to the point where my options are setting the laptop back to before FM beta was released or full factory reset. Only intended to start a short save before Full release but got far too into it, oh well.
  7. Sorry I don't know where this should be posted but would really appreciate an answer.. Basically my new laptop has developed a fault and will either need a full reset or a new laptop sent out - I hadn't used Steam before FM19 or had FM since 2012 and so my question is, having not created a cloud save is my save only on my laptop hard drive? As I have no idea I was hoping it may be saved to my steam account but I am guessing not. Thanks
  8. Yeah, mid-July now so it's not happening
  9. Playing as Liverpool and Danny Ings has as £18m(£20*) fee agreed after 1 year loan however on completion of this and leaving for Southampton no transfer fee was received.. gone a week past now expecting it would be received but still not. Bug or is there a reason for this?
  10. Playing the Full version at the moment for Beta, was hoping the development thing wasn't an issue on FMT. Will probably switch to FMT when I'm bored with Liverpool save to start my long lower league save, those press conferences are dragging.
  11. How have people found training and player development on FMT? I can deal with the length of time a season is taking me on Full because I intent to only play one save for much of the year but as Liverpool at the moment on Full my young players are either showing no progress or getting worse, I'm letting my assistant do training with just the odd weekly schedule change but TAA and Gomez are 1st team and 0 attribute change 30 games into season, I'd expect progress with game time even if I am bad at setting training. Don't really want to waste hours on a really long LLT save if I can't develop players.
  12. Firstly I have tried searching for the Tactics and training thread but somehow can't find it so please signpost me to it if this needs to be posted elsewhere.. With Liverpool my young players just aren't developing, hadn't realised until 3/4 through the season but players like TAA and Gomez have made 0 progress, not 1 attribute increase and a new signing Lucas Paqueta has red downward arrows all over the place.. I have left training to my assistant with the odd weekly schedule change but even so all 3 have been in my 1st team all season so I'd expect even if somehow my assistants training is way off surely the game time should allow progress? I don't want to go as far as calling it a bug, hopefully someone has an explanation or is this normal (haven't played Full version since 2012). Thanks
  13. JD23

    FM difficulty...

    Interested to hear how peoples opponents are performing.. I've played 30 games with Liverpool and have 71 points but still 6 points behind Utd, if I pick up the same average number of points I've got so far this season (2.36 per game) I will end with 89/90 points which IRL would of been enough to win the PL title 8 out of the past 10 years and I probably won't with the run Utd are on. My save is on average harder than real life with that in mind.. not complaining, I prefer a challenge, but I am interested to hear if people have had easy runs or if they are truely accumulating an unrealistic number of points
  14. JD23

    FM difficulty...

    Interesting one, I'm quite enjoying the challenge, started as Liverpool with Gegenpress tactic. Feel I've had a decent start W7, D4, L1 - draws were against City, Utd, Che, Ars + loss was Burnley at home which was random but that's football. What has impressed me (frustrated me) is the quality of results from other teams. City and Chelsea are 6 + 5 points ahead of me after what I considered a good start, I'd dislike if the teams around me were constantly dropping points. Although I wouldn't mind them losing some points soon!
  15. Interested to hear from others who have tried both about the actual differences.. I fully intended to just get FMT but didn't realise it was released at Beta. I wanted to play early so I bought the Full game and have started on it and I have surprised myself by not finding it too demanding (only played FMM since 2012). My understanding is the tactics and training are fully in FMT, which I find training the most time consuming and so if the only difference is press conferences, player interactions and number of staff I'll just continue with Full version. Thanks