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  2. Please can you fix third color missed in the kits editor? And please show them in pre and post match menu. thanks
  3. Twice I've signed someone (2 different players) for West Brom with promises of winning the Championship and competing for the FA Cup. IMMEDIATELY once signed he's disappointed that even though he was promised the title he will still be happy if he wins the FA Cup instead. The very NEXT news item (didn't even need to press 'Continue') had him increasingly unhappy at the club's failure to win the FA Cup and is now unhappy and seriously considering his future. If you want to test this, manage West Brom and sign Johan Djourou (free agent), I have linked 3 images which may help (taken from phone so not great quality). They have been uploaded to the following addresses: https://ibb.co/zVkVWHH https://ibb.co/FKY4JtQ https://ibb.co/cwhq9Mr Thanks, Chris
  4. Yesterday
  5. We need to talk about this... I like to consider myself to be fairly smart, but sometimes I do incredibly dumb things. So this is me at the squad selection screen for the Australia World Cup qualifier screen and the Australia B Copa America screen picking our best players to finish Qualifiers we'd already qualified from and sending a bunch of untested 18-23 year olds to the Copa America. "It's Australia B, surely it won't matter?" We went from 29th to 56th and in my ignorance, we also lost a chance at competing for the Copa America - Why is this a big deal? Well if we'd won it wed have the Oceania Cup, the Asian Cup and with the Copa America all we'd need to do is join the EU and win the European Championship, shamefully, World Domination is now a long-lost memory...
  6. A cross came in with no one in the box and my goalkeeper caught it and then just ran into the goal.
  7. wow. thats impressive. i couldn't do that lmao
  8. This is what I mean. Yes, you will see players attempt those, but by any standards it's an ambitious effort.
  9. It's more stupid and unrealistic if you'd have better chances. It's already softer than in real life. With Leverkusen I'm in the 3rd season and could keep Havertz without big problems, while in real life an 80M+ deal too Barca is pretty certain next summer.
  10. When using the football manager dark skin in game, some inbox messages have black (rather than grey) buttons at the bottom. This makes them indistinguishable from the background. I.e. messages include injury update, international reports and pre-match tactical briefing reminder...
  11. Just checking to make sure this hasn't been missed as no one's commented about it
  12. Same for me But in 20.0.4 i have no lag in the ME only in the Public Beta i have lag in the ME
  13. St. Ives 2023/24 Season Review League Table Playoffs Season Review Squad Transfers Finances More of the same, pretty much. We stayed in the playoff spots all season and — once again — got knocked out at the end. I should probably be more disappointed than I am, but all I got is a feeling of assurance that we can indeed hang up here and should indeed be able to keep challenging for promotion. 'Just need that extra bit of luck. Surprisingly had our first retirement already: Conway in goal. He's been declining ever since I took over and I guess decided to finally call it after losing his spot to Austin. Seems early at just 33, but his downward trend has been steady and undeniable. Austin has been quite prone to mistakes so far, costing us a few goals already from wayward punches and mistimed aerial challenges, so I hope this isn't about to turn into a problem position. Oh, and there seems to be some takeover rumors going around. I quite like the current board so personally I could do without the potential, um, manager replacement. Terrible youth intake. I'm not seeing very many squad changes in our near future. Aim for next season: Promotion! ...while I still have the senior players for it... Season League Finish Notes 2023/24 Vanarama North 5th Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2022/23 Vanarama North 4th Lost in Playoff 1st Rnd 2021/22 Vanarama North 9th - 2020/21 Vanarama North 15th -
  14. St. Ives 2023/24 Season Review League Table Playoffs Youth Intake Squad Transfers Roughly the same pts, roughly the same finish, roughly the same playoff failure. At least we're consistent? Not many new faces in the senior squad, but Turner, Seeby, Knight, and Austin are further establishing themselves while Adu and James get starts here and there. I'm especially happy with Seeby for being directly involved in 25 of our goals and Knight who should become a good central playmaker once his extra Passing training starts paying off. Burton-Jones is in the mix as well, but I'm growing concerned with how slowly his Tackling is improving, a rather glaring weakness for a centre-back... Truly terrible youth intake. The two guys with decent potential are marred by bad personalities (Low Self Belief, Mercenary) and the rest aren't even worth mentioning. I still signed almost everyone, but I think it's time to start being more selective. The squads aren't empty anymore. Dare I hope for promotion? Third time's a charm and all that? Season League Finish Notes 2023/24 Vanarama North 5th Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2022/23 Vanarama North 4th Lost in Playoff 1st Rnd 2021/22 Vanarama North 9th - 2020/21 Vanarama North 15th -
  15. Jason Price - Australia Bug.fm Posted it under this name at the 21st, sim to the 27th and continue after you've been appointed manager you'll get this.
  16. I have a Intel i7-8th gen processor and GTX 1050 laptop and i keep having lag on 3d match. Cam you please help me?
  17. Said it to you privately already, but this is excellent. One of favourite skins released in the last few years
  18. Update is great Only concerns : 1 penalty per game (sometimes 2) And too many free kicks
  19. Summary: A graphics error on submit team page Description of Issue: A couple of black dash buttons (minus/remove - call them what you want) appeared on the submit team page. They cannot be clicked on thus not removed. Seems out of place. Screen shot at owncloud Steps to Reproduce: Not quite sure how it appeared, but I did hover the quick look of a few players just before. If I hover the right area (position/role/duty column) and keep still for a second another will appear again but disappear when mouse is moved. The ones at screen shot are permanent. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: FM20-dashbuttons.png
  20. Club Vision Not sure on the legitimacy of the "Maintain most reputable club in Croatia" claim or the "Maintain best youth system in the country" claim either as I would have suspected Dinamo own both of those Finances We have a little cash in the bank but not a great deal to play with, it should be fine however I am not planning a major overhaul in the squad this season. We are however over the wage budget so I will look at bringing that down and under in the immediate future. Hopefully we can navigate the long playoff route and into the Europa League group stages and we can fill the balance a little more Starting Squad Its a big squad actually, once I also add in the bright prospects from the youth team and 2nds squad we will be very heavy and fat. I expect a few of these guys to be moved out straight away (note above wage budget issues). I can see already that Posavec, Simic, Juranovic, Bradaric, Juric and Caktas are going to form the foundation of the squad Pre-game transfers A quick look at all the transfers made before I took over, looks like they had been fairly busy! The signings of Pasavec, Simic and Colina look like bargains. I think that have overpaid on Jakolis but time will tell. The rest are all youth or 2nd team options.
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