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  2. the match timeline bar is in the game by default but only when you open the already played match. If you want to rewatch something during the match, it's probably the best thing to use the playback options in the right top corner (in a default or custom skins). You can always add the notable events code to some match widget from the extracted default files. Or go to the skin folder/panels/match and edit the left sided panel where the selector is placed within the match screen mods and revert it back to default. Or you can always delete the match screens related files in the skin
  3. Typical stock responses from Si and assuming users are dumb. Surely these issues would be seen at Si HQ and the suggestions didn't work ?? It's time for the moderators to treat users with more respect and not give patronising responses, straight from a script. Whilst I appreciate there are some FM players who are totally clueless or don't read the forums but those are in the minority. In my experience EVERY anomaly I've experienced with FM was due to a fault with the game itself and never with how it was set up by myself. Naturally, these guys will attempt to defend their product to the hilt b
  4. Well Ive just suffered my first defeat as Lyon manager. Id built up a 6 point lead at the top over PSG, Marseille are in 3rd but are about 16 points behind so its a 2 horse race between ourselves and PSG. Unfortunately my 1st defeat of the season has come at Parc des Princes, losing 4-1! They just wanted it more than us, I went cautious from the off but found myself 2 down after 18 minutes. The game settled down until about 70 minutes where PSG stepped it up again and added 2 more before I got a consolation goal near the end. Disappointing but Im still currently 3 points clear but I got b
  5. It appears that Klaas-Jan Huntelaar has a rating of 4. I haven't seen higher than that yet though.
  6. It baffles my mind tbh. I can do 442 and 4312/41212 narrow formations, but I always failed a 433. I always had too many instructions, which i didnt really understand. This time I just used some basic instructions and this stuff worked. And like you mentioned, I can adjust ingame. But I forgot that both CBs got "dont take risk" as passing style instruction. If I got a BPD, which can really play like this and got the attribute, the I switch one to a BPD. I really like the attacking shap of this formation. Its like this ingame: The A
  7. The one real area in need of improvement now is in central midfield. There isn't any room in the budget for further signings in January, so we'll go with what we've got this season, and hopefully bring in more next summer
  8. Four players were released Four arrivals, loads of departures, mostly on loan Roux is our new first choice right winger Gunkel will be first choice right back Beqiri is a young centre back as is Quaye Our squad now looks like this and our squad depth looks much improved
  9. If anyone is worried about not being around for their pick, they can always PM the person after them with a few choices so they can add your pick for you
  10. Preseason went well. Unbeaten, and only 2 goals conceded
  11. Won 3 and lost 3 and the European places are moving away from us and not sure we can catch them...
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  13. When win a division, the statement can be duplicated, what to choose from the two if I want that? :
  14. Wow, shame you just missed out on the top 4!
  15. SEASON 2033/2034 CLUB STATUS SEASON EXPECTATIONS DEALS JULY/AUGUST 2033 PRE SEASON TRANSFERS OUT Some players leaved us this summer.Xavier who was our Goalkeeper will continue his career to Olympiakos,Saul really wanted to leave and the money from Germany were very good.We sold one of the best latvian pospects we had(Ferovs) to Benevento and loaned out another one(Balins).Benevento poached a "grey" player from us.Also we loaned to my ex-club FK Ventspils Martinez who could be a key player for them. IN We signed t
  16. The Winger problem has little to do with Peps system and more to do with the wide forwards inability to keep width in the final third regardless of role or duty. It's something that has been complained shot on these boards since before Pep made his mark at City Like this for example https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/405323-wingers-staying-wide/
  17. We had a good first season in the Vanarama National, even managed to sneak into the playoffs (massive overachievement) where we unfortunately lost in the first round to professional moneybags Southend Utd. Tommy Stevens proved that he can keep scoring even at a higher level, and was once again the top scorer in the league with 40. Hopefully our young players keep improving and we can make a couple of signings in the summer to make another promotion push next season!
  18. ?? No that guiding the person to the right area for the help he is seeking
  19. In February I won almost all the matches except the last match with Hertha Berlin. We defeated Tottenham 1-0 away, so I think we are qualified in the quarterfinals.
  20. Stefano - Casale Foot Ball Club - 2025/2026 (Season 5) - Serie A After finishing 7th in our very first Serie A season, I wasn't really sure what to expect of our second season. I hoped to keep my best players for at least another season, but sadly Atletico Madrid noticed the 21.5M release clause on my wonderkid Juan Ramon Perez, so I had to let him go. Chelsea had been unsettling Machado all season long and he finally demanded to leave as well if they came in with a 'decent bid'... we settled on 7.5M, I managed to get 10.5M including clauses - not enough, but better than nothing. Al
  21. I think you can build something close and I think you can build certain city tactics that pep utilizes. For instance you can already build the 4-2-3-1 with rodri and fernandinho plus mendy as an overlapping full back in the current match engine. Also, I know it gets cited a lot but I think Rashidi is very close to the 4-3-3 with high and wide wingers and I think cult of football manager has done some amazing things as well. However, the high and wide wingers is something that makes pep unique, especially at the moment. The wingers playing so high and wide is what allows the central midfielders
  22. Oh, every time. But even better is when the chairman sells your best player over your head in the last hour of transfer deadline day and then he and the fans spend the next six months blaming you for the downturn in form.
  23. Depends when my picks come around. I can manage if it's within 8pm GMT but would probably be asleep or picking completely random players if it's after that. Then again, Kawee and adhikapp are in time zones that are even further ahead.
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