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  2. fantastic as always michael. can i ask will you be able to do anything with MIBH screens at all this year? as much as like some of the new features i hate the new format there and loved the last few years layout.. any way of getting any of that back?
  3. Salut, J'ai remonté ton problème sur la partie anglaise. Ca semble être un bon bug de traduction des familles. Merci de ta contribution.
  4. How do you see xPts totals halfway through the season? Is it just another tab on the stats page? I thought that xPTs table with xG/xGA was only an end of season thing...
  5. Bonjour, Je viens de faire un test. Si nous choisissons dans la base de donnée des pays, les etats-Unis ou la chine, il n'est pas possible de choisir la date de départ. Par contre, si je désélectionne les pays, je peux choisir.
  6. Hi, In this french thread the user raised a translation issue : The red sentence says "Le prêt débutera date#1" while when the game is in english, the date#1 is replace by the correct date. Are you aware about this issue ? Do you need more information ?
  7. This screen wasn't there for me in the beta but is in the full release. Have no idea why it has been added but please make it go away again.
  8. End Of Season Review 2021/22 Competitions Vanrama National South - League Table Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 An absolute storming season as we claimed the title with a record points total. This being my second attempt at the challenge I had a rough idea who to sign already. The real challenge begins next season. FA Cup - Results A good cup run can really help kickstart the clubs finances and we done pretty well. We national league side Dulwich Hamlet before really giving Sutton 2 tough games before bowing out on penalties. FA Trophy - Results I wa
  9. Not xG but half way through season with Brentford and most teams outperform their expected points by 12, 8, 4 and etc. in Championship. Btw I underperform my xG by 3 but the difference between XPoints and my current point is 12.
  10. Injuries are as strong as advance forwards were in the beta 😂
  11. Well, if the ME hasn't changed and we're seeing some odd things, then necessarily the ME has to change in coming updates to accurately reflects how those changes impact the game. I don't have any reason to not trust SI when they say they didnt modify anything substantial. And that was why I was cautious and maybe was just some outliers. Will play some more matches today, the long shots and long balls are the things that worries me a lot as it's a total buzz killer. On the bright side, there's definitely some substantial changes in morale now. The usual talks don't work as well anymore and
  12. Ha, I'm sure you are getting tired of me raising this Fingers crossed all is well when the numbers come in during the full season!
  13. Amazing looking skin! Anyone know how to put the position circles on the tactic page. Thanks for your efforts bud
  14. I was going into a penalty shootout and it went on until my oponent's GK took the last shot and for some reason he was taking the shot from the goal line, the ball was placed on the goal line and he just walked next to my GK who was standing on the goal line to try and save the penalty and the opposing GK just shot the ball form like 1 centimeter away from goal and scored......
  15. Hey Tony, thanks for cleaning that up! glad I dont have to remake! You also replied to this bug post I made. Hope the additional info help the team
  16. How about this one? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-14s-dq1505sa-14-laptop-intel-core-i7-512-gb-ssd-silver-10203392-pdt.html?awc=1599_1606302195_374a4a6c88408d6e7d978b3743e4902e&srcid=369&xtor
  17. Salut, Si j'en crois ton screen, tu as du cocher le pays ou tu souhaitais démarrer ta partie avant de choisir le pays. Pour moi ce n'est pas un bug.
  18. Hey Tony - Uploaded my file to the SI Cloud service. Up until that match I had taken all inductions and press conferences prior to the match. During the match I went back and forth from the tactics screen, making subs, viewing analytics and other info related to that match but never leaving the match. Completed all team talks as well. Hope the file helps. Seen a few others experiencing the bug so at least it isn't isolated.
  19. Brilliant work as ever. Overall are these packs brand new compared to last years or are they roughly the same but with updates. Thanks
  20. This worked beautifully for me, thank you. It seems like the Press Officer gets a different ID every game and is randomly male or female so this has to be done manually for each save but I tried a few different saves using this config and they all seem to find the Press officer though it's a different ID each time.
  21. Welcome along to episode 10 of my FM21 Head Coach story. We return for our annual journeyman story, combined with a director of football challenge. We start unemployed with no reputation or coaching badges, working our way to the top of the game with no say in transfers, contracts or staffing. In episode 10, we're back to witness Pat Nevin's redemption as he goes crazy in the latter stages of the transfer window. We then take our newly replenished Brechin City side to Peterhead! If you enjoyed this episode, LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for daily FM21 con
  22. Well it was a moot point, loaded up a new game and McNeil was a 4 star potential so just stuck with that. Brought in Haaland and Sancho and preseason has been a doddle. Ive had injuries to Maguire and Axel and Mengi is out on loan so McTominay is currently and auxiliary CB, might train him as one as he’s done well there
  23. Pec Zwolle are missing some scouts: Gerard geerdink johannink works as an scout for Pec Zwolle since 2020 - 2021 Ettiene reijnen quiet as an player an works now as an scout for Pec Zwolle since 2020 - 2021 Kristof De croock works as an scout for Pec Zwolle since 2019-2020
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