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Unable to save game?

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Hi guys

Been playing the Game Pass version since release - all fine. 

However I am now unable to save any game - it says:  "Save game failed.  The game could not be saved because there is not enough disk space.  Free up some more and try again"

I have plenty of room on my hard drive.  I have since deleted the cache and preferences folder - and reinstalled the game too.  But it still won't let me save (be it an existing save or starting a new file).

The only thing I can think that has caused this is I downloaded and used FM Genie Scout 21.  I managed to save a game whilst using the app though - but I'm presuming this has caused some sort of issue in the end?

Any advice gratefully received :)

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7 minutes ago, coxy100 said:

Hi @XaW I'm playing it on PC - not Xbox - does that matter?


(and do you know the issue - what's caused it suddenly?) thanks

Sorry no, I just saw it earlier. Have a look in some of the similar threads in here. Perhaps there is something there.

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  • SI Staff
On 28/05/2021 at 16:00, Sam Chapman said:

I'm also having this problem. I downloaded the game yesterday. Has there been a fix for this yet?

Hi Sam, as Neil said the update should be available with the solution to the issue. If you haven't already I would suggest downloading again and seeing if that resolves the issue. Let us know how it goes. Thanks :)

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