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  1. sorry to bump this.... but the biography never reappeared. So it did if I ran a holiday for a month....but not normal gameplay. Also, I started a new career game with the January 18.3.0 database (but no customs) and even on that his biography was missing. Could someone create a new game with the January database to see if it's just me? (the player is Trent Alexander Arnold at Liverpool) thanks
  2. Hi guys one of the things I like to do every so often is play a save with a few wonderkids at my Championship club - and work my way to the premier league. I’ve edited the database to include 3 players (such as De Ligt) at Nottingham Forest - but when starting the game it says I will fail the FFP. is there something else I need to edit to stop this? Put more money in the balance of the club? thanks
  3. hi FrazT - I 'went on holiday' for a month and there was a biography when the game resumed - so will keep playing normally and hopefully it will appear after a month then! Thanks
  4. Thanks mate. I've only just started the season so I'll probably just start the game and see what happens this time
  5. I edited quite a few players though (always do their injury proneness and sometimes their PA) but he is the only player who has no biography. All I did was his injury proneness and PA - why would that affect the biography? Will one magically appear? Might have to start a new save and try again
  6. Haha sorry yes football manager yes its it’s a custom database - it has all of the recent transfers (downloaded from Steam) and I also edited this particular players PA (increased it) the player is Trent Alexander Arnold at Liverpool - he had 7 appearances in the last season history.
  7. Hi guys playing Fifa 18 for the first time since December. I have a player who has a blank biography. It just says “this player does not have a biography yet”. Is that a bug or is that normal?
  8. goddamn that's beautiful :) I always aim for that in my saves but never play long enough to do it.
  9. Tempted to start a Liverpool season. Does anyone know if Salah, Alexander-Arnold etc got a bump in the January update? (i.e. to reflect their better potential from the start of the season)
  10. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Football-Manager-Touch-2018-1364011.html there you go mate
  11. This is great guys - hope this is really successful for you. It's a bit late in the season for me to buying it and a bit too expensive (£20 was the sweet spot for me) when I already own it on PC. Will be buying it on the Switch next season
  12. Hi guys Trying to add a minimum transfer fee to a couple of players (using the official editor). However once I've done it and loaded a new career game (and including the edited database file) the fee doesn't appear. I can't see it on the players contract page and when I make the offer they don't accept it. Any ideas - am I missing something? Thanks
  13. Can't agree with this mate. The AI should not be struggling with being offered a player (e.g. John Stones) for £1000 and all of his wages being paid for. For example Real Madrid could come in and buy him - and it's a step up in club value so Stones would take it. It's not realistic when players don't get offers from clubs in those situations (however daft the situation is).
  14. Agreed. i always use the editor anyway to change the injury proneness for players to '1' in my first team because I always think it's too harsh. For players like Shaw I put them at '6'.
  15. I still use 2D - always will. I don’t buy football manager for it to look shiny. I have zero interest in 3D
  16. Related to this - it annoys me with the timing of when some players complain and want to talk to you. I'm playing as Man Utd - I've not played Ibrahimovic for the first 3 games. Then I give him 2 sub appearances and then finally start him in the 6th game. He has an amazing game - scores 3. I decide it's time to play him each match. What happens? He wants to discuss personal matters and complains at his playing time. If he'd done that after the 4th or 5th game - I'd get it. But not when he's just played a full game.
  17. Thanks for this tactic mate - I use the attack version. First season I dominated as Man Utd (won the league and the europa league) only lost a couple of games and that was when I was using my kids / reserves. Scored a shed load. Second season the first few games have been hard - second season syndrome! Hoping it will improve when I get playing again. Thanks again for the tactic - I haven't had the time to make my own for years now - and this is the best I've used for a long time.
  18. What's the point? Does it ever work? Playing as man Utd I've tried to sign pogba and muller. Neither of them would let me offer a contract and so I tried all the different combinations of what you can say to them to see if I could persuade them.... But nothing... Am I doing something wrong?
  19. Hi guys I have the chance of signing either Marco Reus or Griezmann to play in the AMR slot (inside forward) in the first season. But Griezmann is only 'competent' in that slot. He has better attributes than Reus though. Does it matter if he is only competent? presume over time it can change to natural thanks to playing him in that position long enough...
  20. Just about to finish my first season... Considering buying lloris to replace de gea. Purely because he has a short term and long term goal to play abroad - has that caused an issue for anyone?? Thanks
  21. hi guys anyone managed to sign Pogba in the first season with the latest updates? he says he won't join because he wants continental competition at a high level. I have the option to talk to him - but whatever I say he won't join...
  22. thank you so much - this has made an instant difference. Actually enjoying it again! What sort of instructions do you give the defenders and wing backs then if you don't mind me prying one more time??
  23. Sorry only just seen this. The smaller the list (as in size on screen) then the harder it is to scroll. i.e. the team screen is fairly easy (although I still have to be really sensitive) but when I go to screens like the scouting (where only part of the screen is used for the list), it's much harder. There is a screen (can't find it now) where you can only see 5 players (a list at the top of the screen) and it was driving me insane last night trying to get the scroll to stop on the 1 player I wanted to touch.
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