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  1. Yes works for me too - thanks SI ! Guess it's time to start a new career then with a new team - I will miss my team!!
  2. Just to say I'm suffering with this issue too. It's corrupted my save files as well (made them 0.2 MB) and so they no longer load either (due to me trying to save them). Gutted - my main save was a career game over 3 seasons.
  3. Hi @XaW I'm playing it on PC - not Xbox - does that matter? (and do you know the issue - what's caused it suddenly?) thanks
  4. Hi guys Been playing the Game Pass version since release - all fine. However I am now unable to save any game - it says: "Save game failed. The game could not be saved because there is not enough disk space. Free up some more and try again" I have plenty of room on my hard drive. I have since deleted the cache and preferences folder - and reinstalled the game too. But it still won't let me save (be it an existing save or starting a new file). The only thing I can think that has caused this is I downloaded and used FM Genie Scout 21. I managed to save a game whilst us
  5. Can you let me know how that one works then please? thanks
  6. Not sure if it's the same exploit - but I found one online referring to the 300m figure - it doesn't work any more - it has been patched out.
  7. sorry to bump this.... but the biography never reappeared. So it did if I ran a holiday for a month....but not normal gameplay. Also, I started a new career game with the January 18.3.0 database (but no customs) and even on that his biography was missing. Could someone create a new game with the January database to see if it's just me? (the player is Trent Alexander Arnold at Liverpool) thanks
  8. Hi guys one of the things I like to do every so often is play a save with a few wonderkids at my Championship club - and work my way to the premier league. I’ve edited the database to include 3 players (such as De Ligt) at Nottingham Forest - but when starting the game it says I will fail the FFP. is there something else I need to edit to stop this? Put more money in the balance of the club? thanks
  9. hi FrazT - I 'went on holiday' for a month and there was a biography when the game resumed - so will keep playing normally and hopefully it will appear after a month then! Thanks
  10. Thanks mate. I've only just started the season so I'll probably just start the game and see what happens this time
  11. I edited quite a few players though (always do their injury proneness and sometimes their PA) but he is the only player who has no biography. All I did was his injury proneness and PA - why would that affect the biography? Will one magically appear? Might have to start a new save and try again
  12. Haha sorry yes football manager yes its it’s a custom database - it has all of the recent transfers (downloaded from Steam) and I also edited this particular players PA (increased it) the player is Trent Alexander Arnold at Liverpool - he had 7 appearances in the last season history.
  13. Hi guys playing Fifa 18 for the first time since December. I have a player who has a blank biography. It just says “this player does not have a biography yet”. Is that a bug or is that normal?
  14. goddamn that's beautiful :) I always aim for that in my saves but never play long enough to do it.
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