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  1. Hi. Playing as Celtic and the 2020/21 season had just came to an end. Come the 7th of June 2021 the values of my players and every other play in Scotland has dropped so much that the transfer values and therefore the offers I receive are so paltry in comparison. The standard and the reputation of the Clubs and of the League has been improving and I'm puzzled as to why this has happened. I've not seen this happened before and I'm under what context this has happened or if it should at all. Anything needed let me know.
  2. I have noticed this strange thing happening, when you loan in a player for two seasons, where possible of course, the first season everything is fine, statistics are all well written. But once the second season starts, the players who are in second year of their loan have their statistics missing.
  3. Having completed and left a match the sound of the crowd continues to be there, Even after 3 or 4 days of continuing,
  4. I set date of return on 11 of July (5 weeks for pre-season prepare) Team is back 23 of June o_O
  5. The board agreed to upgrade my training facilities three seasons ago, every season it seemingly gets postponed by a year with no message.
  6. I first ran across this in the beta (and again in the full release, also below), as you can see in the video below. I don't have a PKM for that as it was in the beta (for the above video). I just made a video and then forgot to report it. The issue is that a player passes the ball back to the keeper and he turns his back to it and walks away, letting the ball go into the net for an own goal. I just had this happen again in the full game. Here is another video of it. As you can see there seems to be an issue with the keeper thinking something else is happening, because he switches off like the ball has been played up the field, turns his back to the ball and walks to the center of the goal. Then reacts after the ball crosses the line. I've attached a pkm from the match I just played for the second video. If you need a save l can also provide that, but only for the second one. The beta stuff has all been deleted. And let me know if you need anything else. I will also note this is the third time I've seen it, but only the first so far in the full release. Thank you. OulZac_18.1_Prestatyn v Llandudno_GK_backpass.pkm
  7. I'm playing as Ajax and have only commentary clicked and on fast setting. Well it's far from fast I just played my first game and it literally took 40mins to play the match? The clock was ticking a second at a time for a while then went up couple of minutes then back up and down for the whole 90mins of the match.
  8. darrensco

    Match Plans Problem

    So, I set up my match plan: Drawing at any time - my 'control' tactic: 433 wide, control mentality, fluid. Winning by 2+ at any time - my 'shut up shop' tactic: 433 wide, contain, highly structured. Losing by 2+ at any time - my 'desperation' tactic: 433 wide, overload, fluid. I play the match with this match plan. I go 2-0 up, triggering a change, and find that my formation has magically changed to 442 (which I never choose), and a substitution I didn't ask for has been made. What is this nonsense?
  9. Hi, Playing in Scotland as QOTS, also have Eng, Spain, Ger, Italy, France running, game was started after patch 18.3 winter update. It is summer 2020 in game and I am trying to sign some free transfers and loans. I get message that the "work permit application has been rejected" for almost all of these. If it is a loan signing then the message text goes on to say that the "proposed loan move has been cancelled" and if a permanent transfer the message is that it is "in doubt" and both mention needing to wait 120 days to reapply. However, in either case I can continue to sign the player and they are then able to be registered and play for me in Europe and domestically. There is no sign of the "WP" icon which I would have expected? I have a saved game just ahead of the Euro league squad pick and also just before I am due to sign a free who is failing work permit. You should be able to load save, complete signing and then include in euro squad with no issue. Of course it looks to me like your ftp server might be down at the moment as I cannot connect to "ftp.sigames.com" right now. If it comes back up I can upload. Thanks Jeremy EDIT: Just uploaded save game "18.3 QOTS Sign Owusu WP"
  10. Hi. I am Playing with Argentina, Seasson 2034-35 and i recive this Message.: https://i.imgur.com/iHBR67h.jpg The Copa America 2035 will be played in PARAGUAY. I dont Understand why the Training Basecamp will be at SOUTH KOREA?!. That's not the first time y see this crazy things as Argentina Manager (All about the Training Basecamp).
  11. Hello, I just want to put on your attention about the number of hip injuries, a serious injury that needs 2-3 months for a complete recovery, something that seems too high in my opinion. I was not able to find any statistics about it but as said in another thread the frequency of this specific kind of injury is really high according to my experience. In the savegame I uploaded I count 7 teams suffering at least 1 player with an hip injury, according to the injury table. The savegame is taken at the end of the season, so only the injuries still "active" are reported. I haven't covered the whole season but I suspect that 7 hip injuries are enough to raise some doubt about its frequency. Federico_hip_injuries.fm
  12. I have a problem with connecting to server today. I played for 5 months without that problem, today server list contains just 2 servers, not mine. My friend cannot connect because of that. Is there a problem with Steam/FM servers? My friend is able to see only 2 servers as well. They show up after a while, also.
  13. Hey, I noticed in my save i wasnt able to improve my youth level during few years, despite the board agreeing to it and even asking once for it. I was stuck at 4. The year i end an affiliation where my affiliate was sharing his training center with me, i was able to go from youth level 4 to 2. I dont know if its intentional, but it looks like a bug to me. An affiliate that shares his training center shouldnt block an youth level improvement.
  14. Hi there, I bought fm 18 touch on my switch the day it came out and already have 80+ hours played. It’s amazing. However, the tooltips are not working as intended and almost NEVER show up. No matter if I restart the game or leave it on there forever I can never get tooltips to show up. This is especially frustrating on the tactics screen as the tooltip descriptions for various tactics are extremely helpful. has anyone else had similar issues? Thanks!
  15. I’ve just got to the World Cup in 2022 and the game has suddenly stopped progressing to the Match Preview/ team selection screens. Meaning I can no longer get into any games to play. It acknowledges that I’ve pressed continue but doesn’t change screen or show any loading screen at all. Not sure if there will be a fix or if I will need to start a new save, I have tried restarted the game/console. Team managed - Wolves & England Leagues loaded - England, Germany, Brazil In-game date 14th June 2022 Steps to reproduce the issue if known - Trying to advance to any game brings the same issue. Whether the game is installed on internal storage or an SD card - SD Card 382574BE-7022-465C-81E9-F3B370BE2C9C.MOV
  16. If I move AI manager for club without manager in this moment - he left club in next day and they are immediately sign another manager. Possibly after moving manager dont stop searching for candidate?
  17. Hello! I know you're all working hard on the new version but maybe if I can report this it'll be one less bug carrying over to the new version? I use a pre-game editor file with an Intercontinental (that is, "World" continent or continent ID 0 or however you want to describe it) club competition (basically replacing the continental Champions Leagues with an expanded Club World Cup). I've attached the file I was using, it is the only editor file active when this bug comes up. It has its own fixture rules that include squad registration (and financial fair play, but I think the issue is squad registration). The squad registration deadlines are 1 September before the group stage, and 1 February before the knockout stage - the rules are basically identical to the UEFA CL squad rules in real life, but of course I had to recreate them using the options in the advanced pregame editor. (screenshot of the Fixture Rules screen in the editor. In particular, note that the registration dates match the dates set for the competition, based off the year 2000.) There are two separate things going wrong relating to implementing squad registration in this continental/intercontinental rule set via the pregame editor, and I'm not sure whether or not they are related: 1) When I try and verify the file in the pregame editor, the test fails with an error of "competition not set up before squad selection date on 1/2/2017" - because, presumably, the editor test does not set up competitions before the 2017 season. However, looking at the schedule when I create a test, with the base year for the competition set as 2000, the 2017 season squad registration dates (1/9/2000 and 1/2/2001 in the editor) are being set outside the 2017 season (June 2000 to May 2001 in the editor) (see screenshot) I suspect that this discrepancy may have something to do with why the file cannot verify. If I set the fixture dates three years forward in the editor, the scheduled registration dates fall within the 2017 season and the file verifies, but then if I load the editor file in game the registration dates are in 2020 and accordingly do not function. 2) When I load the file ingame (with the registration dates in the editor as 1/9/2000 and 1/2/2001, even though this means the editor cannot verify the file), the registration appears to work. However, if I save the game at any point after registering my squad, when I reload the game the registration has disappeared and my players are now ineligible for the forthcoming matches, with no opportunity to register them. I've uploaded three save games to the FTP to help you see what I'm seeing, as follows: 1) Dallan_registration bug_start of day.fm was saved with no human managers active, on September 1st, before the deadline and before the inbox prompt to register the squad would arrive. This is because saving the game once the registration prompt arrives appears to trigger the buggy behaviour. 2) Dallan_registration bug_before registration.fm was saved at midnight of September 2nd, immediately before registration is required, with two human managers active (one in each of the relevant competitions, the FIFA Champions League and the FIFA World League), each with the registration notice in their inbox. Before saving this game the first time, the custom competitions became a visible option in the Registration panel on the Squad screen once the inbox prompt to register arrived. After reloading it, that options disappears, but it is still possible to register the squad by responding to the inbox prompt. 3) Dallan_registration bug_after registration.fm was saved immediately after both managers in 2) registered their squads. After loading this game, the only option visible in the Registration panel on the Squad screen is the squad for the Argentine league - the Champions League and World League no longer appear as options to view the registered squad, the team news for any of the upcoming Champions League or World League matches shows all players as ineligible for the human-managed sides, and since it is no longer possible to register players, actually playing the competition becomes a problem. I hope this post is helpful in tracking down whatever is causing this issue - I've spent a fair amount of time trying to find it because I initially thought it was caused by some incorrect setting in the editor file, but after a lot of trial and error I decided to file a bug report in case it was actually caused by an issue in the game. Please feel free to let me know if I can be of further assistance! FIFA CL Remake Advanced.fmf
  18. Hi there. Something kind of wonky is going on. I'm on to my second year in a custom save using some custom database that resets the USA region into a pro/rel stack. I've not had any issues until recently, I had an odd crash but figured it was a fixture issue -- however after moving forward a few weeks by simulating after going on vacation, I ran into another crash. I've attempted to Vacation through it but it seems that the crashing is happening when attempting to simulate a particular fixture, as it consistently happens at the same exact moment in the sim. I've uploaded my game as "mls_18" in the fm/game-save folder. Thanks!
  19. This video shows me locking the clause in place, meaning they shouldn't be able to change it, but when I negotiate it they just remove it. I feel like this should stay on when it is locked? https://streamable.com/i6o9w
  20. Just to clarify, I don't think that this is a bug, but @herne79 insists that it is, so told me to report it here. A coaches mental attribute currently has an effect on his tactical star rating. Due to his extensive insider knowledge of the game Herne79 assures me that it definitely shouldn't do, and must be a UI bug, so I'm reporting it here at his request. To recreate the 'bug' you can do the following: Use the in game editor to set a coach to 20 Tactical, 10 mental and 20 for each of DDM, he'll get 5 stars as a tactics coach Now reduce his Mental coaching to 9 and he will become a 4.5 star tactical coach.
  21. Hi guys, I'm playing FM 2018 with the newest version have a problem with the league reputation in Asia. Now, I'm using Indonesian league in this game, however, the league reputation is not changing at all. Then it has been 3 season, and there is no changing at all. Other than that, other continents league reputation is changing. Thus, what should I do to solve this problem? Since it's not changing, I'm using in-game editor to edit the league reputation to attract more great player to play in league. Here is the attachment of reputation in my game. Thank you!!
  22. Ok, this has happened to me a number of times now, so much so that it compelled me to sign up to this site. Specifically, what happens is that I will score a goal, the commentary will go as far as saying things such as "he's scored against his former club; he'll enjoy that for some time!" Then it will say "kick off" as normal....only the goal will never exist. It will remain the exact same score as before the goal. Furthermore.....I go back and re-watch the highlights and it doesn't even exist there either!! (I thought potentially there could have been a foul or offside that the commentary had failed to mention, but no...the goal has literally been wiped from existence.) What the eff?! This is infuriating. Especially as usually the opposition will score literally seconds after it has occurred.
  23. See these conflicting images. I waited a day or two, just in case they didn't show up right away or something, but he definitely did not pick up one or two moves through the tutoring.
  24. Even with the option disabled in the settings the website still opens when I click it ingame.
  25. Hi, When I remove players from a position (click on the "hide this player" button next to their name) on the Team Report > Squad Depth screen, they re-appear as soon as I navigate to a new page and then back. I would expect the Squad Depth page to remember which players I had hidden. This appears to be a new issue on the 18.3.0 patch. This didn't happen before Yesterday. Screenshot attached. Will upload Saved Game as well.