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  1. Hey all, I’m playing Napoli, February 2026. The board just decreased the % of transfer revenue retained to 20% (from 35%), due to ‘issues related to FFP’. We are loaded (balance 115 milion) and projected to pass FFP-regulations easily (current 139 milion, projected period end 131 milion). This happened once before in the season - didnt make sense then, same situation, but just moved on. Now it’s getting a little annoying, this doesn’t make sense at all... Anyone had this issue before? Support, if needed, I have a save one match before this happens and a save directly after.
  2. Hi there have been playing the game for months and have only just noticed that some of the player stats are missing for exmaple on the image tackle, pass % dribble and shots on target fields are blank, it is on all players in the game for me too woccy
  3. Hi, I'm currently experiencing the above crash on the same date in my current save. The crash occurs during the processing of results. Please see the attached files for info on the dump and dxdiag. I'm using an Asus x552c so have both a Nvidia GeForce 710 and Intel HD Graphic 4000 running the graphics. I've tried to disable one and then the other but the crash still occurs. Please help! DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.17 21.34.14).dmp
  4. Hi there, As the titles says, I can't see the milestone of regens, no matter how old or young they are nor where they play. I personally like to know when they joined my team. I sent the save to fileZilla under the name of "ACFiorentina.fm" Also, I have a South African player who is not allowed to play even though he is the only non-EU signing of the season. (see attached) Let me know what else I can do to solve these two problems. Thanks, Guille
  5. So I bought fm18 touch for switch. To my mind, it's a game close to perfection. Being able to play handheld overcomes lots of stuff being stripped. But there is always a "but". I can't transfer players. It's a transfer window, it's July 2018, I have budgets for wages and for transfer, but I can't offer a transfer for 40+ or even more players. The game says "this transfer is not possible". Even loans are not possible. Is it a bug? Or am I doing anything wrong? Or is there restriction on the number of pending transfers? I play for Khimki from russian first division. I began looking through russian regulations. I can't offer more than 60k annually wages, but that doesn't prevent me from buying players. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  6. I can only assume this is what is causing it. I've started two saves and have had it crash either while navigating players to scout or navigating around looking at scouted players on the news page. For example, I go to the player search screen, set the search to show DL only, then used the left joycon buttons to navigate to the first player, hit X to open the menu and then use the joycon buttons again to navigate through the menu to confirm the scout. I did this for 20+ players and it would crash, at some point, when a left joycon button was pressed. With the news item screen I'd use the joycon buttons to navigate through the news items, clicking on player names to view their profile from the news items, and occasionally accidentally using the joycon buttons to go to the search bar at the top. This crash would also occur when pressing a joycon button to navigate.
  7. This is my third time trying. Swedish league, Spanish interface. Default options I think, new team (based on Swedish team).54538829636__15F0DEA9-1F68-4EDA-90E8-B19E115E9DB5.MOV Youtube video Everytime I try to play this game (sometimes first match, other second or third match), same error when I click to watch one of the games (error screen attached). Once I reload the game save, I am in the field but with no players at all and nothing to do (video attached) until I click and I got an error screen again. It’s the third game/save I try. Always had to stop and start a new game because this problem. Team managed: New team based on a Swedish team (First time Örebro, second AIK) Leagues loaded: Spanish la liga, English and Swedish First time I had the error in the first match, last time in the second match. kind regards.
  8. I was playing around with this and discovered just how little control you have over it. This could go down as a 'bug' but could also be a suggestion for improvement I suppose. My current budget is £77k pw I slide the bar (the smallest amount I can) to increase it and it goes to £487,256 I try to scroll it back to reduce it to say, £200k, it goes to £38,550. Basically there no option to click on the number and type in the amount I want? The slider doesn't seem adjustable enough by far. Also just to note I did this when I had no scouting packages active, just in case they caused any issues.
  9. Friendlies

    Any reason why I cannot go on tour in Algeria or North Africa? I can schedule individual friendlies against Algerian clubs but not go on tour there
  10. I keep getting information regarding Steve Coppell getting sacked from an Indian Club. Now, I'm currently unemployed, but I don't have the Indian league loaded so I don't know why I'm getting it in the first place. Looking at the staff at the club he is still a manager there. I have uploaded a save where this shows(game-save/coppell_india.fm). I don't currently know if it happens again, but the save will at least show the same as the screenshot. Edit: Continuing the game it happens again May 27th, so it should be fairy easy to replicate. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Oh, and if there is a way to avoid getting the message, please let me know.
  11. Two problems with the list of players here: If you sort the players according to 'Progress remaining' column, then start to work through the list in order to check whether an assignment should be cancelled because the player has zero interest... 1) ...if you select a row, then click the 'cancel assignment' button in the bottom right, then the list re-orders itself according to a different column. 2) If you select a player from the list, then Reports > Overview, then if you select the back button to go back to the list, then the players within each group of days re-order themselves into a different order. EG all players with 5 days remaining reorder amongst themselves. This makes it difficult to sequentially work through the list, to check each player, because each time you return to the main list, players have moved around.
  12. I am playing journeyman career, after recent club switch "Make an offer" menu item is just disappeared from the game. Right now I am manager for "FK Chita" in Russian Second Division. At first I thought that it is some obscure contract obligation, but after a season it didn't go away, even after I was offered new contract. Transfer window just says "This transfer is not possible. Cannot make an offer for this player at this current time". Club has "None" transfer policy, we have positive balance and some transfer budget. Club is not affiliated by anything. Club is not under takeover. No FFP issues, no debt. Although, I can still sign players for free and already signed 7 of them. I can still load this save with previous club and everything is ok. I have no idea what is going on UPDATE: I resigned for another club from same division and still cannot make an offer for a player.
  13. Is my editor database. can you helpme to fix it? in first season award (top goalscorer, player of the year etc) is happen. but in second season and etc is not happen Indonesian Perfect Football System.fmf
  14. When I signed the player Artur for my San Jose team, I had to make the promise to win the league in 2026. However, I won both the MLS Supporter's Shield and MLS Cup in 2025 and 2026 and the promise is considered not kept. I also have other players with similar promises for next year and the conditions of the promise are also not being considered as being achieved. I'm not sure if the MLS league was active at the start of the game or whether I added it later, which perhaps contributed to the issue? I've uploaded save games before and after the last game of the season, when I got the message that the promise hadn't been kept. These are 'thegunman84 - BeforeUnkeptPromise' and 'thegunman84 - UnkeptPromise' Could you take a look at these as I worry I'll have a lot of upset players at the end of next season. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I'm playing FM 2018 with the newest version have a problem with the league reputation in Asia. Now, I'm using Indonesian league in this game, however, the league reputation is not changing at all. Then it has been 3 season, and there is no changing at all. Other than that, other continents league reputation is changing. Thus, what should I do to solve this problem? Since it's not changing, I'm using in-game editor to edit the league reputation to attract more great player to play in league. Here is the attachment of reputation in my game. Thank you!!
  16. My biggest problem to use the in-game editor is edit morale of the players. I use it, generally, when anyone is complaining about getting out of any tournament registration, then I go to each player with moral problems to give a boost. But when I try to edit the moral, there isn't any indicator to change the moral value. Then I have to use the option of boost the team moral but I cant do it, I wanna boost by individual when necessary.
  17. Hi all So Ive decided to create a club in Hawaii (Hawaii Islanders) and I replaced San Jose in the MLS. I did input Honolulu as the location but in game it still shows the Aloha Stadium located in San Jose. Is this a bug? I loaded a game twice to make sure it wasnt my mistake but it happened again. Anyone know how to fix this?
  18. Hi, Playing in Scotland as QOTS, also have Eng, Spain, Ger, Italy, France running, game was started after patch 18.3 winter update. It is summer 2020 in game and I am trying to sign some free transfers and loans. I get message that the "work permit application has been rejected" for almost all of these. If it is a loan signing then the message text goes on to say that the "proposed loan move has been cancelled" and if a permanent transfer the message is that it is "in doubt" and both mention needing to wait 120 days to reapply. However, in either case I can continue to sign the player and they are then able to be registered and play for me in Europe and domestically. There is no sign of the "WP" icon which I would have expected? I have a saved game just ahead of the Euro league squad pick and also just before I am due to sign a free who is failing work permit. You should be able to load save, complete signing and then include in euro squad with no issue. Of course it looks to me like your ftp server might be down at the moment as I cannot connect to "ftp.sigames.com" right now. If it comes back up I can upload. Thanks Jeremy EDIT: Just uploaded save game "18.3 QOTS Sign Owusu WP"
  19. Playing as Deportivo B in the Spanish Second Division I am not able to control the renewal of player contracts as the manager of Deportivo does that. I got to the promotion play offs with the second leg of the final being held on 30 June 2019. When it gets to game day I notice that around 6 of my players are missing. I haven't received any news item but on checking Deportivo's main team transfer history it seems that the players have been released as their contracts expired on 30 June 2019 and they were not renewed. Two issues with this really, a) is it realistic that on the game day of the playoff final the players would just leave the club and not be eligible to play?; and b) I should have received something in my inbox for decisions made on players within my team? Just to note I have a player who has agreed to join another club as his contract ended on 30 June but he doesn't join until 1 July. Why can't this be the same for other players whose contract expires that day so that they can still play on 30 June?
  20. Hi, Me and a friend is almost done with our fifth season in an online game. It works perfectly besides when we have to play each other. We played against each other 16 times now throughout the five seasons, and around 50% of our matches the game will get stucked at some point. Here we are left with two options: 1. The host stays in game, as soon as the other player leaves the game the match will continue. It's not possible to re-join the game, and then the match, so the rest of the game the host will play against the NPC. Well great.. 2. Both leaves the game and we have to play the match over again. Even better... The game tends to get stucked when one of us/or both, is making tactical changes or substitution. Either by choosing "Tactics" or just by choosing the icon "Make Substitution". In almost five whole seasons we never experienced that the game will get stucked besides in our matches against each other. - We've both tried to leave the match, and then returning and choose "Play". - We've both tried to go to previous hightlights and then returning to "Live" - We've both tried to change the match hightlights from "Extended" to "Commentary only" and then back to "Extended again" None of the above was helpfull. Game was still stucked. Anyone got some helpfull advice, or is it just not possible to play against each other in onlinemode without getting stucked all the time, when you play each other?
  21. I raised this on another thread but it needs its own one now. So no audio when return from sleep mode in w10. I was told it was with the devs and they are aware, since then we have had an update.....it still hasnt been addressed, I just checked. DxDiag.txt
  22. Hi I have created exactly 100 new referees for portuguese lower leagues, because every match played on the lower divisions is a TOP league referee on it, which is NOTHING near to the REALITY... Top referees will never refereeing lower league or lower cup matches. I have done everything right, including in COMPETITION AS A REFEREE, I have choosen the lower leagues for the created referees, Saved the data, I restarted a game with the new data, BUT... none of the referees are showing and the TOP referees keep refereing in the lower competions. I used the following data for the new referees CURRENT ABILITY - 50 POTENTIAL ABILITY - 80 REPUTATION - 25 EUROPEAN CATEGORY - NONE Thanks in advance
  23. Nice work SI! This is how it looks, if you want to upload your Highlights to YouTube... I wanted to show the same goal three times with different perspectives...
  24. If I go to a match report of e.g. my reserve team and choose to view the "key highlights" of that match, it automatically sets that same highlight mode for the coming first team match. I usually view my own matches on the "full match" setting, so it's a bit annoying having the highlight mode change because I chose to view key or extended highlight of some other match.
  25. Pretty much what the title says, when I go to Match Analysis and select Pass Combinations, I cannot deselect it. If I want those removed off the screen, I need to click "Select All" box twice to get them removed. Anyone have this problem? Same goes for Average Position with the ball/without the ball.