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  1. Hello, I'm in the middle of a match just now and something strange is happening. I'm using a half back in the DM position and two IWB/S in the full back positions. When the team are transitioning forward, the centre backs will split super wide, they looked like full backs. I appreciate that they have to split, but do they need to be so wide? For example, if the opposition turned over possession in one of these situations (of which times will be noted below) then I'd have been massively exposed to the counter attack, in fact, I'd have been as well just gifting them a free opportunity to run through the middle. I did wonder if I had extra wide width on, but nope, standard/flexible with retain possession, play out of defence and close down more. It's worse with the extra width. I've included a couple of screen shots here, the first one below has Wanyama passing to Dele in the middle, the centre backs have ran into those positions as we progress forward before coming back inside slightly. In this example below, again, the centre back drift out incredibly wide leaving two players at either side of Dier while they have a holiday on the flanks. Surely this positioning cannot be right? I've uploaded my PKM (jeid2000 HB issue.pkm) to the ftp and below is a list of times that it's occurring. 1.20 2.25 7.00 9.40 12.59 14.30 17.40 18.28 20.31 21.27 23.25 I've stopped there as I feel you'll get the point, but it's clearly an issue throughout the match.
  2. As we were instructed in this thread to provide evidence by @Seb Wassell, I have these screenshots showing the in-game date and time showing how there is no cool-down period for this tutor. Arzua is tutoring a player I no longer want tutored. I cancel tutoring, then click on "training" then back to "tutoring" He can immediately tutor again. Obviously this is a great situation for me to exploit, but clearly not how it was intended to work. I'll try to screenshot every time a tutoring is cancelled / ends naturally to provide more examples of the inconsistency.
  3. I got lucky(?) with a crash that made me notice a regen had changed race when I reloaded, so this is the result of reloading countless times to poke and prod. With these saves, I can now reproduce it 100% consistently. Here we go... Filenames: mbchuz_MJPhenomenon.fm (Save1), mbchuz_ClauseAjer.fm (Save2), mbchuz_VampetaFix.fm (Save3) (All are from the same save, Save2 happens to be ~3 seasons prior, uploaded due to a completely separate irrelevant bug. Fortunately it's very useful again here so I don't have to upload another.) In Short: The bug occurs when a save is immediately 'Continue'd after loading, causing regens to appear in News, Social Feed, etc before their face has been rendered for any other reason in that FM session (as if their skin tone is not yet 'cached'). Save1 continues directly to News featuring affected regens. Save2 continues directly to a Social Feed featuring affected regens. Save3 is explained below. I suggest you follow these in order: Instructions First do a basic test to force proper race to load, then to make the bug occur: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. Without Continuing, view the following people's profiles so that their faces render: Jan-Moritz Cors (1915443751); Israel Valenzuela (1915520258); Alexandr Volkov (1915467556). Now Continue. You'll be taken to News, and you'll see items including these players. Take note that all three are showing their correct (White) faces. Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. Immediately Continue. You'll see the same News items with the same players, except that now all three are black! You can open their profiles now and see that even doing that now does not fix them, they will be black as long as FM is open. Now individually 'cache' one player while leaving the others black: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. View Jan-Moritz Cors (1915443751) only, so that his correct face renders. Continue. Now you'll see the News items with a correct Jan-Moritz Cors, while Israel Valenzuela and Alexandr Volkov will be black. Now demonstrate that the bug persists even in other saves in the same session: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save2. View all three players again just to prove to yourself that they're White here. Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. Immediately Continue, so that now all 3 players are bugged black. Without closing FM, load Save2. Cors and Volkov will now be black as they have been bugged in that separate save in the same session. But the really curious anomaly here is Valenzuela: In all my tests, he seems to magically render the correct White face now even though he should be bugged. I'm not sure why this is unique but that's for you to figure out... Check out all the bugged players on Save2, where the bug is triggered by Social Feed rather than News: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save2. Immediately Continue. The Social Feed should show up, and if you have a quick look you'll notice a suspiciously high number of black European players: Rigby, Weddegjerde, Mattei, Amborn, Binzenbach, Buske, Vampeta... If you need convincing, you can take note of these players, then close FM, reopen FM, open either save and immediately bring up their profiles to see that they're all supposed to be White. Now break my manager face. I've seen this bug reported by many and it seems to have the same underlying cause as regen race changes. Fortunately this save captures it as well: Go to 'My Profile' to see that I'm supposed to be a White dude with a bit of facial hair. Now repeat the bug as in the first example: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. Immediately Continue. You should see News. As well as the three players covered earlier, my manager is included in the News, which means my face is now bugged as well. What makes this unique is that, whereas the players only had their skin tone changed, it appears that my face has been completely changed. That there should be enough to get your head around it. A couple more things which might help or for curiosity: You can bug people in multiple saves in the same session: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. Immediately Continue so that Cors, Volkov, Valenzuela are bugged. Load Save2. Immediately Continue so that Rigby, Binzenbach, etc are bugged as well in this session. Load Save1 again. Now they'll all be bugged in combination together. Volkov, Binzenbach, etc. (And stuck that way until FM is reopened.) You don't necessarily need to load their profile to prevent them becoming black, just render their face in some way. For this reason, I am uploading also mbchuz_VampetaFix.fm. The significance of this is that Vampeta (1915478557), who can be bugged using Save2's Social Feed, is my leading assist maker yellow card receiver this season. This means his face is immediately rendered when the game loads, because of the little 'Player Stats' section on the Home screen. Close FM. Open FM. Load Save3. Because Vampeta leads my team for Yellow Cards, you should see his face there on the Home screen under Player Stats. It's now cached. You don't need to do anything else. Load Save2. Immediately Continue. Scroll down in the News Feed to see that his correct face appears in the item 'Vampeta Opts To Stay', even though we've never opened his profile this session. It's worth noting here that the mini face icon that comes up when you right click a player does not cache their correct face, despite this mini face being the correct race. Easy to demonstrate: Close FM. Open FM. Load Save1. Go to Squad, and right click on Volkov. You'll see his correct mini face show up in the context menu. Continue so that you get the News items, however, and you'll see he still has a bugged black face.
  4. Hi. Playing as Celtic and the 2020/21 season had just came to an end. Come the 7th of June 2021 the values of my players and every other play in Scotland has dropped so much that the transfer values and therefore the offers I receive are so paltry in comparison. The standard and the reputation of the Clubs and of the League has been improving and I'm puzzled as to why this has happened. I've not seen this happened before and I'm under what context this has happened or if it should at all. Anything needed let me know.
  5. I'm seeing time and time again, unrealistic player ratings after heavy defeats. This applies to both my team's and the team's managed by the AI. Take this match as an example. I lose 3-0. The opposition absolutely plays me off the park. I couldn't get anywhere near them. You then look at the player ratings and wonder how those high ratings correspond to such a heavy defeat. This wasn't a case of me playing well but conceding three goals. I was hammered 3-0! Apart from two players, my whole team got at least 7/10. One of my defenders got an 8/10. It just doesn't make sense. I recall this being an issue in previous versions of FMM. It was certainly an issue in FMM 2017. I found it so frustrating that it became one of the reasons why I stopped playing. P.S. I have another thread open about red cards and player ratings but felt this was a separate issue.
  6. Noticed this and flagged it in the Leeds data section. For some reason the kits are showing a black outline - this should be white or gold. Unsure if it's affecting other teams
  7. For some reason I no longer receive post-match analysis messages in my inbox. I have a chief data analyst, and several data analysts for my first team yet recently I stopped receiving the analysis. I notice that other users have had this problem, though there don't seem to be any solutions posted on here. Please help
  8. currently have screen stuck on generating match report. This has been for 30 mins since trying to upload highlights to YouTube.
  9. Hi , Can anyone help I have such poor graphics for the 2D graphics more over the ball is black the whole look is horrendous. Any help in how to fix this or is there any downloadable graphics for this? Thanks
  10. I am playing journeyman career, after recent club switch "Make an offer" menu item is just disappeared from the game. Right now I am manager for "FK Chita" in Russian Second Division. At first I thought that it is some obscure contract obligation, but after a season it didn't go away, even after I was offered new contract. Transfer window just says "This transfer is not possible. Cannot make an offer for this player at this current time". Club has "None" transfer policy, we have positive balance and some transfer budget. Club is not affiliated by anything. Club is not under takeover. No FFP issues, no debt. Although, I can still sign players for free and already signed 7 of them. I can still load this save with previous club and everything is ok. I have no idea what is going on UPDATE: I resigned for another club from same division and still cannot make an offer for a player.
  11. I’ve been having a fairly major issue with the values of my players, almost overnight in-game every player in my first team squad have decreased in value by about 75%. i raised this issue previously in a forum (see below) where people suggested that it could be down to contract length or league reputation which are both in pretty healthy conditions and with no more ideas coming forward I feel like this may be a bug?
  12. Hi there, I am looking to create Draft games with obscure custom pools - for example, only with players from Trinidad & Tobago-based clubs. When I do this the approximate player count field remains blank (which has been raised here), and when I go to start my draft it just has the default pool. This default pool, despite being advertised as being all players in the database, definitely isn't. For example, it doesn't bring any players for the example above, despite there being roughly 500 such players in the editor. I realise this is a pretty niche request...
  13. Hi, Playing in Scotland as QOTS, also have Eng, Spain, Ger, Italy, France running, game was started after patch 18.3 winter update. It is summer 2020 in game and I am trying to sign some free transfers and loans. I get message that the "work permit application has been rejected" for almost all of these. If it is a loan signing then the message text goes on to say that the "proposed loan move has been cancelled" and if a permanent transfer the message is that it is "in doubt" and both mention needing to wait 120 days to reapply. However, in either case I can continue to sign the player and they are then able to be registered and play for me in Europe and domestically. There is no sign of the "WP" icon which I would have expected? I have a saved game just ahead of the Euro league squad pick and also just before I am due to sign a free who is failing work permit. You should be able to load save, complete signing and then include in euro squad with no issue. Of course it looks to me like your ftp server might be down at the moment as I cannot connect to "ftp.sigames.com" right now. If it comes back up I can upload. Thanks Jeremy EDIT: Just uploaded save game "18.3 QOTS Sign Owusu WP"
  14. I first ran across this in the beta (and again in the full release, also below), as you can see in the video below. I don't have a PKM for that as it was in the beta (for the above video). I just made a video and then forgot to report it. The issue is that a player passes the ball back to the keeper and he turns his back to it and walks away, letting the ball go into the net for an own goal. I just had this happen again in the full game. Here is another video of it. As you can see there seems to be an issue with the keeper thinking something else is happening, because he switches off like the ball has been played up the field, turns his back to the ball and walks to the center of the goal. Then reacts after the ball crosses the line. I've attached a pkm from the match I just played for the second video. If you need a save l can also provide that, but only for the second one. The beta stuff has all been deleted. And let me know if you need anything else. I will also note this is the third time I've seen it, but only the first so far in the full release. Thank you. OulZac_18.1_Prestatyn v Llandudno_GK_backpass.pkm
  15. Evening team! My fm18 file was crashing on a specific date, July 15. After updating to 18.3.4 via steam, it now fails to load. please find attached the details of the problem. No idea what any of that means. ive tried deleting cache, preferences and reinstalling
  16. Hey, I've been trying to build a custom database with very minor changes-- what I've been doing is changing the youth ratings of all nations to 1 and the game importance to Unimportant in every country, as well as lowering the attribute templates all to Poor. Whenever I load up a file to test if it works, the game will crash within 2 weeks of starting, without fail. The day is not consistent, but in starting on January 2, it will always crash by the 15th at the latest. I've attached the Crash Dump file and the editor database file that I've created. Could anyone decipher the crash dump and let me know where I'm going wrong? Oblivion Test.fmf FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.07.02 22.20.44).dmp
  17. Hi. I choose language as Turkish. When I reopen the application, it opens in English. Also Turkish language translations are missing too and bad. (22 years: 22 yıl is false. 22 yaş is true and etc.) Sony Xperia Android 6.0.1
  18. Football manager 18 has been running absolutely fine on my laptop, however, randomly the other day it got stuck on the launch screen. When I launch the task manager it displays 'Football Manager 2018 18.3.3f1074698 (update)'. I have followed all the potential fixes on the following forum and it hasn't solved the issue. https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r433/ Please help!!!
  19. I am playing as Dartford, and I am in doubt if this is normal, with the brexit rules... But here goes: When I sign a player from other countries, regular transfers and loans, I can sign them like normal, despite not getting a work-permit. Then when I want to extend their contract, it is not possible, because they can't get a work-permit. To me it seems a bit weird.
  20. When I open the game, it is freeze on opening. However, the music is still playing. I can't press any button and use ctrl alt del to fore shut down.I have play it before without any problem. How can I fix the problrm? Thanks.
  21. Hi, First of all thank you for a great game! The game has been running smoothly for me ever since I purchased the game on launch day and I have spent many an hour already on the game. However for some reason since last night, every time I try to save, the game freezes (at about 5% saving completed) and after a minute or so I get a blue screen telling me my driver power state failure. The funny things is it only happens when I try to save. When I play the games and everything else there is no problem. And before last night I could run the game perfectly. Also I tried out some of the other games I have on the computer (wolfenstien 2, divinity 2) and there were no issues. The only thing I did last night was to install the latest windows updates, could that have anything to do with it? I have been reading on the forum all day and what I have tried (to no avail) is the following: Cleared cache Cleared preferences Reinstalled Drivers Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  22. I'm at a loss with this one. I'm going through the steps to ensure drivers etc are up to date, but I'm wondering if it might be switching between a 2-screen set up that is having an impact. I've had 3 or 4 crashes now since I bought FM a couple of weeks ago. The crash always happens at half time, but only if I leave the game running whilst I do something else (often including switching my mouse to second monitor and discord/chrome. If I continue the game to the dressing room imeediately then it has never crashed. Is there any history of alt-tabbing or switching across 2-monitor set ups crashing the game? The game never crashes at any other moment. I doubt dxdiag is at fault because I run many other games with no problems, and if it were anti virus would not crashes happen at other points of the game? My video drivers are now up to date, but I was previously using a version installed after FM18 originally released. My thought is something running in the half time match screen is causing an issue. I have two graphics packs added to the game (facepack and logos). Could they cause this issue? I hope not. Just wanted to add that this is not something that is fun to test. If the crash is only happening at half time I obviously don't want to be having to run lots of matches to half time only to see if they crash. I don't even get a crash dump file. I suppose I could remove the graphics packs for one session and see if the crash happens. To be honest though, what I may need to do is just make sure I don't alt-tab or move monitor at half time. I never have had any problems with the simple graphics packs I use in any FM, so why they would suddenly cause problems with FM18 would be bizarre.
  23. Just had a regen change skin colour...... BEFORE: AFTER: Sadly i don't have a save from before the "change"
  24. I raised this on another thread but it needs its own one now. So no audio when return from sleep mode in w10. I was told it was with the devs and they are aware, since then we have had an update.....it still hasnt been addressed, I just checked. DxDiag.txt
  25. Hi, As directed from a different topic, I'm posting my own thread relating to this issue. For the last few weeks I've been unable to run FM18. If I launch the game in fullscreen, the game is stucked on the logo but I have the sound, if I want to play I have to launch the game in "-small_screen -windowed". ALT+ENTER or maximisize with window cursor freeze the game. I've tried uninstall/reinstall, my graphic card and processor are up to date. I've tried to delete cache and preference folder. Please find my dxdiag attached. Thank you ! DxDiag.txt