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  1. Hi, Please take a look at the screenshot below, it only happened after the latest update 18.1.2. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 18.47.49).dmp Please help.
  2. Hi, Me and a friend are having an issue where we cannot view eachother's games online. We are able to view them from the beginning, however the 'line up and warm up' animations at the beginning of the game block the match. When leaving and rejoining, it removes this screen but the game never moves on from the 'warm up' animations. The person playing the game isn't able to continue the match until the viewer leaves. Please fix
  3. So I had a bunch of subs pending when one of my players saw a 2nd red card (this included the red carded player moving to a different position, and the subbed-in player coming in for his position). Then the match started playing out really weird because one of my players showed up as substituted but also on the pitch at the same time. I decided to substitute him again, and then the match went crazy constantly flicking on and off with "making tactical changes...". At the end, I clicked "hand team talk to assistant manager" and the game crashed. Crash dump file attached here. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 02.52.40).dmp
  4. Hi, I made my own setup with the colums in the tactic area. But for some reason it keeps going back to default every time i press Continue. So i have to import it each it. Super annoying! Is it possible to fix this somehow? This is how i want it to look, but it keeps resetting.
  5. Lukaku missed a pen in the 70th minute. As you can see, the message is still on the screen at the end of the game (in the green block) on the review tab, and still allows me to click "change player" - overlapping the setting icon: Buggy?
  6. Hallo, Game crashes on specific date (30 May 2020), i am using custom logos and database but i don't think that is the case. All drivers are up to date. Also, after the winter transfer window of the season 19-20, there are some inconsistencies in players history, such as a free transfer presented as a trial or nothing at all (the player simply switched clubs) Thank you in advance DxDiag.txt
  7. I was shocked because I thought Udinese would reject the offer. (I did offer 0£ too but the club said the offer is unacceptable) His contract wasn't expired of course. (screenshot from my second save game) This is the save before watford make moves. https://files.fm/u/4k4xe7kn
  8. Was this issue fixed? Happended to me just now. I don't even have any added graphics or skins. Game does seem to "run" normaly, becouse the view on background goes around the stadium and in computer's Task manager it says "Football Manager 2018 (staging)." It even minimizes and pops back right up if clicked. Just does not advance from "Teams warming up, please wait." -screen.
  9. I started my career from the start of the season in serie A (7 august). The 8 august I get a message about a pre-season training camp in Singapore from the 9 august until the 19. The problem is that in the meanwhile I have the 12 and the 19 august a coppa Italia and a serie A matches and they should be played both in Italia (Luigi Ferraris and the second at San Paolo).
  10. But the other trophies we've won this season did. Any idea whats wrong?
  11. Hello Was Just finishing a game when i há a penalty in 92nd minute. Then, the game continues do play, and the penalty is not taken or is missed (without appearing that moment on the game). The game finishes, i do the palestra and then this happens (attachment). I cantora move the little box in the Middle, but cant do nothing more. Had to close the game with the task panel.
  12. I have posted the essence of what I'm saying elsewhere but just so it has its own thread I want to post again with additional information. Essentially this game mode, which on it's day is the most exciting, immersive and compelling game mode ever is completely and utterly broken. You can not play a match human vs. human. - The match freezes at some point during the match and one of the humans have to go on holiday / disconnect their client - If you're lucky enough to have your match finish you can continue to find the game has simmed a completely different match to the one you just played and stored it Below is the comment I made on the other thread, if anymore information is needed please let me know: This is a complete and utter joke. Making all these new fancy features so you can rollout these silly feature videos but you don't actually fix the fundamentals of the game. So sad because back in the day I couldn't even dream that this would be a bug. This just happen to in my online save. It is a save with a edited database, all the teams playing in the premier league. It happened in a human vs. human match, the actual score was 2-2 and the score that was given after continuing was 3-0. Also another bug, which I'm sure this is not the first time it has been brought to the developers attention, is that when there's a human vs. human game, the match randomly stops progressing. This again just happened to me: 1-0 to the home side 30mins48seconds into the first half and it froze. So we both relenquished control of our clients and the match simulated without us. This is not a new bug. These bugs have been around since FM 2016 if not earlier. We can now not progress our online game until somebody fixes this. Complete and utter joke.
  13. Good evening. If you're easily disturbed by UI bugs/faulty things, you might not want to watch the video - you'll probably go mad (like me) So yeah, I've been frustrated with some minor UI things for some time now, and with my eye for detail (or OCD syndrome? hehe ) I've noticed lots of minor UI "faults", a few of them which is shown in the video to better illustrate the problem: My game setup: Full-screen windowed mode Game Language: Swedish Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Please fix these things. -L
  14. Hello! So, Alexis asked to leave - I asked him what I had to do to keep him at the club, he said a big pay rise would make him stay. I try to offer a contract, which I'm unable to do?! Promises Not accepting offer request? I know people are saying it's hardcoded that he wants to leave - but surely he shouldn't ask for a new contract if so?!
  15. Hi, for me the issue remains. Looking at steam there are also some having the same issue. Can you please at least confirm the issue is known and SI is working on it? If it helps I can record a movie and send it somewhere. This time I could play 10 min and then during match broadcast it happend again. The weired thing is that you can´t trigger it. It´s not that I´m doing something and then it starts, no... it appears totally random.
  16. Carabao Cup

    Hello SI, I ama here to report a bug that happened during one of my saves. I made a save with Lincoln City and in the second season the Carabao Cup second round draw did not take place and it still hasnt happened. I am almost done with the season and seems like it won't happen anymore. is there any way i can fix it if it happens next season?
  17. I installed some data editor files yesterday from the workshop (league files, created by Claassen). After I restarted the game, I get an extreme slowdown in ceratin areas of the game. - Starting the game takes about 5 minutes - When i press new career it takes about 5 minutes - Picking advanced set up (to pick nations) takes about 5 minutes - Clicking on add/remove nations takes about 5 minutes - Then when I start the game it takes about 5 minutes for the game to start loading the new save. After the new game has loaded, all seems to be normal again. I tried the same again without the editor files, and the game started without any slowdowns.
  18. since last 2 hours game freezing and slow. im playing 2d and match engine slow too. process slow either. what happend? DxDiag.txt
  19. As you can see the orange match progress indicator does not really follow the end of the blue line nicely. it's very annoying when watching a game.
  20. In player search screen, after I clicked on a player and then clicked back, the list of players changed. It automatically scrolled down a few players. It happened quite often and really annoying sometimes when you lost track of the list. Fortunately, the same thing doesn't happen in staff search.
  21. Hi, I don't know why, but my editor file is crashing the game. I can start a game with the file without any problems, but once I save and quit I can't open the file again. First I'm getting an error message that says ''Football Manager 2018 is running dangerously low on memory. Please quit and free up some memory. Tried to allocate 18446744073709550728 bytes'', and when I press OK I immediately get the error message that says: ''Football Manager 2018 has run out of memory and will now quit Tried to allocate 18446744073709550728 bytes''. I know it's because the editor file since I've tried without it, but I have no idea why because nothing weird has been going on with the editor while editing nor have I done any weird changes that would bug up the game. And it isn't the memory, looked how much space I got on my computer and it said I had 89,85 GB free space out of 121,02 GB (MacBook Pro 2016). Please help, I've put too much time with this editor file to just let it go (since release day and got done tonight the 16th of November, and I know the file is not damaged) and hopefully someone can help me on this thread so I can solve this issue as quick as possible. With regards
  22. Some teams in second division (year 2019) for some reason are not registering most of their players with the result that they field very weak squads made of greyed out players instead of their regular players. Sao Paulo (recently relegated, they'd have the best team in second division) are the worst case here though not the only one: Last pic is an example of amateurish greyed out players they regularly use, which is why they got thrashed 0-8 by my team and are generally beaten by anyone. Sao Paulo will likely get relegated despite having the best team in the league.
  23. I have already reported this like a week ago I just thought it was because it was the beta but even after the new game came out I’m still getting the game crashing after games with this message displayed in the photo coming up and my mouse and laptop mouse not working I can move the curser just not click anything on the game this is spoiling my game play so I would appreciate someone answering this please thanks
  24. In FM players born in 1998 are allowed to play for their U19 national sides. In reality the cut off date for the U19 is 1/1/1999.
  25. This has been a problem to varying extents for many years now but seems especially bad on the new tactics screen. It's very hard to set up the columns of my custom view correctly because the column that changes is not consistent when you click and drag. Then, when you finally get it right (took me 20 mins), it never stays the same when you return to the screen. Any idea how to fix? This is a big deal to me.