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Partnership lines

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Hi folks - I'm about to finish my second season with Leeds, however, no partnership have been established by my players even though most of them played constantly together during the season (Onguene-Koch / Menino-Raphinha / Tsimikas-Grealish)

Is this really possible or i'm missing something in settings ? looked pretty odd to me compared to previous series



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8 hours ago, alian62 said:

I think this exclusive feature from a few years ago has now disappeared like many others 

Definitely haven't disappeared. I have links on every save I currently have but they appear to be random. My CB's, in one save, have played together for 4 months and have a solid link while my RB and RW have played together for 2 and a half season and have no links at all.

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Partnership lines are affected by multiple of factors. Their time at the club, nationality, their place in the team hierarchy etc. It might taken a little time, particularly if players are new to a club. In my Leicester save Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison had lines at the beginning of my save without me doing anything.

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1 hour ago, birkelse said:

But Kasper S should been in  a partnership with Evans , when you start up ?

Sure, but that does not exist in the game. There is no partnership line between goalkeeper and central defenders. 

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