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  1. Done deal. 7 trophys in one season. It took many years, but now mission completed. Now i will take a break from this game. Will start a low league game. Some screens here.
  2. Jack Joyce to rescue Liverpool Neil B in this game
  3. Won the league against Man U . Could it be better ? Strange fixtures program, Now i have to 2 more titles, if I can.
  4. Nr 4 down, and Birch does it again. Iam struggle in Pl, dont think i have 4 defeat in a season. But it will be closed in Pl.
  5. 2 trophy, but after stats,it should have been Chelseas win. Get a team together.
  6. First trophy here. Hope to win all in this season.
  7. Finished with another season. Could have been better, but next year, iam going for all competions Still a young team, who could be a world class team in 2-4 years.
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