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    He is on the reserve team at Lanus, thats why i tought it was very expensive. Was just looking at him, bid the 500000 £ to see. I have to sell players for big money at Rangers, to maybe get him for 10 mill £.Thx for replys.
  2. birkelse


    I was bidding for a 17 year old Argentine player, valued 500000 £ , they want 21,5 mill £ ?. How can they want so much ? I thinks its strange, but maybe i am wrong about it. https://gyazo.com/0cf0de059350c8de25827a7c7658fe20
  3. I have never seen a player dribble past a keeper, did anyone seen that in the game ? Just like Ronaldo :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkHBqHTJ46E
  4. birkelse

    fm touch

  5. birkelse

    fm touch

    I was playing a Fm touch versus game, when we were to start the game, i got the error
  6. That with a assIst take over at half time, and you can do nothing, i noticed in a Fm touch game, or at Fm career online game: Look at the screen, no tactics in the left corner, and no play/ pause button in the right corner. I was nor doing the sub in 45 minut https://imgur.com/a/Twpkv
  7. birkelse

    FM Touch 18 New League

  8. Holiday with Man U one season, what can you say ? Well done to Knap, for this tactic. https://imgur.com/a/AB6SJ
  9. birkelse

    FM18 Draft

    up for it, never try, but have to try it once
  10. Have the same problem now in Fm 18, after the small update 7-10 days ago. Iam the host, and my download is Denmark, i will guess my friend Belgium in his. Should it be a problem ?
  11. birkelse

    FMO Available players thread

    Game: FM18 or Fm Touch Type of Game: Career - Versus Age: 55 Timezone: Cet - Denmark When can you play: 2- 3 times a week. I have a game going with a friend, we play Fm, when its ok for both, nothing schedule, hope we can do the same Steam Username: michaelnielsen06
  12. Yes you have i think. English players out of EU at this time in your game.
  13. birkelse

    Online game assistant taking over second half

    Maybe ask here ? https://community.sigames.com/forum/572-create-a-club-fantasy-draft-network-games-workshop-and-dlc/
  14. HI anyway to change 5 subs in Danske Bank Premiership or NIFL Premiership ? Will make it 7 subs, if it can be done ?