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  1. Anyone up for a Fm Touch -Versus game, when we take a team ,and play 5 matches ?
  2. A thrown in, never touch the ground, before its in the net. includes 4 players
  3. This isssue has been raised in januar, and a known issue ? Or am i misundersstand this topic here ?
  4. Its mine CCC , i will played 5o games from now on, and then compared .
  5. CCC chances are a litlle big high here Playing with LInfield-
  6. Rodel Richards is free now. 384 goals in 370 matches. What a player for Linfiled. Just stopped with a Euro Cup titel . His replacement is a player who is on loan at Everton. Have him next season too. His replacement is a player who is on loan at Everton. Have him next season too.
  7. I just find out that i won SPFL trust 4 times in a row. When is the game playes ? I dont played these games, and is not on scheduel list . Here is 2 screens .
  8. I think it does not matter if you play as a goalkeeper or a sweeper goalkeeper. The intention must be that the players get matches. He got 22 out of 25 matches in the league + European matches- Now he was called home. Annoying.
  9. Dont think hes unhappy ? . Hes playing a shadow striker, and as a deep laying playmaker. Its fair, he maybe doesnt play attacking midfielder, but hes not unhappy.
  10. Its the same here. Hes playing as a Sweeper keeper, and the manager is angry, hes not playing a GK. But it shouldnt be a problem ? Hes happy, minor issue. Hes starting the last 5 important games. Found out he is the best keeper in the team. I have to fight with Allegri, to keep him here , for the season.
  11. I lost Efros , then it was this striker, but now injured 4 months. Rodel Richards is a my David Fairclough , but maybe he has to start again in start 11.
  12. I kept him another year. He is still doing ok, but is outscored by his partner in attack -
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