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  1. I kept him another year. He is still doing ok, but is outscored by his partner in attack -
  2. Think i can use him, but want to see a young striker. I try to list him, but it didnt go well. I may have reconsider - hmm
  3. Rodel Richards will be sold here in summer. Its time to change striker. But what a striker. In 332 matches, he scores 317 goals here in all tournaments . Well done mr Richards. Free beer in this club forever
  4. How can we expect this to be fixed ? It has going on for a long time, i think it was a problem in fm 20 aswell
  5. Is there a place, where i can this striker goals in all leagues / cups etc ? I can just find league goals , just like this screen . I miss total goals in one screen ? I know , i can see them, by click on every year . but want just one screen with total goals .
  6. It was mentioned 12 januar, in the same forum, so yes, it should be fixed.
  7. Have to take my hat of . He will get one season more. He had done great in Linfield.
  8. Have to take my hat of . He will get one season more. He had done great in Linfield.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I have a good team in Linfield. Will take note, what you said
  10. Here is my youth intake . What should I expect? I think it looks a little bad, or is it just me who has the expectations too high? Do I need better staffa ? Maybe better facilities ?
  11. Here is my best regen player. Dont think, i can get a contract extension. Wolves are around the player now:
  12. Hope they will fix it. Its ruined my game, but i had to cope with it. My goalkeeper was playing out of position
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