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  1. Anyone up for a Fm Touch -Versus game, when we take a team ,and play 5 matches ?
  2. Thats strange, if thats the case .
  3. No , but i just checked now. Its greyed out. Its also greyed out, in the start of 2038
  4. When will this player get his testimonial ? I cant figure that out. Hes been in the club over 10 years . Have i missed something ?
  5. He's a defensive midfielder? I wouldn't play him as a striker! My mistake, dont know why i wrote striker, but he will playing as midfielder center .
  6. Bought this striker in Hamburg. Pace is the issue here, but i will see, how it goes . The most expensive player in my 17 season game with Linfield. 13,75 million £ .
  7. It will be fun, with that game European Championship. I was in a game closed to that, in 2004 . Proud winner . But its was a long time ago. Computers , broadband etc is much bettter . Good luck with the game.
  8. Congrats on victory. I was playing a lower league in Wales once , but it was hard with the rule , over 1 yellow card, your players got a suspension . Is that still the case ? You can see , that my players was near suspension .
  9. Anyone up for a Fm Touch -Versus game, when we take a team ,and play 5 matches ?
  10. Its strange, that in my LInfield game , i never played SPLF , but have won it several times. The match is not on my list . Well done on your matches. Jack Duffy should have scored against Porto
  11. Can i see the odds on every team to win in Champions League later on , and if so, where is it ?
  12. Lucky to get a 3-3 against City, now Barca. It must be the end , but we will see, if Linfield can beat them over 2 matches.
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