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  1. Mixed season here. 3 titles. Was undefeated in 1621 days at home in all tournaments, until Newcastle beat me. The i lost 2 more matches at home.
  2. Hope he will get over 30 i PL matches. Hes amazing in this game here.
  3. New season ahead. Hope it will be the year Birch will score over 50 goals .
  4. Chelsea stopped me in semifinale in CL, but cant blame the players. They give it all. 2 players with red card, and 1 striker with injury in 65 minut. Have made 3 subs. End the game with 8 players.
  5. Undecuple "Undec" or 11 trophys in a row. This team is still young. Transfers and future transfers. If they will buy Rossini, PSG have to bid 150 mill £ . That will be the best sale in my Fm Career.
  6. Game : Fm 19 Touch / Fm Manager Type of game : Career or versus. Lower leagues is ok Age 56. When can you play : That we can decide, when its ok for all. Steamuser name: Michaelnielsen06
  7. 9 trophyes in a row. It was tough in Super Cup, because many players away. 2 players in for this season. Maybe more players will join Liverpool in januar.
  8. Well done with Curtis JOnes, he is in Newcastle in my savegame,Thinks hes doing ok there.
  9. Done deal. 7 trophys in one season. It took many years, but now mission completed. Now i will take a break from this game. Will start a low league game. Some screens here.
  10. Jack Joyce to rescue Liverpool Neil B in this game
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