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  1. Here is my regen. 6 years in game.
  2. I closed the game yesterday, open it . Then Devon P look like normal
  3. Its the same here
  4. You have to import your team in Fm touch 20, to play online, with your made-up -team
  5. You can import your team in Fm touch, versus game, if i reading it right . Import team-
  6. In Fm Touch, he dont have this injury, ?
  7. Jonas Wind is mention here, but here he scores goals in first season in all matches.
  8. Game: Fm Touch 20 Type of Game: Career - Versus Age: 57 Timezone: Cet - Denmark When can you play: 2- 3 times a week. I have a game going with a friend, we play Fm, when its ok for both, nothing schedule, hope we can do the same Steam Username: michaelnielsen06
  9. Sinder Løe Bing was a real player , i think https://www.fotball.no/fotballdata/kamp/?fiksId=5891503
  10. Tommy Svindal Larsen, was my first player, i sign in my frist cm game. But maybe not a wonderkid. Lionel Morgan could be a wonderkid:)
  11. Here is what i can find about him https://www.transfermarkt.com/savas-stavridis/leistungsdaten/spieler/11444
  12. Stats on that site, dont know how accurate they are https://www.flashscore.dk/kamp/lhwWsZfo/#kamp-statistik;1 https://www.flashscore.dk/kamp/lhwWsZfo/#kamp-statistik;2
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