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  1. I used the snipping tool in windows 10
  2. Every team has played 11 games, and 5 teams have scored1 direct free kick.
  3. Sorry, i made a mistake- It was my all time. Here is my score.
  4. Lionel Messi , whats your score/ points in Leaderboards. Here in Wivenhoe is very high,, could it be a bug ? I dont care about it, i was just looking and see the 7 figure points
  5. Cant Sub Bug

    Correct, but it could take days. Me and a friend will have to try this,, if it is happen again, in our little game . It happened the other day, and i havent saved the game. Hope they can fix it .Good luck with your netgame.
  6. Cant Sub Bug

    Mayne this can help
  7. I maybe done it wrong. I click on the reds, but i have to click on the blue ?
  8. Lucky to get that win over Bury. Wivenhoe Town v Bury Town.pkm
  9. I can sign some players, just wages, and to season end. My wgae budget way over ,because of that. If i dont offer them wages, they will go to other clubs, when they bid for players.
  10. Goes ok here, specially in Fa Cuo, but will be out next round.
  11. Here are my league so far. Bury will win this league.
  12. Well done , thats a very good job. Do you get many job offers from other clubs, or are you just linked to some clubs, and then you have to answer on that in the media ?