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  1. Last year over 100 mill in reserve investment funds, this season 225 mill £ . Anyone else have this ,and where can I see that in finances ? What will they used that amount for ?
  2. Mixes season, but it was ok. Here is some screens of the season, team and finances. My strongest 2 teams, but some of the players couldnt play in Premier LeagueL- I used 32 players in Premier League. I will sell players in start of 7 season:)
  3. Shiningxxx1 Well done with Juventus. Its a very good achivement.
  4. 95 at the moment with Liverpool. Iam in 6 season, and only Trent Alexander , Curtis Jones, KI-Jana Hoover and Bobby Duncan is still at Liverpool.
  5. What to say , worldclass. Its a poor Chelsea, team nr 8 in the league at the moment.
  6. Here is one screenshot from my game, 5,5 season in. The pace isnt that good.
  7. Becker was sold in start of 6 season, it was a bad start, but now iam on track again. Never seen this stats in a CL match. But I will take it every day
  8. I will scout this goalkeeper, hes only 16, he looks ok.
  9. Iam setting the asking price very high. Maybe the double of value. Here are 2 screenshot from Joe Gomez sale. Real bid , i refuse, then the 2 bid came. Have to sell,. at that price.
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