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  1. Just a small update on my first management in Wales, just wondering, when i get sacked , for finance reasons :
  2. Not many matches after 1 januar , is it supposed to be like that ? Or is it because, its down the leagues ?
  3. Newport became a semi professional club. The board is demanding promotion again, but it might be because we were semi. Jack Davis is a good goal scorer in the first season. Here is also a picture of Rhosllanerchrugog Fc
  4. Here is my stats after 30 games. There is 30 games in the league.
  5. Just wondering how it works. How can they accept a fine ? No money to paid. Playing in Wales with Newport City ,in Football League 2. Dont think it should be a option in amateur clubs, with code of conduct / fines .
  6. Playing with database here. Playing with Newport in Wales Football League div 2 . First time manager in Wales. Its a new challenge, but the cards is giving me some trouble. One game, all 4 defenders has been suspended the next game 2 cards then suspension. Do anyone know, if there is a chance, that Newport could be a semi club, if promoted ?
  7. If you have bought the game for pc, then you can play online. On tablet, you cant , if i understand it correct.
  8. I could be interested in a game.
  9. Hi @Francis Mooney , send the file, name mIbug 25 marts. Its the Ivanov bid on 135000 £
  10. I am the manager of Shaktar Soligorsk in Belarus. I want to buy this player from Minsk . Can't fit the price to be so high between 2 clubs in the same league? They don't have money etc in the league. From £ 3000 to £ 165000? They dont use the player. Same issue with a player from Isloch reserves.
  11. Game : Fm 20Touch / Fm Manager Type of game : Career or versus. Lower leagues is ok Age 56. When can you play : That we can decide, when its ok for all. Steamuser name: Michaelnielsen06
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198215908768
  13. I just think 673000 matches played in one year
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