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  1. Whoever the host is get them to send invites to you when you are not in the online lobby screen and there seems to be an issue for some users.
  2. Welcome to the FMO Clan Advertiser Thread, if your hosting a game and are looking for players, or your a player looking to see what clans need more people to join, then this is the right place to come. Hosts, please use the form below to give us the required details about your game: Clan Name: (We only ask you dont have anything too rude here) Game: (Which version of CM / FM you are hosting) Times: (The times that your clan will be playing, please dont forget to state your timezone!) Leagues: (What league(s) will you be playing? e.g. EPL, SPL, La Liga etc) Additional Info: (Please give here info that potential players need to know, do not post your clan rules here, e.g. use Skype, MSN, etc) Reminder DO NOT post your email address or other contact details here, these contact details should be upto date in your profile. Posts will be valid for 3 weeks, we feel this is a long enough period to attract players to your game and get underway. If you require your post to stay up longer, please contact a Mod so that arrangements can be made for this. Happy Gaming!
  3. I think you’d need to start the game again and make sure that option is ticked.
  4. I would post that in the bugs forum.
  5. Sounds like he’s playing with an edited database and changed things around to gain an advantage over everyone else. I could be wrong though. Then when you said when someone else creates a game he refuses to play just adds to my suspicion.
  6. Hi, please post all questions and queries in the help thread at the top of the forum, Thanks
  7. Hi Folks, Can you please put all questions or queries you have about FM Online in this thread and that will free up the main forum for Clan threads or game threads, Thanks Here is a post by vara which I hope may help solve some of the problems people may be having when it comes to playing FM Online. Please give it a go. HOST 1. delete preferences and cache from C:\Users\*User*\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 - you will need to turn on hidden files to see this. 2. load the save, go into online preferences and set server visibilty to 'Anyone' 3. set a server name, but leave password blank. 4. save your game and quit FM. 5. verify integrity of FM in steam. right click > properties > local files > verify integrity 6. load FM and your save the main factor that I believe fixed it was resaving with new version preferences. whereas the save prior was still linked to the old version. it seems to purely be a visibility thing for your save on the updated lobby. the beta has not been activated in FM preferences via steam Note: deleting the preferences/cache will reset FM back to default skin, settings, preferred views etc. good luck, hope this works for you too. Andy H
  8. Right this has went on long enough. Please do not bring arguements to the forum, thanks.
  9. Hi please stop posting multiple threads about your clan.
  10. MAke sure you go into network settings and make sure online game is ticked as this may affect things.
  11. If you could please repost this in the help thread that would be great, cheers.
  12. Hi, please repost this in the main FM general discussion as it would get more exposure, Thanks
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