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  1. Players finally seem to be hitting early crosses, hardly contain myself to not cry.
  2. First game after the update, I got almost blind seeing that many green colour on my screen.
  3. it has come with Brexit, means settled as non-foreigner until particular date. This is for players who started to play in England before Brexit
  4. yes mate, i have. Analysis is currently on and boxes on pitch disappear when i deactivate analysis but still no even single partnership
  5. Hi folks - I'm about to finish my second season with Leeds, however, no partnership have been established by my players even though most of them played constantly together during the season (Onguene-Koch / Menino-Raphinha / Tsimikas-Grealish) Is this really possible or i'm missing something in settings ? looked pretty odd to me compared to previous series
  6. Could someone from SI side at least say either this is what it's meant to be or an issue to be fixed ? This has already been raised few times and i haven't seen any response or acknowledgement.
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