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  1. To touch on this, I got Nigeria to the WC 2022 semi finals, beating Argentina along the way. Completely unrealistic irl but it happens in the game. On cheating, I have no doubt there will be people who reload title deciders or cup finals, but so what. Its unrealistic to think people are reloading entire seasons, it would take too long, but if someone gets a little satisfaction from reloading a cup final or what not, then let them bash on. I wouldn't do it, it takes the fun out the game tbh but each to their own.
  2. Season 2021 Canadian Premier League We topped both the Spring and Fall versions of the CPL to finish 1st overall and setting up a final against Valour which we won to become back to back champions. I don´t particularly like the set up of the CPL and feel there is too many games too close together and not a big enough squad so there was some heavy rotation often and it caused us to draw far more games that I would like. I suppose drawing is better than losing though, eh. Canadian Championship (FA Cup) This is a competition I had written off becau
  3. So I started my new save, set up below: Season 2020 Started my career with FC Edmonton in the Canadian Premier League and they immediately let me study for my National C coaching badge. We started off the season superbly with 6 wins and 1 draw in the first group stage of the league, finishing top. We went into the champions group full of confidence and ended up winning 2 and losing 1 in the champions group stage, qualifying for the final against York9. We became Canadian champions after a hard fought win on penalties. First title in
  4. I don't think it will work in your current save game because its classed as a custom database and you can't change database during a save game, if I am wrong then happy to be corrected.
  5. I've not had FM for about 5 versions or something mate so that's news to me, cheers 👍 I'm still going to start over, kinda lost interest in the save when I've went 3 years without a club job. Learnt from mistakes I may have made first time round, all a learning curve.
  6. So I won the African Cup of Nations with Nigeria and we're up to 10th in the world however I've taken the decision to start over again. I've now been 3 years (now in Feb 2024, last club 2021) without a club a job and I think mistakes I made in my previous club jobs (quitting and getting sacked) have stopped clubs employing me. I've done everything, chopped and changed playable leagues and even teams in 2nd Finland etc aren't willing to employ me. Lessons learned. Will set it up again tonight at work and post profile etc then.
  7. 2022 Nigeria So I have been without a club for a year now but I took the Nigeria job in early 2022. They had already qualified for the World Cup in 2022. AFCON 2023 Qualifying World Cup 2022 So the draw for the World Cup was pretty favourable, landing us in a group with Qatar, Scotland and Mexico. Group Stage We had an outstanding group stage that consisted of a 2-0 win against Scotland, 2-1 win against Mexico and a 0-0 draw with Qatar for us to top the group. Second Round Quarter Final Semi Final
  8. So I answered a media question about whether I was interested in the Shandong Leung job and stupidly said I was and they sacked me...
  9. Season 2021-2022 Shaanxi Chang´an Athletic So I took over at Shannxi with 19 games played and they sat 3rd in the table. My expectations from the board were to win promotion but looking at their squad I changed it to win the league as we were only 7 points behind 1st and still had to play them on the last day of the season. League We had fantastic form in the league and won 14 of our 15 games with one loss. League came down to the last day of the season with Zhejiang Greentown 1 point ahead but we were playing each other in the final game of the season. As
  10. So I deleted my last save because it was too slow (lesson learned) and started again with Asia and South Africa loaded. Start up: Season 2020-2021 I waited until December until a suitable job came around and I took the managers position at Chennai City in India. League So I won´t lie, I was shocked at how poor the quality is in the Indian Airtel I-League. I didn´t expect much already but it was worse than I could have imagined. To kick off the league season the media had us expected 8th with a 66-1 shot of winn
  11. When I started lasted night I got offered an interview with Wigan but they turned me down. A few Chinese first division teams turned me down too. Ended up with a Belarusian Premier league team who were bottom after 17 games. 2* rep team, I think.
  12. So starting the challenge just now. I have all leagues loaded, just because. Set up: First job is Isloch Minsk Raion from Belarus. Currently bottom with 11 points after 17 games. Time to save relegation. I´ll be back with a proper update at the end of the season
  13. So guys, the Chemnitzer dream is over. Started 2nd season so well, undefeated in 9 games with 6 wins and 3 draws. Had 6 long term injuries (3months+) within 3 weeks and went on a run of 21 losses and 2 draws. Tried everything to turn it around but ultimately, the squad wasn't good enough to cope with the injuries.
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