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  1. Harsh. From the games I play there is not many with the same level of engagement we get from SI.
  2. Definitely haven't disappeared. I have links on every save I currently have but they appear to be random. My CB's, in one save, have played together for 4 months and have a solid link while my RB and RW have played together for 2 and a half season and have no links at all.
  3. I'll send you it when I'm next on the game mate 👍 It's not a preset one. I created it myself when playing with Pumas but I've used it with various teams (Hearts, Kaiser Cheifs, DL Pro, Lyon, Mexico, Australia and Nigeria) with the same level of success.
  4. La Roda CF Season 2 (22/23) Spanish Segunda Division Pro B Facilities | Transfers | Season Preview | Board Expectations As you can see from the season preview and board expectations, we are fully expected to go down again this season and to be honest I am inclined to agree. Our squad is not particularly great in comparison to the rest of the league. Hopefully we are able to pull of remaining in the league though. I do worry about the longevity viability of this save though. We are burning through cash something awful and with no regular income and very low attendances I am worri
  5. @Blackwolfmy laptop has 8gb RAM and 2.1ghz processor clock and I have zero performance issues. I don't think its unfair for @Smurfto tell you it is a problem with your computer and not the game. And just before you decide to tell me i am sheep and only defending SI, this is the first FM I have played for 6 years. SI will test the game on various machines with varying specs, they're not going to test the game on something that doesn't meet the minimum spec requirements though because that is am utterly pointless waste of time.
  6. As the game goes on, newly generated staff will appear so you won't get a comprehensive list. Besides, whats the point in using a list to always hire the best? Surely if you like FM part of the fun is to do the leg work and find the best staff for yourself?
  7. I went Canada, Mexico, South Africa, China and now in France, although I've not played the save for a while because I got bored 😂 Started with all the Americas and South Africa loaded, then removed North America when I was in SA and loaded China, South Korea and Australia. Then removed Asia and all of South America except Brazil and Argentina and loaded a bunch from Europe. When you set up the game though I would force load all international players in Asia so you get a good selection of Asian international teams to manage for the Asian Cup.
  8. La Roda CF Season 1 2021/2022 Spanish Segunda Division B Grupo 3 - End of Season Review Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | League Table | Finances | Transfers What a season we had in the league. We were very good for large parts of the season and we got lucky that we had no major injury issues considering we have a very small squad. We got all the way to April before we lost a game in the league but a dip in form that seen us draw 2 and lose 1 meant we nearly threw away our spot at the top. Winning the league put us into the promotion play off semi finals where we drew Quintanar Del Rey,
  9. While I kinda agree, absolutely nobody has brought forward an alternative thats anywhere near the level of FM.
  10. I had the same thing with FM15 and FM16. FM15 ran no problem at all, bought FM16 and it was pretty much unplayable.
  11. 100%?? I took over a Spanish club with no staff and only a couple hundred in the wage budget but when I had finished hiring all of the staff the available wage budget was the same...
  12. La Roda CF Season 1 (2021/2022) Spanish Segunda Division B Grupo 3 - Pre-season Report Facilities | Transfers | Season Preview | Finances | Board Expectations Tactic We are going to set up with a 442 this season, in the hope of retaining possession and working the ball into the box. Squad Here is our squad for this season, it is severely lacking in depth and with one or two injuries and/or suspensions then I may need to use greyed out players at some point within the season. Pre-season Friendlies Nothing spectacular here, beat the teams we were expected
  13. La Roda CF - Spain So I just could not get into my last attempt in Germany so trying in Spain with La Roda FC. Game Setup Profile
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