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  1. Hello @Daveincid Thank you very much again and again for this great work. I have a silly question which maybe asked lots of times before and you might be sick of to respond but here it is; I try to use your files and @majesticeternity FM Expansion Packs Megapack as you also referred in your first message Could it be possible that you clarify what is the perfect mix in terms of files to use in between these two megapack? Which ones hasn't to be duplicated? Thanks
  2. This is a perfect example why we won't ever get a realistic, hard as real life game on FM series. In four years only ten games had been lost, to already one of the strongest squad in the world, best two strikers alive have been added and there are still complaints saying that game is scripted against user.... Just go to in-game editor, make all your players perfect 20 and enjoy it than...
  3. I tried but that's a tough one to combine two skins considering that on some lines even the width info is different. A small question, all the files in your zip file are modified in order to create non-numeric attributes?
  4. Cette regle à été changée au début de cette année. Par conséquent, le jeu est tout bon ici...
  5. Hi FM lovers, I'm totally disagree with this argument saying "why you are not getting a lower-division club to make your challenge harder? as in life, also in football there are different types of challenges. why we have to limit ourselves with this low-profile clubs and their way of struggle/defiance to be able to enjoy the game? don't we have the rights to ask a hard game with Man Utd or Juventus or even with Bayern within their standards? i'm not talking about the first seasons which is relatively harder even with these teams. But as you know, the more we play the
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