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  1. Most players who have the PPM argues with referee never argue no more in the past FM’s they always did...is that a bug?
  2. If you want to rollback just save the game folder after every update that’s what I have done
  3. In the older FM's I always noticed that some players would argue against the referee, I know it is linked to the PPM and maybe temperament but then I did a test, I amended my whole team with "1 temperament" and "argue with referee" and they never argue back? something's not right?
  4. Mainz 3rd place first season, 4th place Southampton, won league with Atalanta, no wonder 🤣
  5. It would be an amazing Christmas gift if they would restore the beta ME 🙏🙏🙏
  6. fact is SI could allow us to play whichever version we want... I don’t get why they don’t allow us to, they would of course only Provide help and feedback for the latest ME but if lots of people want the BETA ME just let them ....
  7. Exactly I asked SI to allow us to play BETA ME, next time Everyone save the game Folder before any update I wish someone did that and could upload it for all of us
  8. So frustrating they don’t allow us to play the beta ME, back in the day they allowed us to install any update we wanted to, don’t get how this is any different.
  9. anyone got tons of injuries? I am having lots since switching from full to fm touch.
  10. On football manager touch you can purchase so that all players are interested however that does not exist in the full version, would you be able to implement that?
  11. I love this add-on for FMT - would be nice if we could have this on football manager - full version!
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