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  1. a great feature would be allowing the AI assistant manager to pick formation/role/team instructions particularly for people who struggle and they do everything that could help 'noob players' how to play the game
  2. Implement so that you can pay off a referee (or that referees have preferred teams in the editor) that would be so much fun!
  3. rep and coaching badges doesnt mean anything regarding level of discipline, he could be amazing in everything bar level of discipline
  4. The Public Beta seems to have fixed the speed issues! well done SI
  5. Hi all, In prior Football Managers there used to be a folder called 'tactics' in the data file, now its gone. Where are the 'default' tactics now saved? Many thanks!
  6. thanks for posting this i had the exact same issue with an online game i played in!!
  7. that video made me laugh so hard, i agree with all your points above Dave! I stopped playing FM after the first patch! and I can see nothing has been fixed ... Sigh
  8. Totally! its so bad... I cant believe this isn't already fixed yet!!!
  9. yes correct you dont need to buy it again just install steam and you can re-download it. I have football manager on my mac and windows laptop (same steam account)
  10. because bugs put you off from playing.. stupid question
  11. in FM terms yes but in real life, no chance....its also the other way where they know they wont be able to buy any players thus not improve...
  12. I did a test with Juve and put them under transfer embargo its like if nothing happened and they won the league... thats not really realistic is it? Surely the players should be very unhappy?
  13. Hi all, I had a player come to me complaining that he wants to play in a bigger, more attractive city. I was wondering what other reasons your players' morale went down or complained about other than the actual results/contracts usual reasons.
  14. does a transfer embargo affect morale of the team like would the players be unhappy to play for a team under transfer embargo?
  15. hi all, what happens if you dont have a data analyst, you dont get opposition reports? Thanks