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  1. Hi, I wanted to implement real madrid sounds when a goal is scored, is that possible in FM? tx
  2. hi, is it possible to implement within the game if lets say for real madrid, there is the usual sound when a goal is scored at home, or if cristiano scores at juventus stadium etc it should be easy for fm to implement that for the biggest teams (as its not commentary, but just sounds?) thanks,
  3. penza

    Throw-in exploit

    hopefully they won't fix it..
  4. in the pre-game editor or in game editor? thanks
  5. if you think the feedback is bad on this forum, you haven't seen german/french/italian forums! i didnt buy fm19 and really happy with that, if you dont like the game (and where its heading) just dont buy it and play the older games with transfer updates... not rocket science! i used to post a lot more and get 'angry' and realised it makes no difference... so why bother? YOLO
  6. Sugar daddy doesn’t seem to work as before as you fail ffp now, you need sponsorship money
  7. any ETA on 19.2.0, my friend and I want to start network game after update.
  8. then don't use it! other players want to use it and they enjoy it.
  9. i saw on network game top 6 teams in serie a given 1billion revenue (yearly) they hardly buy players and keep selling their best.
  10. thanks Santy, great table! much appreciated!
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