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  1. 320 - 62 goals... not 620 games, he is only 29 and he is a winger thats not bad
  2. on every single thread, whats the point? Do you have templates? damn......
  3. seems like it has no effect since he destroyed your team
  4. It’s your tactics and your graphics... you told your player to shoot like this, can’t believe you didn’t notice the hidden instruction.. come on!!!
  5. 10-15 free kicks per season for the whole league is about right maybe one season could be less, I have 3-5 per season average so something not right. once, I had 3 free kicks for the whole league in serie A in 2 seasons. I am playing FM touch. anyways its the last patch so pointless, I am fustrated as I told SI in BETA that there weren't enough....I am back playing fm17
  6. and when I mentioned a regen player, why not? it should not match reality because that player does not exist (or existed like Juninho) !! and by the way Pjanic scored 3 free kicks in 3 seasons (when i played with sassuolo) in serie A so you say it matches reality when once again it does not Pjanic scores at least 3-5 per season.
  7. Yeah don’t worry I noticed you cannot say anything remotely negative about the game, it’s pretty pointless, just was proving the fact that SI say they are mirroring real world stats when clearly they do not.
  8. false, in serie a 2016/2017 season over 20 free kicks were scored, this season 13 ... I had an average of 5-7. the free kicks should not mirror the real-world stats, they should mirror how good a player is i.e. if a regen is created with '20' stat in free kick and also has other corresponding stats for free kicks he should score a lot more than reality .... sad!
  9. totally i completed ruined my statements! sorry for posting I retract everything.
  10. I just give up...this isn't a feedback thread anymore , there isn't a long shot problem, free kicks are perfect well done SI
  11. i am talking about 'overall' i see 10 free kicks or less in every league while most leagues have 20 average i am not talking about 'by team' AND the fact that if you are to have a regen with 'great free kick abilities' greater than any in-game player you should see him scoring more.... which isnt the case
  12. no SI keep pointing to the stats saying 'we are aligned to the stats' what stats?
  13. in 2016-2017 there was over 20 free kicks scored in EPL... 12 in 2017-2018 it varies too much to base this on stats but 2017-2018 could easily get to 20 you never know
  14. https://en.as.com/resultados/futbol/italia/2016_2017/ranking/equipos/goles_favor_falta_directa/ nearly 30 free kick goals.... in my game 5 ... where's the link between them? come on there is a point where enough is enough defending a game which is not realistic
  15. but thats the problem with 'stats' one season coutinho could score 8, the next 1 ... you cant base a game on stats its completely wrong, by the way its still a lot more than in my games... in serie A there was maybe 5-6 free kicks scored in TOTAL in 1 season