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  1. hi, in the pre-game editor you can edit all the manager's preferred formations, you will need to start a new game to do so.
  2. Favorite FM Series

    yes but also tactical aspect like if you get a an amazing AI assistant they should be able to handle everything and you can over-achieve having said that.. .a 100% realistic game is impossible.
  3. Favorite FM Series

    cool thanks! yes I agree, if they do implement at least a corner exploit, it would make people enjoy it a lot more as its their choice if they want to use it or not!
  4. Favorite FM Series

    Hi Svenc, the thread you posted was due to a morale bug in fm12 no? the points below were due to a morale bug in fm11? - borderline impossible to ever enter a relegation fight even after a surprise promotion - go on loooooooooooong streaks and claim such surprise promotions
  5. January update

    doesn't excuse the fact that it takes 3 months to fix ME bugs...and pr0 isnt a company its an individual no comparison there
  6. January update

    the fixes they have been working on since 18.2.0 as I said in another thread, they should release the bugs fixes first this means we have to wait 3 months which is completely insane
  7. same here...I cant believe they would not fix this AND the direct free kicks, who cares about transfers update! the bugs are more important
  8. hi all due to the fact that fm18 has become so bad with corner/free kick routines i was debating with a mate what football manager had the most effective corner exploit, i was saying fm10 he was saying fm12, which other games had really effective corner routines? Thanks!
  9. hey svenc, did you try to exploit the engine? what fm was that?
  10. a bit of fun haha wanted to set that all keepers go up in corners to see what happens
  11. hey, is there a PPM or any way to set the AI keeper to go up in corners or very offensive? Many thanks, David
  12. in the pre-game editor, they use pre-set formations as they have before?
  13. any chance can you please let me know how to 'unhide' them, I want to make experiments for the AI to have 1 only formation. I am talking about tactics in the data folder.
  14. the thing is you can already create difficulty with the pre-game editor, thus there is nothing to change in the ME. In previous FM's I used to make the AI play a specific formation that suited the Match Engine, if you edit the AI managers 200-200 CA/PA and edit their preferences, you can give a boost of revenue to all your rivals, there are so many ways to make the game easier/harder. In previous Fms there was a corner exploit so if people wanted to use it they could, many people enjoyed that (yes that corner exploit didnt come on purpose) but thats why most people love fm12 over any other version in most polls (in most french, italian, german forums) you could go in the data folder and edit all the formations so the AI would only play 1 if you found the game to be too difficult, you can mass edit the whole game so that no one gets injured and so on and so forth. But I agree, i stopped playing Fm18 since last patch due to free kicks still not being fixed and went back to FM17 (this issue is from the BETA version) but honestly the most fun I have had was Fm12. In FM Touch, I did ask for a 'add-on' which effectively would reduce AI capabilities (reputation, CA, PA ect) for managers, staff ect or even increase that would be really easy as all you are doing is editing the database .... not the ME