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  1. I don’t want to know attributes, I want to find the folder where I could edit The actual formation names so that all managers play the same formation!
  2. hello, can someone from SI let me know where the AI default tactics are saved? Surely if in the editor, you can amend the manager's preferred formations, they should be saved somewhere? thanks!
  3. What type of injuries keep reoccurring?
  4. What exploits did you find in each version you played (known or less known)
  5. I remember though in fm18 where we could not score a free kick no matter what we tried and I created a super player with 20 everywhere, essentially he scored 3 free kicks all year... that makes no sense. In fm17 I did the same test I scored over 30
  6. amen! the only way is actually saving the whole FM into another folder (after each and every update) this way you can replace every file and you can even play the BETA that is what I did in previous fm's.
  7. Is it possible to get your assistant to select tactic for you? i.e. select the best tactic based on your players?
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