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  1. Can you go from having the board only allow 1 to having 2 assistants as I don't think I have ever seen in board requests could be wrong tho
  2. Queens Park in Scotland is a good one they are hardcoded to only ever be amateur so can only sign players on amateur contracts but play at the 50000 seater national stadium very difficult to get them to the top flight let alone ever be in a position to win it
  3. Definitely does happen when a te goes into administration, has happened to me before on a previous FM I forget which one, of course won't be something you see on a regular basis
  4. As an old school LLM I love when I eventually am capable of doing this its a great feeling
  5. I believe there are some things in game that can happen but only to regens or newgens, no real life player. Can't think of the top of my head but might be like a drugs ban or something
  6. Whats the max expansion capacity of your stadium, maybe better waiting a season or 2 now that you have better sponsorship money coming in and let it build up then ask for a new stadium
  7. The wages thing really bugs me happens in the same league aswell X player won't accept a contract of 100kpw I mean flat out refuse it, then all of a sudden they accept a deal with a lesser team in the same league for 65kpw, madness
  8. I love an unemployed save just started one, got to the end of December and got the barrow job bottom of the table ended up finishing 14th, now about to start season 2. I would be extremely happy with a playoff spot if I can this season, promotion would be unbelievable. That's the thing with a LLM save you don't really know the players that well so alot of it is about the stats and just pure feeling I have had teams that I just felt were far to good for league 1 or 2, but this barrow team is still questionable even with my own stamp on it just with who I was able to bring in. Also when I mentio
  9. Hi there just wondering if this laptops good enough for fm 21, I like running a large amount of nations like 12 or more if possible just enquiring if this would still process at a good speed https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/medion-crawler-e10-core-i5-10300h-8gb-256gb-ssd-15.6-inch-geforce-gtx-1650-30029417/version.asp?wgu=272145_187205_16089774560219_4ced2ff284&wgexpiry=1616753456&utm_source=Staircase 51 Ltd&utm_medium=webgains&refsource=webgains
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