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  1. This year I tried FMT for the first time and from my experience, I can say it is a bit harder than the normal one. Started with Leicester, did okay in my first season finishing 6th but second season was an absolute horror show and got sacked after failing to win 8-9 games, team sitting just above relegation zone. Then started a new save in normal version and won the league in my 3rd with the same tactics. The thing is that in full fat version you can somehow turn things around by boosting morale or keep it stable and things will be okay more often than not. But can't say the same about FMT, where it is nearly impossible and your advantage over AI in terms of improving moral is gone.
  2. Probably yes, but if you change now, I believe fixture will gradually become normal. Otherwise there is a big chance that your games will get postponed just for broadcasting purposes to strange dates like this. Don't think there is a downside, the only one I can think (don't know if this is a downside at all) is Europa League games will be played on Wednesdays
  3. Use Wednesdays and Saturdays for match scheduling instead of allowing matches to be moved for tv broadcast. That will fix the issue.
  4. When struggling to score goals I try to change CF-SU to CF-AT, CM-D to DL-D or more riskier to AP-S, WB-A to CWB-A. Then inreasing tempo, switching to positive mentality and playing wider might also help but keep in mind that you will deviate from original possession based tactic if you do these things and become more prone to counter attacks.
  5. Yeah, I mean, if the decline was ordinary one, I would understand that, I'm used to see players decline randomly regardless of their performances but this type of sharp decline (red arrows) I had only seen when players had some serious injuries. Quite annoying honestly, he is not 18-19 years old to think that he will compensate these losses. Perhaps, should have got Koopmeiners instead of him
  6. Yeah, it is a bit difficult to understand. This at times happens when you overplay your players but I was giving enough rest and match load was also low. Funnily, he is worse player now than I got him despite me being in the 3rd place and him putting decent performances. Now have to sell him because he won't regain lost attributes. Positioning dropped by 2 in 1 month which does not even happen to players who are injured for 2-3 months.
  7. Has anybody seen anything like this? No injuries, nothing but he has been declining for a couple of months now like this. It only happens when players get over 33-35 years old but that is not the case here. Any idea why this might happen?
  8. In my first season with Leeds, finished 6th after couple of defeats at the end of the season but qualified for Euro Cup 2 because already relegated Aston Villa beat ManU in FA Cup final. Fans IRL would have gone crazy had this happened lol.
  9. Use the first line, that will be fine. Strangely, they get upset when you use the second line.
  10. Hope there will be some solution to corner numbers. 19 corners by Saints might well be a record. And many of them are due to blocked crosses.
  11. Domestic teams can not approach to players until a month before under Bosman rule. That is not about national legislation or league rules and it applies to countries outside the EU like Turkey, Russia etc. Here is the link. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/10100134/how-the-bosman-rule-changed-football-20-years-on
  12. They want to sell half of the price in January to you but asking price lower than that. There is something a bit strange in there. Might well be a bug.
  13. His contract expires at the end of the season. If you want to get him a bit early, in January, you have got to pay money because he is still Psg player. And money you agreed the deal with him is probably signing on bonus.
  14. Post Brexit it is not possible to get a work permit in England without Continental coaching licence. That could be the reason. Oh sorry, did not read that you started as an English. Quite interesting then.
  15. Sold Tielemans to City for 130, James Justin to Psg for 50 and Castagne to Barcelona for 58 million pounds at different times in my 3 seasons with Leicester.
  16. Sure, but that does not exist in the game. There is no partnership line between goalkeeper and central defenders.
  17. Partnership lines are affected by multiple of factors. Their time at the club, nationality, their place in the team hierarchy etc. It might taken a little time, particularly if players are new to a club. In my Leicester save Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison had lines at the beginning of my save without me doing anything.
  18. The number of blocked shots is insane. The more I play, the more annoying they become. I mean, what is the point of showing blocked shots during extended highlights. You watch whole highlight just to see shots getting blocked. It drives me crazy at times, just miss it, shoot somewhere else but not to the defender.
  19. No, matchday screen. Tactics tab on the left of screen, where you set your tactics, set piece takers, etc. Then go to penalties and you'll see that at the bottom of the page.
  20. Go tactics and then set pieces and untick the box at the bottom of the page where it says allow a player with two goals to take the penalty.
  21. In my save with Leicester, Liverpool battered City 7-0 in my third season. In general, I believe goal numbers are high in this edition but so are goals in last couple of seasons in the league. So this is not much surprising to be honest.
  22. Got two reds from the second yellow card with Leicester against Wolves in my third season. Have you tried to get stuck in TI?
  23. Yes. I guess scout report is in fact average of scout and anaylst reports. That is why it is too low and not reflective of player's ability.
  24. Game is relatively easy when when you have good team cohesion and dressing atmosphere in place than having perfect tactics I believe. They play far more important role in the outcome of games. That is why I found FMT incredibly difficult and got sacked by Leicester in my second season without winning 7-8 games in row while in normal FM after finishing 7th in my first season, I am currently second with one game in hand after 33 games, though got battered by Arsenal 4-1 and Liverpool 5-0. Having good relationship with players, keeping them happy and having good player characters also help so much. Regarding injuries, I generally play tweaked gegenpress and use tight mark PI for wide players and their condition becomes yellow in the 60th minute nearly every game. I have Alexander Isak on the left and can't play him over 60-65 minutes. And also wide players are getting more injuries than others, probably beacuse of high intensity tactic.
  25. Yeah, that seems to be the only around of the issue beacuse when AI organises your fixture, it becomse an absolute mess.
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