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***FMS 2019 Hall of Fame Preliminary Round Voting ***

mark wilson27

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Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

a) Only completed stories can be considered for entry to the Hall of Fame. 

b) Only stories which have been nominated for a major awards or have won a minor award in any year, can be considered for entry to the Hall of Fame. 

c) A story must receive 20% of the vote in the first round ballot to be considered for the second round ballot. 

d) To be elected to the Hall of Fame a story must receive a two thirds majority of the total number of people who voted 

e) A person cannot nominate or vote for their own stories for the Hall of Fame. 

f) A person can only nominate UP TO THREE stories to the HoF at the first round ballot stage in any given year. Furthermore, a person may only vote for up to three stories that have reached the second round ballot. A person may also vote a maximum of up to three writers at the first round ballot stage, and again up to three from those who reach the second round ballot. (You may, of course, nominate/vote for less than three.) 

g) Only two stories per year can be elected to Hall of Fame. There is no limit on the number of years in which a story can be nominated for Hall of Fame election. 

Writers Hall of Fame Criteria 
h) The same criteria apply for the nomination of writers save for one variation at (b). To be nominated for Hall of Fame election, a writer must have won either Writer of the Year /  Terk/Raptor/Wilson Builder's (FMSer of the Year) or Funniest Writer of the Year in a previous awards year
tenthreeleader / Gavrenwick If I have missed anything or made a mistake anywhere please let me know
The following four writers are ineligible as they are already in the Hall Of Fame
Raptor (2009)
flipsix3 (2010)
tenthreeleader (2011)
Peacemaker07 (????)

The only story ineligible is
Leaving the Past Behind (flipsix3) (2010)



Votes need to be sent to awardsfms@gmail.com and claimed on here

Let's hope we get more than the 6 votes we had last year


If you find any links that dont work let me know

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Hall of Fame (Stories Eligible)

Sharpening a Rusty Blade (Amaroq)

Down and Out in South Africa (FMS World Cup - Signup) (Celtic_1967)

Another Night In Istanbul (CFuller)

Welcome to Romford (CFuller)

Jeux Sans Frontieres (CFuller)

Heart of Asia: Going Back to the 2002 World Cup (CFuller)

An Impossible Man (CFuller)

Employee of the Month (chesterfan2)

Cheating the Reaper: A Copper Horse "Tail" (copperhorse21)

An American Pilgrimage (vbulletin edition) "Book One of The Copper Horse Tails" (copperhorse21)

A Spartan Existence "Book Two of the Copper Horse Tails" (copperhorse21)

A Northeastern Lad (copperhorse21)

Inheritance (copperhorse21)

Rising from the Ashes: A Copper Horse Short Story (copperhorse21)

Don't Look Bac in Anger... (displaced_seagull)

Build a Bonfire - Scare a Rook (displaced_seagull)

Silver_blue just bit me! (Donners)

Reviving the Legend *repost* (Donners)

Peter Banalik – Metamorphosis (Edtheguy)

Pontin's, Kwik Dave...and Bastion Gardens (EvilDave)

Another Final (EvilDave)

A Continent From The Couch – Euro 2020 In The Media  (EvilDave)

Where's Williams? Life after Prestatyn (EvilDave)

Fee Fife Fo Fum, I Smell the Blood... (Faramir)

Scottish Reprise- Return to East Stirling (Faramir)

Short Story- A Christmas Story (Faramir)

The Bet (Faramir)

Delusions of Grandeur (Faramir)

Another Harrowing Misadventure (Ages Challenge) (Faramir)

The FMS Musical v2. (gavrenwick)

The First Lady of Football (gavrenwick)

Euro 2020 - a nation expects... (A short[ish!] story) (Glamdring)

The Night After Transfers (HD)

Why We Shouldn't Let Deities Decide How To Run Football (HD)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Norway. Home of the Vikings, Christmas, and the 2012 European Championships (Juni)

Forze La Panda! [5m1w: Terry Langford] (Makonnen)

A Conquering Lion [5m1w: Tadesse Makonnen] (Makonnen)

No Camels, No Bloody Vodka, just a God Damn Career in Football Management (mark wilson27)

Its Hardly Any Effort for FMS (mark wilson27)

Thank **** the Wolly with the Brolly Has Gone (mark wilson27)

Fifteen to One - A quest to be the best (mark wilson27)

Mission Impossible  (mark wilson27)

Mancata qualificazione none e un'opzione (mark wilson27)

(FM'17 Kracking Kyrgystan – An Impossible International Dream. The Reboot (neilhoskins77)

A Tale of Two Brothers (Offspring08)

The seven deadly sins (Short) (Panpardus)

-The-True-Story-of-a-Footballing-Legend. (Peacemaker07)

Bringing up Baby - A Different Approach to the Lisbon Lions Challenge (Peacemaker07)

Saxemara? Damn, I Thought You Said Sexy Mama! (Peacemaker07)

To Boldly Go As Faroe As We Can Go... (Peacemaker07)

Dawsons Creaky Leg (Richey)

Call of Sport 2205: World at War (SCIAG)

-Luton-Town-Staring-into-the-Abyss (ScottLeeSV)

The Unbeaten Run Tale Of A "Fair Weather" Fan (Spav)

”I Done Brought Myself Olympiakos” (FMS Characters) (Spav)

It Was Just One of Those Weeks (Spav)

-One-for-sorrow-two-for-joy.-A-tale-of-the-Magpies. (STFCDP_1990)

-American-Calcio-Padova-FM-2008-*repost* (tenthreeleader)

Till Derby Do Us Part (short story) (tenthreeleader)

[FM15] Raising Cain (tenthreeleader)

-All-Sorted-for-E-s-and-Whizz (Terk)

The Armband (Wimb The Barman)

-Memoires-d-Afrique (-Xenon-)

-Sacred-Victory (-Xenon-)


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3 hours ago, BenArsenal said:

Votes sent and claimed :thup:

Yours havent come through yet Ben, could you retry sending them

2 hours ago, CFuller said:

Votes sent and claimed. Hopefully you've got them this time after last year's kerfuffle. :D

I've got yours Chris thankyou

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10 minutes ago, BenArsenal said:

Oh dear, I sent it to the wrong email address. What a doofus am I. :seagull:

Re-sent and re-claimed.

Received and counted...Cheers Ben

Thats four votes already with over a month left...Maybe we will beat the six who voted last time

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you to the five forum members who voted. The follows nominees will be going into the main ballot round when I put them up in the next couple of months.

Writers Hall of Fame Nominees

mark wilson27 

Story Hall of Fame Nominees:

American Calcio - Padova FM2008 Repost (tenthreeleader)

An Impossible Man (CFuller)

Another Harrowing Misadventure (Ages Challenge) (Faramir)

Another Night in Istanbul (CFuller)

Heart of Asia: Going Back to the 2002 World Cup (CFuller)

Its Hardly Any Effort for FMS (mark wilson27)

Scottish Reprise- Return to East Stirling (Faramir)

Sharpening a Rusty Blade (Amaraq)

The Bet (Faramir)

The FMS Musical v2 (gavrenwick)

The True Story of a Footballing Legend (Peacemaker07)

Wheres Williams? Life After Prestatyn (EvilDave)

Again thanks to all who voted. Hopefully we'll get a better turn out for the main voting ballot. Congratulations to all that have been put forward to the next round and good luck



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