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FM Acronyms and Abbreviations

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For those new to the game, or who are not native English speakers, this post will include commonly used Acronyms which, from a post in General Questions, I understand can be troubling for some (hat tip to Karnack):

PLAYER POSITIONS (note: When followed by a letter in parentheses e.g. (A) the letter refers to the duty assigned. For example, a DLP(D) signifies a Deep-Lying Playmaker with a Defend duty)


GK - Goalkeeper

SK - Sweeper Keeper


BPD - Ball-Playing Defender

CD or CB - Central Defender

LD - Limited Defender

LIB- Libero

SW- Sweeper

FB - Full Back

WB - Wing Back

LFB - Limited Full Back

CWB - Complete Wing Back

IWB - Inverted Wing Back


DM - Defensive Midfielder

DLP - Deep-Lying Playmaker

BWM - Ball-Winning Midfielder

A - Anchor Man

HB - Half Back

RGA, R or REG - Regista

RPM - Roaming Playmaker

WM - Wide Midfielder

DW - Defensive Winger

W - Winger

WPM or WP - Wide Playmaker

CM - Central Midfielder

BBM - Box to Box Midfielder

AP - Advanced Playmaker

AM - Attacking Midfielder

T - Trequartista

ENG or EG - Enganche

SS - Shadow Striker

IF - Inside Forward

WTM - Wide Target Man

R or RMD -Raumdeuter


DLF - Deep-Lying Forward

AF - Advanced Forward

TM - Target Man

P - Poacher

CF - Complete Forward

DF - Defensive Forward

F9 - False Nine


PI- Personal Instructions

TI- Team Instructions

PPM- Player Preferred Move

Community, please feel free to add to this as a resource.

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Engance is EG, tho

And Wide Playmaker is WP.

Keep in mind that some variations exist as these are not just abbreviations used in the game but also in the various tactics threads. I'll update to reflect these, however.

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I like my abbreviations. They use all of the ones you opened with but I add a (S), (D), (A) after so people can see the duty.

DLP(D), CM(A), IF(S), AP(A). etc

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lam- I added a bit to the top to be more clear about how the duties are represented ;)


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You have listed 'WP' as Wide Playmaker. Adding a side note that 'WP' is also commonly used to refer to Work Permits, might help.

Also, both Regista and Raumdeuter are listed as 'R'. Is this intended?

Yes, it is intended as that has been used on the forums- the point of this is to allow a new tactics forum user to make sense of what is getting discussed, as we can all get a bit jargony at times. This is just for tactics discussions, not a general FM abbreviations list, so WP for work permit is not likely to be a part of any discussion in here.

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