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  1. The guy didn't even use an editor. His Phil Jones had 6 in finishing so...
  2. Heres a bit more help PS: Regroup makes no sense to me as they usually pressed immediately to get the ball back so CounterPress should be a must there
  3. Well...that was a waste I wanted a bit more info on the tactical creator and the ME. Oh well...we'll see next week, I guess
  4. The Tierney role sounds almost like Azpilicueta's old role for Conte's Chelsea Tough to emulate that. BPD (x) w/ Stay Wider and Dribble More is the best fit unfortunately I've been begging the developers for centuries it seems (and some other users too) about adding attacking CBs or at least a wide Libero role so I guess we'll wait for that in FM23
  5. I don't. My staff is pretty diverse. It wouldn't make sense to me anyways since one of the greatest coach Athletic ever had was a german
  6. It should be in the staff responsibilities tactics under "tactics"
  7. And that's why I advise you to find someone and retrain them there...
  8. Maybe but you got enough cover in defense with 3 men back and a CM on defend duty...
  9. You got a lot of regens in the game there. Tough to give advice. Just look for the guys with the right attributes and try to retrain them maybe?
  10. Something like this FB (d)-BPD (c)-BPD (d)-CWB (a) DW (s)-DLP (s)-CM (d)-MEZ (a) -------SS (a)------------------ ---------------CF (s)-----------
  11. Yeah...that's somewhat close to how I would set it up expect the WP(s) is moved to the middle and replaced by a MEZ (a) and the SS is shifted to the right...
  12. Someone tried to do this a few FMs back. Honestly, the 3421 shape looks more like a lopsided 4411 shape so I would start with that...
  13. It's not pointless if you have the right system and players around the treq.
  14. OP, you might get away with a more attacking left flank with a Carrillero covering those guys. The AP (s) can shift to the right side of midfield as well and that should give you a bit of balance
  15. I would change the striker pairings as the others as mentioned. Maybe make one a PF (s) and make him Roam and Run down the channels to pull some defenders away.
  16. There you go. Up you go to the Football League. Good luck.
  17. One of the feature requests I like to propose are attacking centerbacks or overlapping centerbacks. Atalanta usually have wide centerbacks help out in the attack and provide numerical superiority in the wings https://breakingthelines.com/tactical-analysis/how-atalanta-use-their-center-backs-in-possession/ Also overlapping centerbacks should be an option too. That could really bring some width in a 352 formation https://medium.com/@Mase159/sheffield-uniteds-3-5-2-the-art-of-the-overlapping-centre-back-aed8c1110fe0. The developers needs to bring more realism into tactics as
  18. Another solution I would do is to drop the wingers back to the midfield strata. That way your lazy players will track back a lot more as they'll be defending in a solid 2 banks of four (which I prefer doing so maybe I'm bias :D)
  19. It's not every day I get to watch the Turkish Leagues so I have no idea how to help you here. Do you have any system in mind already ingame? Maybe, post a screenshot of your tactic. I'm not too sure how this team played. I know Gomez was an AF at least as at that stage of his career, he was a classic 9
  20. Season 1 The season was better than I expected. Got 4th place in the league but my God we were far and away from the top 3. I need a goalscorer sooner or later as Adruiz is retired and everybody else has been inconsistant up front The transfer market went ok. Got Viguera back along with Saborit and Eraso on loan. I have tied Eraso on a permanent deal. And now next season, I have wrapped up the return of Guillermo on a cash + player deal (Viguera will leave). This is the tactic I settled with in the end. It is De Zerbi-esque And the results And now the players Top goalsco
  21. A couple ways to go is probably the Half Back role in DM. Putting one of your FBs as a IWB (d) or a FB (d) or a LFB (d) (w/ Sit Narrower PI) could work too
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