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  1. Jean0987654321

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Any Basque hidden gems?
  2. Won't be able to join you guys when it releases as my laptop's hard drive is probably dead But at least a replacement is on the way next week. YAY
  3. Wheres @Rashidi in these live streams? The dude would be sending these two guys to the cleaners with their tactics/team
  4. Yeah, that is my plan. To make my own style. Hopefully, these templates just makes it a bit easier to whip up a tactic...
  5. HAHA. That won't be me when I win Champions League with Depor with it...or gegenpress
  6. Looks like Miles got some YouTubers to play a few hours of the Alpha version. Good for them, I guess. I'm still here and waiting for the Beta.
  7. I don't really care for it and if it's on the game, I won't be playing it. Looks like Miles don't believe theres enough demand for women's soccer in the game so it looks like its unlikely to be in FM20 at least...
  8. Jean0987654321

    Usain Bolt

    Meh...just edit him in the game when comes out... Nothing to stress about until he actually gets a contract
  9. One thing I noticed about the Alpha live stream is that the duo have no clue on tactics. A top-heavy 4231 formation with two wingers on attack duty? That's asking for trouble
  10. Jean0987654321

    Team Shape? - FM19

    Good Idea. That thread is still useful for those that still have FM18 and any other earlier editions.
  11. Jean0987654321

    Team Shape? - FM19

    AND...just like that, the thread is obsolete due to the elimination of team shape in FM19....
  12. Jean0987654321

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I never bother with it. I usually just loan out guys that can't get a game in the B team
  13. Mercy. I can't wait for the customizable skins to be released