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  1. In that case, I would certainly play with Mezzalas but I would give them both support duties for the sake of balance and to emulate the left and right half backs, I would play IWBs
  2. I emulated this with marginal success in the previous FMs. You could take a look here. https://community.sigames.com/topic/367592-emulating-carlo-ancelottis-ac-milan-christmas-in-may/
  3. Jean0987654321

    A 16/17 Monaco-inspired 442

    I would say if you are looking for a player similar to Lemar then Lingard is your guy. For the young regen, you can always mould his position/PPMs to make him Lemar-esque. Memphis/Martial/Rashford seems more fitting for the Mbappe role, IMO WM (a) - Sit Narrower, Cuts Inside With Ball, Roam From Position, Cross Less Often this is how I would emulate Lemar's role
  4. Jean0987654321

    A 16/17 Monaco-inspired 442

    http://www.espn.co.uk/football/blog/espn-fc-united-blog/68/post/3041087/monacos-thomas-lemar-looking-to-emulate-idol-andres-iniesta Sometimes the FM researchers tend to botch these types of details. Lemar CAN dribble but he is usually running more WITHOUT the ball from the times I've seen from him
  5. Jean0987654321

    A 16/17 Monaco-inspired 442

    If you are trying to emulate the movement of Lemar, you need to know that Runs with Ball Often won't do. Even Lemar himself has said that he doesn't prefer to dribble. So maybe use a WM role with modified PIs instead
  6. Play a high mentality and a super low tempo and high time wasting. That should do it
  7. This is how I emulate Nagelessmann team. Only PIs I have CBs: Dribble More DF (d): Stay Wider DF (a): Stay Wider, Roam From Position
  8. Well...this tactic is just madness. No center midfielders and no wingers in the midfield strata? And it still works? :o
  9. Jean0987654321

    FM19: The English Football League thread

    Swansea Season 1 As expected, I would be fighting for the promotion places. I was able to stamp on my authority and play the soccer that the Swansea faithful had long for since the departure of Michael Landrup. I won the Championship Title playing Sarriball Had some money lying around in the beginning but I wanted to rebuild the squad from the back so I dumped two of the GKs and replaced them with guys that are confortable on the ball and are young. Loic came on loan but he'll stay with the Swans as a permanent player next season. The defense was shocking on the ball so I got not 1, not 2, but 3 defenders good on the ball. The left backs were meh so I got European Champion Eliseu on a free and grabbed Toni Lato from Valencia as he was transfer listed in January. I also needed an engine in midfield so I got Didier Digard on a free. I also needed some depth up front so I got Xadas, Nasri and Chong. Here is the tactic. Very Sarri-esque as I mentioned. Trying to get Swansea back to its roots and so far so good. And now some players Joint top-scorer with Chong. Still immense in front of goal. Hopefully he does the job in topflight. Decent striker off the bench but I doubt he can make the jump to topflight. I might sell him off next season. A great signing indeed. I extended his loan deal for next season. Hopefully, I can snap him up on a permanent deal Have a good throw in him. Can't tell you how many times we score from a long throw in by Asoro. The Portuguese Hazard. Just snapped him up on a permanent deal from Roma so he's here to stay. This guy is Kante-lite and he came on a free. Unfortunately, I doubt he can make the jump to the Premier League. A FM wonderkid did well for me in the Championship. Hope that he stays for years to come. Loic was solid between the sticks. He has easily become our own version of Ederson. Glad we snapped him up on a permanent deal. Great loanee from the Spurs. Made that RB spot his own. Great bargain signing for us. Just needs to improve his ariel ability but he is still young. Was on his own in the DM spot until we picked up Tonali in the winter but Carroll was good at the start. Other notes I have signed half of our loanees to permanent deals (Dan-Axel, Loic, and Xadas) and I have renewed two loanees deal to next season. Hopefully I can get the other two in as permanent transfers in the future.
  10. Jean0987654321

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    Bielsa and Fergie. I always try to play a similar way to them.
  11. Jean0987654321

    4312 Enganche

    I love a good 4312. Shame that these bugs are here
  12. Jean0987654321

    Jupp Heynckes Bayern 2012/2013

    I'd drop the wingers back. Bayern had two banks of four in defense and you really cant get that with the two wingers in the AM strata
  13. Jean0987654321

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Fix your images. I cant see them
  14. Jean0987654321

    How do you kill off games?

    The answer is simple: do nothing at all
  15. Jean0987654321

    FM19 Athletic Club - Aupa!

    Baby Gigi Buffon, maybe? I remember getting a wonderkid GK last year's save. I gave him plenty of times in the reserves/on loan as Kepa was too good.