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  1. Jean0987654321

    Opinions on Minimal TI's

    I've used as much as 8 recently so it's that bad. However, the TIs I use are more consistent :D
  2. Hmm...playing an old school English tactic? :D Interesting to see the progress with a team with a meh squad
  3. If you want a Fullback that doesn't attack, I would vouch for a FB on defend. That way they don't try to hack the ball away at every touch
  4. You are moving in the right direction but I question the use of a LFB. IMO, that role could kill counters. All it does is hack ball away when he has the ball. If you want a RB that occasionally/never attack, maybe opt for FB (s or d) Also, you need to watch the games a bit closely. Sometimes, you might need to tick an extra PI/TI just to seal the deal. You haven't us a lot of info in how you lose your games also...
  5. I've had some good success playing counter in my Basque Challenge As Cleon pointed out, having a narrow-minded view on how counter attacking works in this game won't help you. It is okay sometimes to think a bit outside the box. I got Athletic to a Champions League spot by just using an IF and a Poacher behind a Treq. We didn't dominate possession but we relied on counterattacking and low crosses/through balls to my poacher
  6. Jean0987654321

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Yeah, you really need a striker in order to replace the soon-retiring Aduriz. I had chosen plenty but the best strikers were me were Villalibre and Jon Bautista. Now, I have a regen that I want to shoehorn into the lineup
  7. Nice try but I'd push the wingers back. If you want to make a successful counter tactic, it is imperative to get as many guys guys back defending deep as you can
  8. Jean0987654321

    Insecure Finances

    Can a mod move this to the General Discussion section as this thread has nothing really to do with tactics or training?
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    I think you need to read one of the stickies up top this section.
  10. Jean0987654321

    3. The Italian Foxes

    Oh, they played with a low block. But yeah, the pressing is a bit exaggerated here. For the TIs, they are mostly wrong. They never Played Out of Defense nor Worked the Ball Into Box. They certainly never Dropped even more Deeper than the Counter mentality would allow. They also played at a High Tempo all in sake of conceding possession and also trying to get the ball to Vardy as quick as they won the ball back. I'd also argue that Fuchs was a WB (s). He got forward at times from the LB role. I'd also say to move back Drinkwater and Kante. Also Kante played on the left and Drinkwater played on the right. Kante was easily the BWM (s) while Drinkwater was the Segundo Volante making late runs into the box and dishing out passes. Albrighton should be a Playmaker as he was pretty good at nicking a through ball and the ball usually went to him at times. Oh, and Okazaki was a DF (d).
  11. Jean0987654321

    Insecure Finances

    Not too sure if this belongs in this section...
  12. In my version, I achieved 2nd with Inter in my first season. Not too bad as we were breathing down Juve's neck
  13. Yeah...high Workrate and Low Stamina is bad. I had a couple of players like that (Interraspe and one more) and I just had to shrift them on. They were getting old and their Stamina just kept dropping.
  14. Jean0987654321

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Weirdly enough for me, it was Isma Lopez who performed well and not these two.
  15. I use it at times and if you have the right players with the right attributes, it could be a deadly role.