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  1. I might try to emulate LVG's old 343 system or Gasperini's 3412 system. They both use wide CBs. I wonder what would happen if I make Luke Shaw a wide CB
  2. Wide centerbacks? Finally, it has arrived. I was begging for this role for a while (and @Cleon for a while longer than that :D) Thank God they finally added it
  3. I would too welcome the idea of having a PI to get players to drop deep. PPMs are tough to learn with some players in this game so I'm all for that being a PI.
  4. Very curious on how Roberto Lopez gets on here with this system. In my Athletic save a couples years back, he was like my Basque Robben Good stuff thus far. The formation you play sounds similar to the one in the Tuchel thread
  5. Also PPMs could help (ie. Stays onside, Gets Further Forward, Gets into Opposition Area).
  6. OTOH I want my wingers to stay inside while attacking...and if I set them to Sit Narrower, I expect them to do so when attacking. Too many times I have a 343 system which breaks because my wingers are too wide from the striker and can't support him...
  7. Uhh....WB with auto role is the choice you probably want and it's already in the game...
  8. I've played with Mezzalas and a role like that needs players with Good pace, stamina and workrate. If you don't have that in him, then yes he's gonna have a bad time getting back on defense...
  9. Some extra reading on Italy's tactics https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/italy-turkey-euro-2020-tactics-mancini-b1864558.html https://pythagorasinboots.com/italy-euro-2020-tactical-analysis/ I think it is tough to emulate the way they play as you can only focus one side of the field in FM. They use the whole field instead of one side. When one fb goes forward, the other stays back. Kind of reminds me of how fbs used to play back in the days. Tough to emulate that now in this game (maybe WB (auto) with Hold Position)?
  10. Yep. With Depor. Got them only to the playoffs tho but I was undeated in the first season there with barely any money spent
  11. Only in the slider years, you can come close to recreate the role. Put the guy in at WM (s) and set him as narrow as you can. After that, you can't do it with the current tactical creator (post-sliders)
  12. Tries Killer Balls Tries Long Passes Plays One-Twos Likes to Switch Ball Into Flank Move Into Channels Drops Deep This would be my ideal Treq
  13. Attributes that I usually look for is - Work Rate - Pace - Stamina - Passing - Strength - Aggression Of course, everything is up to the tactic
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