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  1. If you want to play a counter attacking style, you have to consider the numbers in defense. In that tactic, you only have 8 guys including the goalkeeper defending the goal. THAT is a lot to ask for them. I would suggest moving your wider strikers back to the midfield strata in order for defensive solidarity and such it will bring the opposition offense more out and committed and then those counters can happen
  2. Depends really on how you build your team. I have like 7 "fancy roles" with Crewe and I'm fighting for promotion already
  3. The sooner the developers scrapped the "Fluidity" nonsense, the better. Does nothing but confuse FM players and the mods are given the load due to this nonsensical way of the developers. God knows why they used the same labels as Team Shape used...
  4. Gini and Milner/Hendo are very technical players that do fine in the Mez role. They work hard but it's not the only thing they do...
  5. Instead of having 4 players stay back, I set all 4 of them to stay back if needed.
  6. From watching them...I'd go with Mez (s)----Mez (s) HB (d) Fabinho usually fills the gaps vacated at the back so HB could work (maybe A as well?) As others say Gini and Hendo/Miler attack the half space so Mezzalas for both.
  7. Yeah...I think 2 max should be enough especially in midfield. I don't like too many ballmagnets in the middle for that reason. It becomes a bit like how United is playing. Everybody wanting the ball and not making off the ball runs...
  8. I am playing a 352 formation recently with a CF and DLF both on support. Iniaki and Kodro/Aduriz have been ok so far in their respective roles...
  9. You can set it up manually. That's what I did with a few tweaks to the tactic
  10. I didn't think much of that as I sold Vesga. It's a bit easier just to use Unai Nunez at the back. I also have Dani Vivian waiting in the wings as an option as well...
  11. Well...zonal marking is the default marking in this game. I think the Tighter Marking TI might do for this scheme
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