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  1. I'm not big on using a flat front 3. It's not even the closet realistic shape in defense (if we're talking about Liverpool's 433 shape) and that could well smoke you on the counter. I believe using two wingers with narrower instructions and PPMs could get the job done better and not have you skinned in defense
  2. I'd say SS (a) w/ arrives late PPM could work MEZ (a) should also work too
  3. Looks good to me. I have tried to make a similar setup to these in the past. Unfortunately, we have stripped of the sweeper here so it's not exactly gonna be proper but it's the best we can do. Classic formations can be tough to emulate. I had partial success with emulating Zona Mista and WW in past FMs...
  4. Counter (or Cautious) or Defensive mentality might be one avenue you can approach. You can also start with Standard mentality and drop the defensive line and line of engagement lower
  5. I would like to call this "The Max Meyer" Domenico Tedesco did the same tactic at Schalke. He used Max Meyer who was an attacking midfielder at DM. He did pretty well there
  6. come on beta... I hope its coming soon. My Crewe save fizzled out :D
  7. The guy didn't even use an editor. His Phil Jones had 6 in finishing so...
  8. Heres a bit more help PS: Regroup makes no sense to me as they usually pressed immediately to get the ball back so CounterPress should be a must there
  9. Well...that was a waste I wanted a bit more info on the tactical creator and the ME. Oh well...we'll see next week, I guess
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