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  1. Kevin Rodrigues of Real Sociedad is part Basque as he is born in Bayonne https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kévin_Rodrigues https://www.realsociedad.eus/en/team/player/real-sociedad/kevin-rodrigues
  2. Guruzeta never kicked on for me. I sold him to Dusseldorf for 1.1M + 50% sell on and he barely for them too and was sold after a season. I have used Nico, Kodro, and a couple of regens there as Villalibre failed to kick on as well...
  3. Oh he is. Martin has nailed down the RB spot for me with ease...
  4. Hmm...I would say Jota is a Treq in the AM strata in the 3-5-2 and is a treq in the 3 man forward line. He is attracted to the ball and makes some killer passes
  5. Yeah...but Santos has a MUCH bigger squad which means more young players in the ranks. Not saying it can't be done but its gonna take A LONG time to develop a competitive team like that especially when you have mandatory release clauses...
  6. Season 3 We played better this year but Real Madrid was just too good for us. We were runners up in both domestic competitions. I had to say tho Roberto Lopez had a MONSTER season. The transfers anyways. Just cleaning up the deadwood a bit. Here is the tactic And the results And here are some players Breakout year for Peru. As San Jose is getting old, he'll have to lock down that DM position for now on San Iker is still good Won CL GK of the Season for a reason Basque Lampard on the rise? Basque Hulk on the rise Bit dissappointed at the Williams brothers. Both of them were underwhelming this year. The man fit enough to fit San Iker's shoes Don't know what to say about this guy. He has been immense at that CM spot. See: Nico Good Plan B. Good in the air also have decent pace but I'll need to replace him down the line Got the LB spot held down for now Got the RB spot held down Nunez and Yeray got the CB spots held down for the forseeable future See: Nunez He's getting old and is someone I may consider moving on soon. See: Inigo Reliable backup. Is the engine of the team And other notes
  7. Yeah, I don't really care too much about that. Getting the roles/mentality and TIs and PIs right should be the only important thing
  8. Not really. The regens that pops out of my academy aren't all ready for primetime and most of the senior players are already at the peak and will tend to decline as the save move forward. I recommend against it. It would be a tough save to do Not even Cleon can win anything with that handicap, right @Cleon
  9. Looks good for the most part but I wouldn't bother with the TM role for Rondon. The players will just look to hoof it to him all the time. I like the DLF role better.
  10. Ahh...well, it did work on improving his Determination at least. He had shocking determination at the beginning... :D
  11. One of things that irks me about this mechanism is that it takes a LONG time to improve a player's mental attributes with this gimmick. My backup striker Nico Williams is a part of the unit and it look like 3 seasons for his mental attributes to increase significantly. At the very least, it is working...
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