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  1. I'm still playing. In the CL semis thus far with Athletic. Gameplan is to get the title and that'll be that
  2. If you want a Mourinho winger, you have to play him in the midfield strata. Tracking back is key to a Mourinho winger. And speaking of attributes, I would begin with these. - High Teamwork - High Pace - High Workrate - High Determination - Low Flair
  3. That was what most FM players was crying out for years but the developers ignored us. Conte's Chelsea played like this. Two wingers drifting inwards in attack and STAYING there unless the ball is turned over
  4. I would start retraining someone at that LB spot then. Or use a DM there and make him IWB
  5. Season 6 Much better this year. I missed around with a new system and some youngsters and won the league. The future transfers were a much bigger deal as I will get Dave Azpilicueta and Antoine Griezzmann on a free. Raul Ruiz will also make a return to San Mames as I activated his buyback This tactic was a bit Cryuffian. Defend in a 442 but attack in a 3-4-3 diamond shape. Oscar Gomez was proved to be a great player there. And the results And some players Solid on the right Still learning Basque Kante 2.0 still chugging along Getting old but still does the work in Made a great tandem with Peru in the back. Stepped up big time this season. Basque Lampard is still good Gomez has that LB spot locked in for a while See: Herrando Getting some minutes and scoring some goals Basque Robben is back Getting a bit better Did a job at RB Still good And other notes
  6. Narrowest possible. Gives the opposition less space to attack but gets the players closer in order to keep possession more
  7. Funny enough, my current system does not have anyone but the centerbacks on defend. I play with a REG (which is being taken via rotation by Zubeldia and Merino)
  8. Don't forget Ramiro and you lose him to Sociedad. FM20 will be tough but as long as the researchers do their due diligence with the Athletic academy products (and other Basque prospects), we should be fine.
  9. I don't watch much Atheltic on TV. But these links should help you out You could also take a look at whoscored.com about the average positioning, the heat maps, the formations, etc...
  10. Just won the league. Good God, that took a while I will post a bit later about my success
  11. Saw that too. Immediately put him in one of my mental groups. Hopefully, he gets that personality out
  12. I hope you grab Lopez, he has been a Basque Robben for me
  13. I don't know how the TI is stated in Spanish but it the usually the middle option when you pick out the crosses TI
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