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  1. I totally agree with you there. It was just annoying when I could not find it anywhere. But thanks for the answer
  2. Am I blind or can't you analyze your team under the match anymore? I seriously can't find it anywhere. I get the option to do it after the match. Have they removed it, or can't I just see?
  3. Thanks for another fantastic read @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!! When reading your post you make it so simple to understand, really love that! On another hand, how is the project going? Or did you move to anything else?
  4. Yes! Another article to read! You have made my day again, Cleon! Thanks!
  5. Oh! I did not know that! Now I kinda feel dumb.. Anyhow, thanks for a great post and the answer! Looking forward to the next one!
  6. Just came home from work, and you made my day! More to read! I have two questions tho. About the tactic side. I am trying to use your idea and recreate something also. 1. The closing down instruction. What do you use? As you said that they are not a very pressing side. Is "sometimes or less the right one"? 2. About the width instruction. What do you use? I can't really figure this one out. I have a feeling if I use "Wide" I wont get any assists by through ball, or am I totally mistaken here? I've never been a great tactician. But after reading countless of your posts, I like to think I've
  7. Waiting like a child for the next article! Great read, Cleon! (Will it come today?)
  8. A stupid question perhapes..But how do you change the Pitch Size in FM16? Is it even possible?
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