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  1. Would be really interested to see this. I’ve been thinking about how City and Liverpool play 4-3-3 but attack in a 2-3-5 shape in different ways: - City often play with inverted wingbacks allowing their CMs to play high up the pitch and their wingers to stay wide - Liverpool have a narrower front 3 and more reserved midfielders allowing their fullbacks to be in the front 5 That’s perhaps an oversimplification but a good starting point on how these teams play. You’ve done the City variant in this thread but I don’t recall seeing the Liverpool variant. I’m not sure how you’d create the attacking width from the full backs - especially related to the CMs, without attacking duties.
  2. Thanks for giving such a detailed response. Map, if I’m understanding rightly, you’re saying there are two ways to create compactness: - very fluid shape (which gives more scope for using attacking roles, especially with a balanced mentality) - using mostly (or exclusively) defend and support roles)? So the main difference with fluidity would be the amount of creative freedom you want to give your players? I’m guessing that the two approaches give different ‘styles’ of football? If this is the case, what would you say were the noticeable differences?
  3. Can you explain this a bit more please @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!? If you moved from fluid up to very fluid, or down to flexible or structured, what would happen? (Assuming everything else was unchanged)
  4. Still a great thread I’m on FM17 still but have learnt loads from this for my own save. Have you reached a point now where you never lose, or make mistakes? I’d love to see something where it didn’t go to plan and how you reacted?
  5. This is the problem with trying to emulate a diagram showing one game. It’s not representative of how the team actually played Similarly, it was usually either Giggs, Park or Nani on the other flank (in the 4-4-2 at least). Hargreaves only played there once, in the CL final because of Ashley Cole. Min the 4-3-3 it would often be Rooney on the left and Ronaldo on the right.
  6. It’s frustrating when a poor side that has spent 85 minutes defending suddenly starts to keep possession like 2010 Spain. The irony is that this is due to a low-risk mentality. Since when did trying to keep the ball just outside your own box become low-risk?
  7. Herrera spoke about how he had a more attacking role than normal, and this was something that they’d worked on for the Chelsea game in particular, presumably as they don’t track runs from deep well. Arguably he was a BBM on this occasion rather than a CAR.
  8. For what it’s worth, my interpretation of the roles is something like this in a 4-1-2-3: De Gea: GK Young: WB (s) - stay wide Lindelof: BPD (d) Jones/Bailly: CB (d) Shaw: WB (s) Herrera: CM (s) Matic: DM (d) Pogba: Mez (s/a) (I am still on FM17 so have never used this role, but to me it describes Pogba’s current role perfectly, on 17 I’d go with AP (a) or CM (a) with roaming) Lingard: TQ (a) (again, I can’t use this role in FM17 but it should give the best approximation of Lingard’s movement) Rashford: CF (s) Martial: IF (s/a) With the diamond formation, Rashford and Martial would be IF (a) (or maybe Ramdeuter for Rashford) with Lingard as a F9.
  9. Rashford’s PPM means he’ll be deadly against any team that plays a high line. Against a deeper defence, the build up needs to be different as through balls will be less effective. This is where the width provided by Martial and the full backs becomes important.
  10. Rashford has the PPM ‘tries to beat offside trap’ (from what I remember) so playing him with an attack duty will mean he won’t get involved in the build up. Instead he’ll always be looking to play on the shoulder of the last defender which is almost impossible against deep defensive lines. He needs to be on a support duty, with roaming and moves into channels enabled.
  11. I’d agree with this except for the Matic role and the centre forward. I don’t think Matic is a playmaker, more of a generic DM (defend or support), and the forward moves wide a lot - perhaps a complete forward on support?
  12. When you say ‘holding midfielders’ do you mean in the DM or CM strata?
  13. I’ve not come across either sadly. It would make a change from 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-2-3. As for the assymemtry in Solskjær’s tactics, I’m thinking of not having a right winger, but instead that player being an AMCR. In the 4-2-3-1 variant, Pogba would be an ACML. My worry would be that, as it’s not a ‘natural’ formation used by the AI, it could lead to unusual behaviour and could accidentally exploit AI teams by creating overloads that it’s not programmed to deal with.
  14. I’ve been thinking about this and I think the hardest thing to replicate is the positions of the front four (Pogba, Martial, Rashford and Lingard). Lingard plays from the right but moves inside and plays very central. Martial stays wide left whilst Rashford and Pogba gravitate to the left side. It leaves the team quite lop-sided which I’m not sure can be reproduced in the ME without playing an assymetric formation (which I’m always nervous of using as it feels like cheating. I know it’s not necessarily but because the AI doesnt use formations like this, it feels unfair).
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