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  1. Attacking and Possession

    Great stuff. I’m using an attacking mentality with mostly support roles (and no attacking duties at all) in FM2017 and been having great results. Combined with a very fluid mentality, I find our team is very compact, good at keeping possession but also lethal in counter-attacking. We’re also surprisingly solid at the back, keeping lots of clean sheets. It’s so effective I worry I’ve accidentally found a ME exploit 😂
  2. Yep. Especially as Anderson was left-footed. And just to confirm what others have said: Ferdinand ALWAYS played on the right, Vidic on the left. If Brown or Pique played at CB, they would slot in the place of whoever they were replacing.
  3. That would depend on the PPMs and the attributes (especially off the ball). Rooney would have the ‘comes deep’ PPM, and both would have high off the ball attributes, so coupled with a support duty and the high creative freedom the role provides, would drop into spaces
  4. Oops, yes - that’s a mistake. They should both be on defend. No need to make them cover and stopper as their natural attributes make them play that way anyway. Not sure about TIs as I’ve not actually used this in FM yet. But I’d say they could change depending on opposition. Perhaps play wider and play out from defence?
  5. Should add, that first shape is a 4-4-2, with Ronaldo pushed up into the AM strata. I definitely see Rooney and Tevez as a front 2, both dropping deep, rather than attacking midfielders.
  6. Been thinking about this, as I’ve always wanted to make a similar system in FM but have never known where to start. I think I would go with: VDS: GK (d) RB - Brown: FB (s) CB - Ferdinand: CB (s) CB - Vidic: CB (s) LB - Evra: WB (s) RCM - Carrick: DLP (d) LCM - Scholes: DLP (s) LW - Giggs: WM (s) - sit narrow AMR - Ronaldo: IF (a) - roam from position RCF - Tevez: DLF (s) LCF - Rooney: CF (s) The key to getting this working is the individual players’ attributes and PPMs. Evra would get forward a lot, Giggs would play risky passes, Scholes and Carrick dictated tempo whilst Scholes would also switch the play to the flanks, Rooney and Tevez would both drop deep and had high work rate, Ronaldo shoot more often and had incredible physical AND technical attributes. You can’t plug any players in and make it work like that United side. Mentality is tricky, so I’d sit in the middle and say standard. I also agree with those that say it was a more structured shape. The secondary shape more often used in Europe would be a 4-1-4-1 with a pair of hard working CMs, two from Anderson, Hargreaves and Fletcher (playing as CM (s) or BWM (s) in front of a DLP (d), with two WM (s and a) wide and a CF (s) up front. The striker would usually be Rooney or Ronaldo, and they would interpret the CF role very differently.
  7. Always find it strange that people choose the CL final starting XI as a base to build a tactic replicating United from this period: that starting XI only played together once, in that game. It was normally Ronaldo on the right, with Giggs or Nani on the left. Hargreaves barely played on the wing in any other match - he played there against Chelsea to stop Ashley Cole and so Ronaldo could target Essien, who was the makeshift right-back for Chelsea. I'd say they defended in a 4-4-2, so would use this or a 4-4-1-1 as the base formation, but Ronaldo's attributes (work rate etc.) would make him defend less, whilst Rooney and Tevez would press a lot more to compensate. The other main formation was with 3 midfielders, usually Carrick as the deepest with two hard-workers either side. Ronaldo would often play as CF in this system, with Rooney and Park or Nani wide.
  8. Read the description of a complete wing-back. It doesn’t explain what Valencia and Young does (iirc this role has ‘roan from position, for example). Just because they get forward and provide width doesn’t necessarily mean that they are complete wing-backs.
  9. Not sure Mourinho ever uses complete wing-backs. At most, it’s wing back (attack) but probably support duties instead. And when Darmian plays it would be full back (defend)
  10. Superb stuff. Great to see this approach, of adapting to opponents, rather than just picking a system and approach for every occasion.
  11. On paper, it is very aggressive. But not using attack duties seems to help restrain the players somewhat. Also helps I’m playing with top level players. What I’ve ended up with is a tactic that’s absolutely unbeatable defensively. We barely concede a goal because our team is so compact, and we score loads of goals on the break.
  12. Great thread, keep up the good work. I also try and adapt game by game, but not with shape and mentality (at the moment). Instead I change personnel and some player roles. I play very fluid and attack (but use only defend and support duties) and keep most of the roles fairly generic, letting different players interpret them differently based on their attributes and PPMs. I’ve never dared to change mentality and certainly not shape, but this has inspired me to give that a go too.
  13. Agree about Scholes, DLP (s) is probably more appropriate; you’ll want a player with the PPM of ‘comes deep to get ball’. I would also think about changing the Advanced Forward to a Complete Forward (support) and having the attacking midfielder on an ‘attack’ duty (either as a ‘shadow striker’ or ‘attacking midfielder’). That will mimicking Rooney and Tevez better - there wasn’t really a focal-point in attack, instead the forwards dropped deep and used intelligent movement to open teams up. Great write-up though 👍
  14. Keane was not really a BBM by the time Veron arrived, more a CM(d).