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  1. Read the description of a complete wing-back. It doesn’t explain what Valencia and Young does (iirc this role has ‘roan from position, for example). Just because they get forward and provide width doesn’t necessarily mean that they are complete wing-backs.
  2. Not sure Mourinho ever uses complete wing-backs. At most, it’s wing back (attack) but probably support duties instead. And when Darmian plays it would be full back (defend)
  3. Superb stuff. Great to see this approach, of adapting to opponents, rather than just picking a system and approach for every occasion.
  4. On paper, it is very aggressive. But not using attack duties seems to help restrain the players somewhat. Also helps I’m playing with top level players. What I’ve ended up with is a tactic that’s absolutely unbeatable defensively. We barely concede a goal because our team is so compact, and we score loads of goals on the break.
  5. Great thread, keep up the good work. I also try and adapt game by game, but not with shape and mentality (at the moment). Instead I change personnel and some player roles. I play very fluid and attack (but use only defend and support duties) and keep most of the roles fairly generic, letting different players interpret them differently based on their attributes and PPMs. I’ve never dared to change mentality and certainly not shape, but this has inspired me to give that a go too.
  6. Agree about Scholes, DLP (s) is probably more appropriate; you’ll want a player with the PPM of ‘comes deep to get ball’. I would also think about changing the Advanced Forward to a Complete Forward (support) and having the attacking midfielder on an ‘attack’ duty (either as a ‘shadow striker’ or ‘attacking midfielder’). That will mimicking Rooney and Tevez better - there wasn’t really a focal-point in attack, instead the forwards dropped deep and used intelligent movement to open teams up. Great write-up though 👍
  7. Keane was not really a BBM by the time Veron arrived, more a CM(d).
  8. Ronaldo IF (a) Giggs/Nani WM (s) - neither played as wingers, Nani would cut inside and Giggs would link up with the CMs but was definitely not a playmaker. I think though that the player roles and formation changed from game to game. E.g. Carrick & Scholes we’re very different to Hargreaves & Anderson, who played as a pair fairly often. So either change the roles by the player, or choose vanilla roles and let the player attributes/PPMs create the difference. Where I always struggle with this side is shape and mentality...
  9. Ronaldo played from the right more than the left in this season. Giggs or Nani on the left (Park missed much of this season injured). If an extra midfielder was playing, Rooney would go left, with Tevez or Ronaldo as lone-striker.
  10. I want to be like Pep

    Would be really interested to see that as I’ve yet to find anything that adequately represents how that team played: a lot of interpretations have strange formations that ignore the fact that formation in FM is defensive shape, but also to clearly explain what shape, mentality and player roles should be used. You say you’d increase creative freedom across the team - would that not be achieved by setting the shape to fluid?
  11. I want to be like Pep

    Perhaps off-topic, but in saying that, for example Ferguson played mostly a structured style, giving freedom to an attacking unit whilst keeping structure elsewhere: how does one create this ‘freedom’ for individuals? Is it through player role, duty, PIs (such as roaming) or some combination? For example, I can see how you’d suggest that 2007/08 United was structured, with Ronaldo Rooney and Tevez being given the creative license. So would you be looking to give these 3 attacking duties, or roles with high creative freedom, or something else?
  12. Thanks to those that responded with advice. Not been able to play FM much recently but decided to accept Real's bid for Mkhitaryan and signed Willian for £25m. Let's see how it goes...
  13. Could do with some advice. End of the transfer window in my second season, and Madrid have offered £70 up-front for Mkhitaryan. He had an okay first season, and I was hoping for more from him in the second, but this amount of money is seriously tempting! If I let him go though, I'd need a replacement, as my other attackers (not including strikers) are: Mata Lingard Rashford (though he's better as CF) Martial (struggling for form since the start of the game) Pereira Januzaj (on the transfer list) Any suggestions on a replacement (or anyone think I should just reject the offer)? I've got £130m to spend - have already tried (and failed) for Griezmann, Dybala. One player who might be available for £30m is Willian from Chelsea, who is unsettled at the moment...
  14. The posts where people show their mistakes are often more helpful than when they show success. Thanks for this latest update @herne79.
  15. Set-Piece Tactics

    One thing I get frustrated about is the lack of context awareness for attacking set pieces. I always set mine up, and then end up tearing my hair out when, 1-0 in the 89th minute, everyone goes up for a corner leaving just one or two back