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  1. The fluent movement and interchanging of Spain’s playmakers can’t really be done in the current ME, but I’d be interested to see some interpretations of their mentality and shape.
  2. I have a fairly conservative right back and a more adventurous left back. I also have two centre backs who would work well as a stopper/cover combination (without giving them the specific roles, their attributes, especially the difference in aggression give them this split naturally...) Which way round would you play the centre backs? I’m thinking the more aggressive stopper on the left to come and attack the space left by the left-back, but I’m not sure...
  3. Think Kroos is more of a replacement for Scholes, Carrick was never the primary playmaker in this team. In my FM 2017 save I have Weigl and he’s good in that holding role.
  4. Have you tried Pogba in the RPM role yet? If not, what made you steer away from it? He certainly has the technical ability to do it...
  5. Given this a go, with Saul as the RPM. Turns out a high creative freedom role, with ‘more dribbling’ as a hard-coded PI mixed with a player who has ‘runs with ball often’ as a PPM = lots of running with the ball into defenders rather than being an actual playmaker. Will give him a go with a different role that doesn’t have ‘more dribbling’, maybe AP or DLP support. May also try him wide as well, cutting in from the right onto his left foot.
  6. This is him after one season with me.
  7. Will have to have a think about Saul in that role. He doesn’t strike me as a playmaker, more a general all-rounder. The ideal player there would be Kroos. When you post more, I’d be really interested to see how Pogba plays as a SS (and why you chose that instead of playing him deeper). Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone play him there, and I never considered it as a possibility tbh.
  8. I second this. Ever since seeing the formation I’ve been wondering about Pogba as a SS rather than him being the RPM. On my FM17 save I’m playing as United and have 4 midfielders: Pogba, Saúl Niguez, Weigl and Ander Herrera. When wondering how to make this group work with a 07/08 style system, I’d always assumed Pogba would be in the Scholes role. To be honest, I don’t think I have the right players in midfield to pull this off, but that’s a different matter...
  9. Really interesting set-up. I’m interested in what made you go for control and structured? Also, as the formation is the defensive shape, why you’ve staggered the central midfielders?
  10. In 2011 he took on possibly the greatest club side ever with Fabio, Valencia, Park, Hernandez and a past-their-best Ferdinand, Evra, Giggs and Vidic in the starting XI. I’m not sure tactical acumen came into the result. In fact winning the league and reaching a CL final with that team says more than losing that final it to Barca.
  11. Yeah people forget he willingly broke up the Beckham - Keane - Scholes - Giggs quartet to accommodate Veron because he knew you could no longer win the CL with 2 box-to-box midfielders. He was playing variations on single striker formations before Mourinho arrived and made them vogue in the Prem.
  12. howard moon

    Passing combination map

    Not sure if it’s the same on FM18, but on 17 the position of the players doesn’t correlate with their average position, which also confuses me.
  13. I’ve done this on occasion, with a DLP (s) behind a CM (d) and a BBM (s). It does create a 2-1 shape but I did find that the DLP and CM got too close to each other.
  14. Cheers, looking forward to it 👍
  15. Been reading through this thread again as there are some interesting ideas, and I’ve wanted to make something modelled on this United side in FM for a while now. Did you ever post your tactics? I’m really interested in your interpretation, especially after reading your contributions in the big tactics thread in GD, as you mention Ferguson’s ‘style/philosophy’ a few times. @themadsheep2001