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  1. Ironically, he did play on the left of a 3 yesterday as OGS matched up against Tottenham’s system. Im still on FM17 so doubt I could replicate his role from yesterday as my best guess would be that he was a MEZ (a).
  2. Pogba has mostly played as a no.10, with a free role which sees him drift to the left. So the shape is more of a 4-2-3-1.
  3. Those Stuttgart videos are frustrating. You’re not going to get a great representation of a tactical style if you use players who aren’t capable of pulling it off. A better approach would have been to match the style to a team that plays that way (and therefore has the right players) rather than hoping for a mid-table German side to play like Man City.
  4. howard moon

    Team Shape? - FM19

    Team shape in it's old format was confusing and often counter-intuitive. Linking compactness and creative freedom never made sense to me. It was incredibly abstract and made no sense in footballing terms. It looks like compactness will be managed by the line of engagement, defensive line and transition instructions, which is definitely a good thing. If creative freedom is also removed from shape, this is also a good thing and therefore it makes sense that 'shape' is now only an indicator of what you've selected in other settings.
  5. You’ve obviously no idea what a libero is then because it definitely can’t be done with a CB in FM.
  6. Club Brugge. Way back on CM 01/02. I remember it because they beat me in the semi-finals.
  7. What (if anything) did you do late in the game when chasing a goal (say 1-0 down with 10 minutes to go)? The AI’s ability to keep possession - even with poor teams, in this situation is a big frustration for me, and I have found this formation to struggle in these situations.
  8. Do you have any screens to share of passes received by the WTM? I’m curious about how and where he receives the ball. @westy8chimp
  9. Gah. Each of these threads gives me ideas for my own saves! Always wanted to use a registration, but never had the right players. But I wonder whether I could move Pogba back there when he gets older and his physical attributes become less important. (I’m still on 17, so don’t have the volante role which seems to describe his game perfectly)
  10. Great thread again. Your stuff is amongst the best at explaining how the game works in simple, footballing terms.
  11. Great post @herne79 The in-game description for ‘counter’ is particularly baffling. It’s a mentality that encourages possession compared to more aggressive mentalities. Hence why teams who play defensively on FM often end up dominating possession (which is a whole other logical issue with the tactics creator!)
  12. howard moon

    What is Team Shape?

    Awesome, thanks!
  13. That makes sense. So as well as being a modifier of vertical shape, it’s also a modifier of risk? A striker in a fluid set up may be slightly more risk averse than the same role and duty in a structured set up?
  14. Can you explain this in a bit more detail please?
  15. Given that mentality is linked to risk, I can’t see how you’d class France as playing ‘control’. They kept people behind the ball, we’re narrow, ceded possession etc. Surely ‘counter’ is a better starting point?