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  1. I was dreading having the swab but it was okay. I did it myself, which I’d recommend if you have a bad gag reflex. Mine is particularly bad - I can’t even let the dentist put those things on your teeth to allow an x-ray.
  2. Long time lurker and only very occasionally post in here. Just wanted to say that it's really heartwarming to see how everyone has contributed so far. It has genuinely brought a smile to my face reading it through just now. If it's not too late, please add me to the prize draw and if I win, donate the money to the hospice.
  3. If I remember correctly, in much older versions of the game you’d get players punching each other. I have memories of the text commentary saying “he’s gone berserk”.
  4. It's what people have called Solskjaer. He was my first thought when I was reading your post.
  5. Great stuff. Been trying to implement something similar on FM17, but have used a asymmetric 4-4-1-1 with the AM and CF offset (the CF on the side of the WMa, the AM on the side of the Ws). You should be careful playing like this though. You’ll get lots of people saying that you’re a “PE teacher” and need to be a better coach that focuses on “patterns of play”
  6. Do you find that the positioning of the wide attacker influences how much the wingbacks get forward @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!? I’ve noticed that with a support duty wide player in the M strata, the wingback doesn’t get as far forward. Presumably because there isn’t enough space.
  7. With professional sports, it's not just the players who are involved. They're not just turning up to an empty stadium to play, there's loads of other people involved (operating the stadium, paramedics, camera crews, all the support staff for the players such as kitmen etc.). Paramedics is the biggest issue. If the health service is at breaking point we shouldn't be sending healthcare professionals to football matches.
  8. I'm playing FM17 on the new M1 Mac Mini. I'd just finished a season so not played any games but the general loading and navigation is so quick and smooth. Not heard the fan at any point (not just on FM, but doing anything - this thing is a beast of a machine for the price). I did come across an issue last night though. It opened in windowed mode, and the window was quite small - too small to play. Each time I tried to resize the window (either manually, or by clicking 'enter full screen' on the application window, it would crash. The only way I could make it work was to change the di
  9. Not sure 'narrow' makes any difference to overlaps, especially if the winger is playing narrow in front. Fergie's teams almost always attacked with width in the final third.
  10. My interpretation would be: GK (d) RB: FB (s) Centre backs: CB (d) LB: FB (a)/WB (s) RCM: CM (d) LCM: DLP (s) LM: WM (s) - sit narrow, cut inside, roaming AMR: IF (a)/RD (a) - narrow, roaming RCF: DLF (a) - roaming LCF: CF (s) - roaming A few notes: For the centre-backs, there's no need for a stopper/cover combo - a Ferdinand-type player will cover by default, and a Vidic-type defender will act as a stopper by default The centre mids would change depending on personnel. Hargreaves and Fletcher were more like BWMs or CM
  11. It does show that the reporting is misleading as is often the case (and it's also no coincidence that this data has been 'leaked' - this government loves a leak!). But I suppose the counter argument would be that there's 18% of capacity available for people being hospitalised with COVID. A more useful metric would be numbers of COVID-related hospitalisations over the previous weeks in Gtr Manchester and what the ICU capacity was a month ago. If this has risen significantly then there's a major problem. If not (and coupled with the fact that apparently cases are falling in Manchester) the
  12. I found Skyfall and Spectre to be a bit dull tbh. The attempts to link the villain's story arc to Bond was unnecessary and I can't watch the end of Skyfall without thinking that it's just a more adult version of Home Alone. Casino Royale is fantastic though. Less said about Quantum of Solace the better... The Connery films are my favourites. Never liked Moore's Bond or the cheesiness of the 70s Bond movies. Dalton was a really good Bond (was going to say underrated but I see plenty of others in this thread have him in their top 2).
  13. Surprised no-one has mentioned 'What We Do In The Shadows' yet. Possibly my favourite comedy film. As well as that, I'll add: Dumb and Dumber Grosse Point Blank Monty Python (Life of Brian and Holy Grail) Anchorman Super Troopers Tropic Thunder Zoolander
  14. Bruno also moves into the channels a lot to create overloads with the wide players.
  15. I enjoyed this, partly because some of the concepts you are trying to use are similar to mine. I'm still on FM17 but managing United and have a similar-ish setup: fast attacking football with a medium-block so as to create space to attack on the transition. I am currently going for: GK: D RB: CWB (s) CBs: BPD (d) - I have two excellent passers and find that they can sometimes launch a counter with their more direct passing LB: FB (a) RCM: DLP (s) LCM: CM (d) AMR: W (s) AMC: AM (s) - roam, move into channels AML: IF (a) - sit narrow, roam C
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