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  1. Not sure 'narrow' makes any difference to overlaps, especially if the winger is playing narrow in front. Fergie's teams almost always attacked with width in the final third.
  2. My interpretation would be: GK (d) RB: FB (s) Centre backs: CB (d) LB: FB (a)/WB (s) RCM: CM (d) LCM: DLP (s) LM: WM (s) - sit narrow, cut inside, roaming AMR: IF (a)/RD (a) - narrow, roaming RCF: DLF (a) - roaming LCF: CF (s) - roaming A few notes: For the centre-backs, there's no need for a stopper/cover combo - a Ferdinand-type player will cover by default, and a Vidic-type defender will act as a stopper by default The centre mids would change depending on personnel. Hargreaves and Fletcher were more like BWMs or CM
  3. Bruno also moves into the channels a lot to create overloads with the wide players.
  4. I enjoyed this, partly because some of the concepts you are trying to use are similar to mine. I'm still on FM17 but managing United and have a similar-ish setup: fast attacking football with a medium-block so as to create space to attack on the transition. I am currently going for: GK: D RB: CWB (s) CBs: BPD (d) - I have two excellent passers and find that they can sometimes launch a counter with their more direct passing LB: FB (a) RCM: DLP (s) LCM: CM (d) AMR: W (s) AMC: AM (s) - roam, move into channels AML: IF (a) - sit narrow, roam C
  5. I look at that front 6 - the formation and roles, the types of player you're using, and think, "Carrick, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez". Granted that team didn't play very fluid/overload
  6. As others have said, this thread is outstanding. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! - what would you do if you had a more limited striker in your team. I'm playing FM17 and have Javier Hernandez (couldn't resist bringing him back to United on a free) and he's a classic poacher. I want to move my team to playing like you have set up but it will take some transitioning. I'm currently playing control and structured (with 3 attacking roles). Would you accommodate a player like Hernandez by adjusting the set-up or would you just ask him to play the F9 role?
  7. I remember doing something similar on an old FM demo (maybe 14), and trying to sign Scholes for Barca just to see how it would work with him alongside Xavi and Iniesta, but he completely refused to join. Must have been hard-coded to not want to leave United at the time.
  8. I'd been thinking this whilst reading through the thread. This isn't a comment on your setup, but the AI. One of the biggest frustrations I've always had with the ME is the way that any team can suddenly start passing the ball like Guardiola-era Barca - but in their own half, when parking the bus. This is not how teams defend irl and it totally skews stats for possession and passing etc. in game. Somebody in the past decided to tie passing and vertical position on the pitch (how high or deep the team is) together in this way, so AI defending will end up passing short and safe in the
  9. I completely agree with your observations about team structure - certainly in relation to creative freedom. I've always suspected that coaches like Guardiola were more structured, with specific players (like Messi) given extra creative freedom. Fluid - especially the way it's described in the game, seems to describe a Ferguson or a Wenger in that it creates two 'units'; a defensive structure with a fluent attack with forwards given creative freedom, or rather a solid base with space for forwards to 'think for themselves'. I think it might have been you that said that more structured shap
  10. Reading this has given me some ideas about how to create overloads to get my left-sided IF(a) into space in a 4-2-3-1. My current thoughts are: Right back: FB(a) Right-CM: DLP(s) Right-AM: W(s) Central-AM: AM(s) - move into channels, roaming The idea being that these players would work together to create an overload on the right, drawing defenders to them, and the Inside Forward on the left would be left in space, either for a long ball from the DLP, a through ball from the AMC or a cross. Does this seem sensible? I also have questions about how to set up th
  11. Would be really interested to see this. I’ve been thinking about how City and Liverpool play 4-3-3 but attack in a 2-3-5 shape in different ways: - City often play with inverted wingbacks allowing their CMs to play high up the pitch and their wingers to stay wide - Liverpool have a narrower front 3 and more reserved midfielders allowing their fullbacks to be in the front 5 That’s perhaps an oversimplification but a good starting point on how these teams play. You’ve done the City variant in this thread but I don’t recall seeing the Liverpool variant. I’m not sure how you
  12. Thanks for giving such a detailed response. Map, if I’m understanding rightly, you’re saying there are two ways to create compactness: - very fluid shape (which gives more scope for using attacking roles, especially with a balanced mentality) - using mostly (or exclusively) defend and support roles)? So the main difference with fluidity would be the amount of creative freedom you want to give your players? I’m guessing that the two approaches give different ‘styles’ of football? If this is the case, what would you say were the noticeable differences?
  13. Can you explain this a bit more please @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!? If you moved from fluid up to very fluid, or down to flexible or structured, what would happen? (Assuming everything else was unchanged)
  14. Still a great thread I’m on FM17 still but have learnt loads from this for my own save. Have you reached a point now where you never lose, or make mistakes? I’d love to see something where it didn’t go to plan and how you reacted?
  15. This is the problem with trying to emulate a diagram showing one game. It’s not representative of how the team actually played Similarly, it was usually either Giggs, Park or Nani on the other flank (in the 4-4-2 at least). Hargreaves only played there once, in the CL final because of Ashley Cole. Min the 4-3-3 it would often be Rooney on the left and Ronaldo on the right.
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