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  1. I've just bought this (first FM game I've bought for nearly 10 years). Really enjoying it so far. I don't find the interface very intuitive but am getting used to it. Is there a way to get the director of football (or assman as it used to be) to handle all the contract extensions etc so I don't even see that side of things?
  2. yep, look on the bright side lads, you just got hammered at home by a poor west ham team, but at least it's about the most points you could have hoped for!
  3. 2nd in the league mate. if only the fans hadn't been on his back from the start Newcastle would've been in the CL by now if only they'd supported him
  4. arsenal have been well and truely done on the price of fabregas here. ronaldo was man utd's most important\best player wanted to leave for a few seasons and only had eyes for one club - £70m exactly the same situation with arsenal and fabregas and he goes for less than half that?!
  5. i think fifa should make it a rule that the manager has to be the same nationality as the team. seems stupid that they don't have to be
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