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  1. weekly episodes seems to build hype more. i prefer it personally as well. i was disappointed Hidden Figures didn't go on Star being a Fox release - been wanting to watch it for a while and it doesn't seem to be on anywhere except as a rental
  2. what's the excess deaths looking like at the moment?
  3. aside from being an awful person, i'm pleased she's gone because i always thought she looked like a video game character
  4. how are we going to tell how much effect the vaccine is having compared to the lockdown?
  5. when will ps5s be easy to get hold of then?
  6. it's not a netflix original so it will probably be good. was made by a proper studio
  7. i guess it'll just be accessed through the disney+ app? will there like be a section for STAR or will everything just be on the endlesssly scrolling homepage
  8. so weird seeing that as i'm mid-lincolnshire and we've got nothing at all.
  9. If it's the same as Wonder Woman then it'll get about a month exclusive in cinemas and then be PVOD through sky store and others. although if cinemas aren't open then I assume straight to PVOD
  10. what's happening in Italy with all the businesses that opened against the rules?
  11. how does the book know who you mean? if you write John Smith it needs narrowing down a bit surely?
  12. that is bad but important to note that it is for hospitalisations only, not all cases
  13. is the new grant announced today by Rishi in addition to the monthly grant places have been getting when they had to close in tier 3\4 or is instead of that?
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