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  1. Just popped in here to ask about the In-game editor and Draft Game modes. Any changes to these or are these not a part of the Beta?
  2. Rooting for Portugal this World Cup (which may or may not be because of Ronaldo ). Been following this team for a good three years now. Excited by the generation of players coming through (Bernado Silva, Adrien Silva, Guedes, Neves and so on) Although the lack of mobile CBs is a huge problem. Would have thought that post 2016, at least a couple of players would have been tried out at CB like William Carvalho. Quite surprised to not see the likes of Ruben Neves, Nani (agree he's not been playing great) and Nelson Semedo in the squad. Your thoughts on this @noikeee?
  3. The problem with the budget cap is that the players in the draft seemed to be valued based on their spread of attributes, not on their contract status. In the IRL, when we say that someone's squad is worth 300 million, often it is 7-8 players making the bulk of that. All the others are free transfers, bargains (compared to their teammates) or academy players. An uncapped budget wherein the user sets the limit would enable this scenario: 1. In a small game (as these drafts typically are), each player would be able to draft in 3-4 world class players. Now, that would make it absolutely i
  4. A quick question regarding the Fantasy Draft game mode: Is it possible to increase the budget beyond 250M? Perhaps through changing a value in an XML file or something similar?
  5. No, I do not mean a DM. I mean a CM with either CM-D duty or a DLP-D duty with the instruction Hold Position where applicable. I could pair this with a BTB-S or a CM-S/A or BWM-S duty. Am I falling under a reasonable line of thought?
  6. Thank you! That explains a lot! So in general: If I want to play a high tempo pressing game with my 4-2 (CM)-3-1 formation, it would be prudent to play with a defensive line, a holding midfielder and asking my attacking mids and forwards to Close Down More?
  7. What exactly does the shout 'Hassle Opponents' do? I always thought it made my attacking mids and forwards close down opponents while my midfielders maintained a higher line up the pitch. But on closely observing my matches, I came across an odd thing. I play a 4-2 (CMs)-3-1 system. When the opponent's central attacking mid goes past my 2 CMs, it draws one of my DCs onto him which is expected. But when the DC loses his challenge, my other DC (who is now 10-15m away and is marking a forward) senselessly rushes out to close down the opponent attacking mid. Now he has no chance of reaching the
  8. I would increase his Composure and Finishing. He has the ability to a variety of Striker Roles. Pick the role that would fit your tactics, and then develop him accordingly.
  9. I was playing in a Champions League final as Arsenal vs the mighty Bayern. In the 68th Santi Cazorla had a goal chalked off as offside. The game finished 1-1 and we lost on penalties. Ouch!
  10. I've seen 3-4 6'11" players. Rather surprisingly all of them were central defenders or goalkeepers.
  11. I have a few questions so please bear with me. 1. Does editing the player instructions using the sliders overrule the player role and duty?? 2. I have many mids with good attributes like Wilshere, Kroos, Ramsey, Pastore, etc I play one of them in a AP support role and another in a CM support role. In the player instructions I have edited them to have attacking mentality and almost complete creative freedom. Yet only Wilshere seems to provide the assists. The others provide something like 5 assists in 35 games. I am doing some fundamental mistake? They also have short to mix
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