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  1. Rooting for Portugal this World Cup (which may or may not be because of Ronaldo ). Been following this team for a good three years now. Excited by the generation of players coming through (Bernado Silva, Adrien Silva, Guedes, Neves and so on) Although the lack of mobile CBs is a huge problem. Would have thought that post 2016, at least a couple of players would have been tried out at CB like William Carvalho. Quite surprised to not see the likes of Ruben Neves, Nani (agree he's not been playing great) and Nelson Semedo in the squad. Your thoughts on this @noikeee?
  2. managerdude_66

    Football Manager TV: Fantasy Draft

    The problem with the budget cap is that the players in the draft seemed to be valued based on their spread of attributes, not on their contract status. In the IRL, when we say that someone's squad is worth 300 million, often it is 7-8 players making the bulk of that. All the others are free transfers, bargains (compared to their teammates) or academy players. An uncapped budget wherein the user sets the limit would enable this scenario: 1. In a small game (as these drafts typically are), each player would be able to draft in 3-4 world class players. Now, that would make it absolutely interesting. 2. Allow an entire squad to be built the Bayern/Atletico way (they never seem to pay over the odds for potentially world class players). I'd like to build a squad of 18, by buying players for an average price of let's say 30 million. This comes up to 540 million. 30 million isn't a lot in today's market. EDIT: This isn't to say that the above won't be possible in FM18. This is simply an observation based on my experiences playing Fantasy Draft in FM17.
  3. managerdude_66

    Football Manager TV: Fantasy Draft

    I second this. Overall, it looks very clean. KUTGW!
  4. managerdude_66

    Any programming experts?

    Potentially any language could work. But Python's syntax coupled with easy-to-use libraries, make it my go to option. What languages are you comfortable with? Another thing to consider would be the fact that you'd need a database of some form.
  5. managerdude_66

    View-only VS Load Players from Nation

    Thank you. This is just what I needed.
  6. managerdude_66

    View-only VS Load Players from Nation

    Any help guys?
  7. When starting a new game, you are presented with 3 options : Playable, View-only and Load Players from Nation As far as I understand, Playable loads all players up to selected division and simulates in full detail. View-only simulates up to selected division (in Full detail? and including U-18s etc? ) without loading players except maybe the most popular ones. Now, I wish to start a game in the top division of one of Europe's top leagues. Additionally, I tend to find young players from South America, Mexico etc, train them up and sell them for big money. Now, coming to my questions: 1. If I choose View-Only for leagues where I'm not going to manage (Eg: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico), no players are loaded. What is the point of having a View-only option then? 2. If I choose Load Players from nation for Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, without making them playable or view-only, will enough regens get produced as the game goes on. That is, will every club in the top two divisions produce at least 5-6 regens every season? Basically, is Load Players from Nation a one time activity? 3. Would I get any performance benefits by choosing View-Only+Load Players from Nation instead of making these leagues playable? 4. If I choose View-Only for leagues, will the U-18s for these leagues be simulated? Thank you.
  8. Pardon the silly question. As highlighted in the image, is it possible to change the 'ADVISED' to match the 'CURRENT', either via the pre-game or in-game editor? Thanks
  9. A quick question regarding the Fantasy Draft game mode: Is it possible to increase the budget beyond 250M? Perhaps through changing a value in an XML file or something similar?
  10. Was just coming in to post this as a suggestion. Yesterday's discussion on Positioning and OTB got me thinking.
  11. managerdude_66

    [Discussion] Player Preferred Position

    Isn't Positioning a defensive attribute though? Or rather it comes into picture when your team is off the ball. And ironically OTB is when your team actually has the ball? I agree with HUNT3R's logic though, although it would be nice if we had an overall 'Intelligence' attribute which affected both Positioning and OTB in equal measure.
  12. You have the 'Keep History' option already. Similarly, you could have a 'Keep Yearly Attributes' option? Which should be ticked by default for all your players. An option to change frequency would be nice.
  13. managerdude_66

    Day thread

    What course are you taking up Craig?
  14. managerdude_66

    This hurts my eyes

    Earlier you could you hover over a thread, and it will tell you how many posts you've made in that thread. Can you still do it?