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  1. This season (FM21 one) there are 4 relegation places and 2 promotion places in the top flight. Not entirely sure how the system will be with 12 teams, they probably haven't decided yet
  2. Lol, in the last couple of versions there's an issue with Spain and Portugal, sometimes Italy, too. You test the default rules and it gives out errors. I once just tested rules 4 times in a row without doing anything, got 3 errors and then the 4th time it was all good @Wolf_pdI haven't seen much traction in the advanced rules section, which is why I felt the need to request some sort of tutoring on this one
  3. Seems like excellent work! Would love to give it a go when it's done. Could also help you with testing in June if that's still around, as I'm rather occupied over the next month. I got in the mood a couple of days ago to pull off something rather similar, but I failed at Advanced Editor class when it comes to the continental competitions so initially I'm just trying to stick to 55 UEFA nations. [I'm pretty much splitting up the top leagues into 3-5 pieces each and merging some other countries]. This is something I try almost every year but I'm usually stuck at just enjoying the new
  4. Tried several different things: - Adjusting the number - Removing the entry - Changing some details None of them made a different. Not sure if it's hard-coded as in every attempt I had several other changes.
  5. Not 100% what you're asking for, but I have an FM20 default database for almost all European leagues where by 2022 or something like that all leagues have a 5 foreigners registration rule. A couple of them, mostly low-middle leagues have 5 foreigner squad rules instead. Lower divisions when applicable have 3 or 2 or 1 foreigner rules. To make this work of course, I had to adjust 'treat non-foreign as', as the EU just becomes redundant, but remains important for a league like Italy where it is really hard to change the non-EU import quotas even if you adjust it. So for the British leagues, all
  6. I am aware of those files, it seems like an excellent database, but with the few runs I've had, I came across game ruining issues. For example in the Champions League after registering players for the competition, when match day comes, all players are ineligible. So it's unplayable. I also dislike the dating format, most of these competitions start in mid June and the Cup Winners Cup isn't really a cup winners cup when 8th placed teams that lost in the FA Cup 4th round make it to the tournament. The only file I'd want is one that converts the Round of 16 to anoth
  7. Hello. I'd like to recreate the 2nd group stage of the Champions League, the format we had in the early 2000s that is, where the round of 16 is split into 4 groups. Before going on, I'd like to know if I need to make any special adjustments for the 2022-23 season where the World Cup takes place. I pretty much fail every single time I try to edit anything that has group stages. I tried to make several domestic cups have such a format but it never ends well for me. With continental competitions there's an extra layer of difficulty for me as I cannot really manage to not mess up the
  8. For FM20: Is there a db where the Champions League has a second group stage, like the early 2000s? If not, can someone direct me as to how to create it? I have done a lot of editing but I have never succeeded in creating anything with group stages.
  9. I am aware of that way and it's included in my post. I am clearly talking about the possibility to create a new nation. From scratch. Put all the effort in to create new competitions, new clubs and whatever I wish. I don't understand why there has to be a restriction. I don't think it's a matter of people asking for it, it's just that the developers do not want us to have this option for a variety of reasons, probably more technical than anything else. But at the same time, I understand that SI wants to have a football product and not some sort of a fantasy world.
  10. Not sure if I should use this thread or make a new one, since the game isn't out yet, but is there ever going to be an option to create new nations? Or if there currently is a way, please do tell, cause I must have missed that. I'm not talking obviously about renaming and changing countries to what I want, but just like you have the luxury of creating new people, clubs and competitions, I fail to see why creating a new nation is not in the game all these years.
  11. Is there a way to remove an existing ban from Europe? I cannot find it anywhere.
  12. Portugal and Scotland have issues with testing the rules without any changes made. I have a similar setup to what @sit8 is asking for but I made different rules per country. I have successfully managed to add this change gradually after the first couple of seasons (starting from a limit to 10, then to 8, then to 5 for some, others go directly to 5, others go to 7 first etc) but I cannot make Portugal or Scotland work. A workaround for some of the leagues would be to add an additional rule of no more than x foreigner players in the match squad. With Portugal I ge
  13. This direction is a must since the game has introduced and uses Financial Fair Play. This is one of the catalysts of why transfers are much more frequent in this era, and not the agents' growing power; that came due to this. It might sound complex to most football fans but the idea of book value, amortization cost and all the necessary stuff about players as club assets and the whole FFP thing needs to be implemented somehow. I'm pretty sure it's a coding issue and the developers can find a way to slide it in. For example if I buy a player for 20m with a 5 year con
  14. Yuko

    Club Rebranding

    This is completely foreign to the core of the sport. Hopefully it is never considered because it will just ruin a part of the game, especially if the element of randomness is adopted. Teams are symbolized by their colours, their city and their fans. Their crest is also sometimes of worth historically speaking, but not always. That's been the most liberal part of a club's identity. You think of River Plate and Boca Juniors, you immediately know what their jerseys look like. You think of Manchester United, it's a red jersey. You think of Fluminense and it's something uniquely colorful. You
  15. I've started a save with Dynamo Dresden. Struggled a lot in the first season, barely managed to get 13th place with just 8 wins. Had 15 draws and 11 losses, ended with negative goal difference. Need to overhaul the team and aim for the stars. I have some young stars to build around and luckily they're willing to stay. Might go shopping at Bayern Munchen and some other big teams for loanees. All suggestions for new players are welcome.
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