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  1. Can it be possible to edit nation rules instead of being forced to start new ones from scratch that will potentially not even work as the majority of users, like myself, isn't capable of remaking these rules? For example I may want to add a point deduction in a league, or make a minor change in a registration rule, or simply change one of the matchday times. Going over 6 levels of English football divisions to make a slight change in League Two is just too much. Of course we would have to make sure that the adjusted rules are valid and the won't make the game crash. This would save a lot of time from people who like to edit leagues and it will also increase the activity of the editing community.
  2. Affluence has to do with fan spending power. I think it is correlated with fan related income as well as the ability to match higher prices. I think it is also related to how many away fans you can have travelling around the country or the continent. Loyalty is a matter of attendance when you're not doing well, so a team with high loyalty will have more inelastic changes in attendance. Temperament could be something that causes stadium bans and fines due to fan behavior, but I cannot recall ever seeing that in the FM series. Passion is another weird one. I do not use sounds in my game, so I guess it could also be an enhancement unit for supporters' sound during games, as well as the ocassional flare that used to appear in past versions. It could also be something that affects home and away teams. A passionate home ground potentially is harder to win at than a less passionate one perhaps. Expectations is something new, no clue what it could be. Obviously it is related to what kind of expectations the fans have and how demanding they are, but not sure how that translates. Maybe it's something that adds pressure on the board as much as it does on the manager/team?
  3. Thanks a lot. This seems extremely unnecessary for a minor cosmetic change that was the norm in the past. SI should have left it as default. edit- It's still rather confusing. I found and made the change, but where do I save this now?
  4. Not sure if this is the right place, but I wonder if I can see the flags on the player's page instead of just a text of his nationality. I also have the In Game Editor and whenever I choose to edit, the flag pops up next to the nationality, so I'm guessing there has to be a way to have that option. It looks very dry at the moment and I can barely notice the nationalities of players as they're a simple text now. I've attached two images to show what I mean.
  5. The final fixtures of the Serie A have been traditionally played at the same time. Since FM18 this has been lost, even if the title, a European ticket or relegation is in play. This would not be the case in real life. If Team A and Team B are challenging for a spot, they will be playing at the same time for sure, even if there are several different kick off times.
  6. I only use quit/load for competitions that are irrelevant to my save, just because I want to see a more desired outcome and change in the game. For example if I see that there's a minnow competing for the CL in the quarters, I'll try and make sure that they reach the final or something, or if there's a team that can win their domestic league for the first time or unexpectedly, I'll try and help them out. Or sometimes I do it with the 2nd tier and promotions where I try and help historic teams come up. Come spring on the other hand, I try and make my games similar to real life. For example when Leicester was doing so great I always gave them a boost and let them win the league. They were usually getting relegated without my interference in that season.
  7. I'd use it if the db was up to my standard. But I have to make 15,000 changes before I start a game to consider it playable so this is just something that will simply make me not play the game at all in the long run. I assume changing clubs' reputations and players' abilities would not make any db file compatible with an Ironman mode as these changes could very well be 200/200 for half your intended squad.
  8. Stesso problema in Beta con Inter.
  9. Can you please fix the names of clubs with the Greek 'μπ'. Not only it looks bad, it's just wrong. Olympiakos for example is just fine, but then you have teams like Olybiada and Olybos, when in fact the English word for Olympos is just Olympus, with the same mp letters and not some millenial SMS version. Even the French clubs with the same root use 'Olympique' and everything in English is 'Olympic', so how can the very same thing in the original language is written that way? Names are also way off, with Kampetsis written Kabetsis and Lamprou written as Labrou. For example Kampetsis has his own website and this is how he spells his name: http://www.kampetsis.com/ Then you have Transfermarkt pages for players like Lamprou: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/lazaros-lamprou/profil/spieler/292356 And he also has his own website: http://www.lazaroslamprou.com/ This makes zero sense and it's been like a couple of years now that we have to change the English version of player names just to make it appear normal and Greek. I get that you want a standardisation, but at least get it right or get some rules in place. B is acceptable for the beginning of a name but not in the middle of it unless it's next to specific letters such as L and R. Around vowels it just looks bad and 'mb' is usually prefered, just like how Alex Tambakis is writing his name in the USL as you can see here: https://www.northcarolinafc.com/tambakis But double standards regarding clubs is quite ridiculous. Olympiakos being a big club is written just fine, but everything else is with a B. Either change it to Olybiakos like the "standard" version, or change everything else to mp as it should be please. I've attached the list of clubs where this issue exists. Also noticed that the ancient town of Olympia is written all wrong too as a result. Also, while the Toumba stadium is written correctly, the area of Toumba in Salonika is written as...Touba for some odd reason. The equivalent word in English is Tomb, so it doesn't make any sense to remove that 'm' from there. I also understand that this may not be a 'Data' issue, but since the responsible party seems to be the Greek research and I doubt anyone from SI would dictate how Greek names should be portrayed, I figured this is the best place to put this in.
  10. Has anyone tried negative career plans? I mean a career plan for a player to not want to move to a country. I've seen that it's sort of negated after a couple of seasons in some test games I made. Players I put as 'doesn't want to move to England', or France or Italy etc still move there for mega deals 2-3 seasons in. Before that, they'd move to these countries within a season (January or end of 1st season). Does a lot of money make this an ineffective option?
  11. Not sure where to ask and don't think it warrants a thread. But I have a couple of questions. How exactly is Attraction affecting anything? I remember around a decade ago a player didn't want to move to my club because my town was somewhat terrible, but I see that most capitals in the world have a 20 and then it goes down, while some major cities also have 20. Is this 20 an objective figure, or does it become relevant only after you take into account league's and country's reputation and other things? And is it only a comparison figure within the borders of a nation? So essentially, what does having attraction of 20 mean in countries like Serbia, Belarus and Finland compared to France, England and Spain? It shouldn't be comparable, right? The other question is about club reputation. How exactly does this change? Are there parameters in place that we are aware of or is it just part of the coding?
  12. So this is despite the fact that the game states that the player is club grown? If it's so, it's a misleading side effect as I search for club grown players and he's one of them in the search list. And his profile confirms it. On a previous save it also happened with Fautario who iirc was more than 4 seasons at Inter as a youth.
  13. I do not have it, but I started a quick save again, signed Donati again who is club grown by Inter but he still is not treated as one in the squad registration. I'm uploading the save file now. It's called "Inter beta".
  14. Unfortunately I've deleted the save file. Is there a way to find this file or is it permanently gone?
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