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  1. Vieri should have had over 50 if he had 90+ caps but he got injured during the Euro 2000 and the 2002 qualifiers when he was in his absolute prime. And they had too many forwards to pick from after European NT football got diluted (late 90s) and then had a striker drought for like 15 years since that generation retired. Most records got broken in the last 15 years across Europe so it's normal that Italy doesn't have a 50+ all time scorer. They can hardly field a striker and had to hand out passports to Osvaldo, Retegui and Eder to field a forward...
  2. Martín Zubimendi of Spain, please I believe @hilly_boro is next
  3. @Bliss Seeker someone was impressed from the EL final
  4. 2004 obviously But my favorite is 2000. Just so much talent concentrated there and a decent number of surprise or unexpected results. Euro 1996 was the first I caught live but apart from rooting for Germany in that one and getting my way, it wasn't really as memorable. Can't think of any games that stand out apart from that game with the Smicer goal. VS Russia was it?
  5. I got France to beat Spain in the final. QF Germany vs Spain Turkey vs Netherlands Belgium vs France England vs Italy SF Spain vs Netherlands France vs Italy In general it looks quite balanced and interesting as long as the big nations too their groups. We'll have some very nice mathches. Groups will also have some nice unexpected games.
  6. @Gizzy seems like we're due the next round. I'm mentally prepared for a bottom pick
  7. Didn't expect to see Sporar picked
  8. it's less dramatic than I was expecting actually now that I see this again. Shambles postponed for the next round
  9. So Kawee has the 24th pick and can only select from Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. From the looks of it, one of Baptista, grff and rmw need to pick a Romanian player. Baptista can select from Czechia, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia. Pompeyboyz is free to disrupt the next guys since he already But it looks like he cannot pick Romania, no? Rebs already has a Romanian, so he can force Romania on the next one. Damn, this feels like phd worth of work and I'm half drunk
  10. Lazar Samardzic (Serbia) @Harryseaess can someone update the table?
  11. I was hoping for either Pavard or Dimarco here
  12. Fingers crossed for a top 5 pick next round
  13. Roland Sallai (Hungary) @Crispypaul i believe is next
  14. Can we lock Italy and move to the next guy?
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