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  1. Is there a way to remove an existing ban from Europe? I cannot find it anywhere.
  2. Portugal and Scotland have issues with testing the rules without any changes made. I have a similar setup to what @sit8 is asking for but I made different rules per country. I have successfully managed to add this change gradually after the first couple of seasons (starting from a limit to 10, then to 8, then to 5 for some, others go directly to 5, others go to 7 first etc) but I cannot make Portugal or Scotland work. A workaround for some of the leagues would be to add an additional rule of no more than x foreigner players in the match squad. With Portugal I ge
  3. This direction is a must since the game has introduced and uses Financial Fair Play. This is one of the catalysts of why transfers are much more frequent in this era, and not the agents' growing power; that came due to this. It might sound complex to most football fans but the idea of book value, amortization cost and all the necessary stuff about players as club assets and the whole FFP thing needs to be implemented somehow. I'm pretty sure it's a coding issue and the developers can find a way to slide it in. For example if I buy a player for 20m with a 5 year con
  4. Yuko

    Club Rebranding

    This is completely foreign to the core of the sport. Hopefully it is never considered because it will just ruin a part of the game, especially if the element of randomness is adopted. Teams are symbolized by their colours, their city and their fans. Their crest is also sometimes of worth historically speaking, but not always. That's been the most liberal part of a club's identity. You think of River Plate and Boca Juniors, you immediately know what their jerseys look like. You think of Manchester United, it's a red jersey. You think of Fluminense and it's something uniquely colorful. You
  5. It's a bit tricky because Cypriots are not considered foreigners in Greek sports, but at the same time, specifically for the lower divisions there is a specific rule that applies to players that are eligible for the Greek national teams. Cypriots are not eligible by default (they used to be since the formation of the Hellenic Republic but that stopped in the mid 70s) so it is correct to not include them. But since Cypriots are not treated as foreign in Greece when it comes to all sports, this should be applied. There is an easy way to circumvent this. The rule is actually cl
  6. I've started a save with Dynamo Dresden. Struggled a lot in the first season, barely managed to get 13th place with just 8 wins. Had 15 draws and 11 losses, ended with negative goal difference. Need to overhaul the team and aim for the stars. I have some young stars to build around and luckily they're willing to stay. Might go shopping at Bayern Munchen and some other big teams for loanees. All suggestions for new players are welcome.
  7. It seems that there is a league split so probably they played more games in a relegation playoff and Karpaty ended up at the bottom. I am not familiar with the Ukrainian league and don't have it running in my current save so cannot answer for sure. Click on the "Ligatabell" and see if there's a different group. Or go to Karpaty's schedule and see if their last games have a different league name or if not, check if it were only against the bottom teams and if they played more than once with them without playing a top team.
  8. FM12 for sure. I even stopped playing FM19 (which was also quite good) to start a new FM12 save just before FM20 was out just because I felt like it. But that to me is also a critical year where European football stagnated and all the teams competing for anything have been the same since the 2012-13 season in real life and wanted to...replay it Why isn't FM5 on the poll by the way? Not that I'd vote for it, after FM12 the next one is FM 2007 for me. Overall from SI, the best games are CM03-04, CM01-02 and CM3 for me. Then I reach FM12 and the rest of the serie
  9. For FM20, anyone making a World Cup with 32 teams and a Euro with 16 teams? The classic formats of the 90s and 2000s let's say. Also would be interested in any sort of overhaul of Europeanc ontinental competitions.
  10. Yes, that's the same error I get. I will try the fix that Freddie suggested. I had seen the Italian fix some time ago and didn't realize the Spanish one was right above. I also had issues with Portugal but I decided to eliminate the 3rd tier from my DB just to avoid punching my computer screen as I was staring that issues for 5 hours straight with no solution It said 'expecting 71 teams, found 72', I make the changes I considered correct and then 'expecting 72 teams, found 71'. The issue is probably regarding Gil Vicente there but I couldn' t solve it no matter what. Anyway
  11. I am facing difficulty in verifiying the default rules for Spain. There's a problem with the teams promoted and relegated between 2nd and 3rd tier. Has anyone worked a way around this?
  12. Thanks for your help, they worked. edit: Appreciate your help, I have sorted things out And I am very surprised that I was not aware of this possibility all these years!
  13. Thanks, I'll check it out but I think I have already come across this but the changes didn't really work.
  14. It is a cosmetic addition that I am proposing. Say you look into competition winners and you see the past winners. On the text version you can only see who won the most. But you cannot see if there are more than 1 teams with the same amount of trophies. You cannot see which was the 1st and which was the 4th trophy etc of each team. You need to go back and forth on a lot of clubs to see the history of a competition and if it's rich enough, you'll have to write things or search on wikipedia. Also in some cases like Argentina it is very hard to understand the real winners table because they split
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