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  1. typically my beta is with a team I support, then I start the game with a lower league team, usually England between tiers 4-6 or 3rd division of another top country. Then switch to a journeyman save with unemployed start and relatively low reputation. Probably Kaiserslautern or US Orleans.
  2. Palestine is a nation, has a legit FIFA membership for 20+ years. From UEFA a similar case is Kosovo. Basque exists due to Athletic Bilbao. There's no Catalan, Galician, Asturian, Andalusian or Castillan equivalent. I'm pretty sure they could have circumvented that by creating some other category to distinguish who is eligible for the Basque-only sides, but nationality is perhaps the easiest and least buggy way of doing it. Problem with Athletic Club arises when you try to edit the database and have the Basque NT playable, as the team could not sign players that did not have 2nd nationality Basque, so you had to duplicate the team in the editor. Not sure if that's still the case though.
  3. Exactly what makes it fun Brazil is also a standard choice. Very hard competition but after a couple of seasons the state championship becomes tiring if it doesn't have more than 3 solid sides.
  4. Last I tried was FM18 or something like that, with Oxford City. Took them from the South conference to Premier League in 11 seasons. The team started with several Spaniards of decent quality iirc so it was unexpectedly easy to get to promoted to the next division instantly and they were useful in the 2nd season as well where I won the league. Eventually my idea was to have a side with predominantly British players and my idea was to have only 5 foreign players and all from the same area, so I opted for Scandinavians. I recall that I didn't even get to finish the PL season as I got the new game and I felt the challenge was done with. Need to find that save now as I'd like to continue 😆
  5. The top tier league I enjoy the most I think is Argentina. From European top leagues, I guess Germany feels the best experience, might be the 18 team thing and having to dethrone Bayern. For FM22 I'm definitely getting a 2nd division team, by far the most interesting 2nd tier in world football this year! Then it's England and Italy as both are rather open in the game. From European leagues in general, maybe the Dutch? I also liked managing in Denmark, Poland and especially Russia. It depends on how a save will pan out, every league can be fun.
  6. Want to increase the quotas for UEFA competitions by doubling them. So 8 Club Grown players and a total 16 Home Grown players out of 25. I just have no idea of how to edit the continental competitions. Already sorted all national rules.
  7. I wish this was the official way of doing the winter updates. Placing the players instantly on the squad makes little sense to me when this option has been available for over almost 2 decades now.
  8. When I start saves late in the real life season I kinda want to replicate some results. Back when Leicester won the league, whatever I did, I always tried to ensure that they'd win it on my save as well. When you compound this for several competitions that have no direct effect to your save it becomes a full time job, so you either love it or just stop caring about all that. For me, it's always a trigger to get past the first season as I tend to struggle to go past the first pre-season with new (random) clubs, so this kinda pushes me into advancing the save until the end of the season. By then, I get some attachment to the team I manage and eventually I stop caring about real life results. For fm11, it's Atletico, Lille and Inter winning their league for example. Talk about a struggle to finish off a season If I still don't care much about my own team, I'll abandon the save. Otherwise, I can go on for a decade at least. But putting so much effort for no apparent reason makes me less likely to abandon a save. So I also add some other side challenges, such as an African team winning the World Cup or a minnow winning the Champions League etc.
  9. Anyone but them haha They are cheats and hadn't won an away game in CL until 2006 or something, hardly an option to win the whole thing
  10. Must say i have to object about the 2001 CL winners on the db, had to change that
  11. All you can do is use the Real Time Editor to nerf the newgens. That's what I do. If I remember that is.
  12. Not a top 10 league anymore, but think Larisa in Greece is a good shout. If you want a proper challenge, check Iraklis if you can find a db. Italy, Germany and England don't help as the capital is not really a strong football domain. The Netherlands is a good option, but not in lower leagues as there's not much choice. A team like Den Haag fits the bill here, but only for FM22 as they got relegated in 2020-21. NAC Breda mostly hates Feyenoord, but you could pick Excelsior. From Rotterdam, 3rd club there and a big intercity rivalry with Amsterdam. With Italy and Germany you have a wider selection if you dismiss the "fight the capital" part.
  13. Excellent work! Is there an update coming soon or can I freely start a new game over the weekend?
  14. You have to go to advanced editor and change the registration rules (andlor the match squad rules if you want weird 90s styled rotation restrictions). You can adjust the year this takes place. I typically play this way my main saves to make them more challenging so I have edited all of Europe to slowly integrate a 5 foreigners rule (starts after season 2, changes vary between competitions). This still doesn't affect UEFA rules but most clubs will generally not have more foreigners than they're allowed to use in the league. An issue you will encounter is second nationalities, so you have to remove the possibility for some main nations to have this as an option, otherwise you don't do much as a lot of the based players will just take up a passport soon after. (Think Italy, England, Spain and Germany). Clubs also struggle to sell players they don't need, so unless you're willing to make big changes in the db by placing players elsewhere, don't do this change drastically, from current system to a 0 or 3 foreigners. Problem is, you need to this one by one for all nations. You might find issues with verifying default rules as well in some countries, but after some persistence it should work. Do not mess with the EU otherwise Italy becomes almost unplayable with the non-EU transfer quotas. Instead, check the EU rules and foreign rules on the Nations tab and adjust accordingly. For the British nations, ensure that you have all of them treating each other as non-foreign.. Have this for FM20, not yet for FM21 and I don't plan on doing it either as I was late to buy it and just want to play a bit till 22 is out.
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