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  1. This is me and I'll tell you why I think this is working for me. Naturally different team and different players. Defence: In terms of defending narrow I moved away from this when reading something that Rashidi wrote. If you're playing against a wide 442 and their wingers are bombing down the flanks then why would you defend narrow? You're allowing them lots of space where the want it. So i tend to defend normal or wide. On the flip side if they are playing with a narrow formation or with inside forwards I'll go standard or narrow. They'll want to cut in and when doing so will run into a FB, DC and DM. If playing against a winger and IF (like I do) then I'd set normal and tell the FB on the IF side to sit narrower. This is an instruction whilst YOU have possession but I think it helps position them better when the ball is turned over. The roles that I have mean that my players will tend to follow the team instructions around closing down. Attack: Fullbacks: Above is the description of a Wingback and it brought me to a realisation that in a formation where I have three men forwards with two other midfielders supporting I really really didn't need anymore players around the box. A fullback provides me with the support and defence i need to balance the tactic. On the left the FB(A) will make late runs into an attacking position or stay a little deeper supporting. The beauty of this is that he is very rarely marked as he is often quite deep in build up play and not considered a threat. This means that by the time he gets forwards he is generally unmarked and in a fantastic position to support play. My FB(S) has only recently been changed to (S) from(D) as we are becoming so dominant that few teams are countering down this flank. In a (D) role he provides incredible support play and recycling ability as well as a man back for counters or defence. In an (S) he will make late runs like the (A) but later still and not as far forwards as often. In the FB role I find the contrast between the duties to be significant in certain aspects but negligible in others. Below you'll see what I mean. Look at the number of crosses from the (A) vs the (D/S) however also look at the number of passes. The passes are very similar in quantity between the two but the (D) lacks the key passes but clearly is providing a real support. If you look at your first game picture you are so incredibly attacking ... who is supporting?? Be under no illusions to just how supportive an FB can be to a formation yet provide great defensive structure Again..... looking at your game picture - how narrow are your front three? Where is the movement? When I started with this formation I had two IF's. I then switched to two Wingers and loved the width that provide. I also loved how they would attack the goal when the ball is on the opposite flank. I then bough Hulme and what an incredible lower league player he is!!. He is tailor made for an IF(S) in my opinion and wreaks havoc there however when i switched back to an IF(S) I lost my width. So now I set up him with 'stay wider' so he pulls defences out wide then kills them with his dribbling, agility and pace when he cuts inside early from a really wide position. You can imagine the damage this causes when my late arriving FB(A) not only isnt marked but has noone near him to pick up. One last thing. In my opinion you have waaayyyy to many team instructions. Another thing I took from Rashidi or Herne is to apply these during the game when you see something you can exploit. Is your GK distribution being wasted getting the ball forwards.....then turn on short passes/distribute. If it's finding your men then leave it alone. Are they weak down a certain flank.... then exploit it I hope some of that helps.
  2. I play pretty much as you described. I'll post more later and my tactic however two settings to look at. Use FB's rather than WB's. I use (A) on the left as I overlap an IF and (D) on the right. I'll switch out the right to (S) if we are dominating and I feel no threat down the flank. Both offer better support play and you can tell them to cross left. This year I have noticed just how overused the WB role is. Since switching my defence is considerably better and the number of cross are far lower and the support play is better. What for the massive difference between teh (A) and (D). Also you can use 'work ball into box'. though this affects a lot more.,
  3. It's an intersting transition you have made to two wingers. Despite my last post stating I am likely to stick with this tactic I have moved away due to a poor run of injuries. I was tempted to 'magically heal them' but decided to stick with the game proper and just switched tactics. I make the comment as I have been playing around with other formations that are a little more traditional and I have tried to bring with me what I learnt about this formation (WM). I opted for a simple 4141DM and was getting a little frustrated with it but then I played around with the front three and set myself up with two wingers. One (S) and one (A) and the game play was great. Defense was really stretched, there was space for incoming midfield to attach and I massively dominated the last 14 minutes and grabbed the winner goal from a cross from the far winger to the other winger that had cut in. I found with the WM and my team the passing around the box was amazing but the box was just packed with players so it often took an amazing worldie to win a game. It early days for me with two wingers but it really does seem to deliver the space. Now it's just about how best to exploit it. I'm running a auto 100 year game in the background so can't post a picture but am running with this AF(A) Winger (S) Winger (A) CM(S) MEZ(A) WB(A/S) DC(C) DC(S) WB(S)/IWB(S) The DC combo is interesting as they do not have 'hold position' like the normal DC(D) do. Thus they move around a little more offering better support. I also find that they mark a solo striker a little better,
  4. Agreed. Yes it can. I'm playing the WM formation which, whilst having wingers, does play fairly narrow. The overload of 4 DM/MC's creates an incredible support structure generally having a passing option at all times. Which roles do you have on your strikers? If they are both attacking type roles AND you have an attacking mentality (guess you do as PSG) then do not expect them to drop deep. Maybe trya DLF(S) or False9.
  5. I would hazard a guess that you are getting buggered down the wings. I think any opposition deep midfielder is going to have a ton of time on their hands to make a great pass down the flanks bypassing your midfield. Check the assists against your team. Are they from the flanks? Think about it.... how many advanced players do you have on (A) and with a positive mentality they will be well up the field. If you lose the closing down game your midfield and flanks are exposed.
  6. I have no one in my team that can take a decent direct free kick however everyone that has an opportunity always shoots.# The only option I am offered is 'mixed' but it is never mixed it's always direct and I score perhaps 1 in 40 shots. I've taken to keeping all my players back simply because I know I will lose possession. Is there a way to change this? My current match has a player with freekicks 6, longhots 4 taking my direct free kicks and shooting. Anuy ideas?
  7. This might be more of a generic question rather than specific to this thread. I originally started with a 1/3 setting on passing and tempo. SHort and lower. In one match I played I was closed down a lot and moved to the middle setting standard which fixed the closing down issue at the time. But it got me wondering. If I can pass short and fast should I do it all the time? Is there a time that I should use slow? What do these situations look like in a game?
  8. The passing patterns on this tactic are amazing. I'm bouncing around various different roles depending on who is available. One thing I like about this is that you can become more attacking by changing one or both of the IWB into WB(S) go give you more width and earlier crosses. It's really interesting to see how it fares against other formations. I struggle with 451's but excel against 433 (DM Wide) as the overloads in the centre kill their DM and generally pull a CD out. This season I have aquired a really decent (Division 1) IF on the AML position. He is also creative and can dribble and he is ripping defences apart with a small dribble then a defence splitting pass. I'm tempted to play with a AP(A) role on the AML position to see if i can force this more. I think this is really a formation that I can stick with, Its the only one on2018 and 2019 that has really delivered what I want from a tactic. This means that I can truly start to build the team correctly. My MCR is a loanie and fits the role perfectly but has shooting of 9 which I really see in the game. He gets into great scoring positions but generally shoots straight at the keeper. I'm going to look at the CF role as I have no players that really fit it well. DLF or poacher seems to suit my strikers better but it'll be something I have to explore ingame. This is me at the moment:
  9. Curious..... Why go from IW(S) to WB(S). With the space they have outside they get quite far forwards. If it was a case of gaining width but keeping defensive wouldn't WB(D) have been a better option? Is it something you looked and dismissed? ie a conscious choice?# You have both gone for an RPM. Are you looking for the creative side of the player here? ie killer balls or is it other aspects of the role you like? I am playing in the lower leagues and I have players that have high suitability for the MEZ and RPM roles but lack one key stat in each role. The Mez has shooting of 7 and the RPM has passing of 11. Thus I have swapped them around and it's evened it out for me however I've had to switch out the RPM role for CM(S). Hence the curiosity around the RPM role. I've played a number of games like this and would I'm finding it quite sensitive to PPM's. Though this is clearly something I'll need to look for moving forwards if I stick with the formation. My WB's both get 'get forwards' my wingers have 'cut inside'. LAM
  10. All, Thanks for the replies. The two comparisons (first and third) are the same player with the same role in the same tactic. The only thing that changes is the team setting around pressing. 1st one shows team at extreme, the 2nd shows the same player with no PI once team setting has been turned down. The 3rd shows the same player with team setting turned down but with PI applied
  11. Okay..... I think. Let me ask this then. Who is doing more pressing. The first player box or the third?
  12. But that is what I do not understand. I have not changed any roles or mentality. I simply went from a team tactic of extreme pressing where I would assume the team would press very hard. I was not presented with an option to increase this. However when I tell the team to ease off I can then tell individuals to really get stuck in. I'm not fussed about making changes like this but it's more a case of understanding the bars. In the first player box the bar is max green but the description suggests he is taking it easy. Whereas in the last player box the green bar is not full but the working suggest he is getting stuck in. Which is correct as they both cant be...surely?
  13. Hi, Looking for some clarity on this, I'm trying to play a pressing game and am using various pre-set and self made tactics. I'm confused. When I choose a team setting of Extremity Urgent pressing my team seem to not want to do it: Most of my players look like this and I have no option to increase it. However, if I change team setting to lower I then have better closing down to start with and I can actually increase it. Starting: Increase: Am I reading this wrong? Should I just simply look at the size of the green bar and ignore the words. As you can see the green bar is maxed out on when team have extreme setting. Thoughts?
  14. Yes. But I was referring to the crossing. This is partially why I've asked people to post what they've taken from the thread. Left wingback crossing to far post is relatively easy to acheive. If you want to pull play down the right then AP's etc or PI's can do that for you.
  15. Yes. My mistake. WB(S) should be able to sort that for you .
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