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  1. Boxing eh? No wonder the interest in training! An interesting read. Shame the last picture had to be an Arsenal one
  2. Short version. If you have good tutors in the club then tutor the hell out of the kids. Ideally you want them in their formative years as footballers having high determination and professionalism. Once they reach 18 you have some decisions to make. 18 is when how they train changes slightly. 1. If they are good enough to make 'some' appearances in the first team and you have decent facilities then keep them at home. 2. If they are not good enough and you have outstanding facilities then keep them at home 3. If you are not sure then send them out loan but be careful where you send them. I always insist of first team or key player and I'll pick the best facilities when deciding who to accept an offer from. Cleon wrote some incredible threads about developing players.
  3. This ^ The key for me is to look at the PI for the role. I'll give some examples. I have an outstanding LB player. He is dribble, he can pass, he can cross and he has great vision. Now if you look at the PI's for CWB or even WB(A) then you'll see it removes many aspects of his game as he tells him to simply sit wide and pretty much stay there. They also tell him to get to the byline each time which again, for me, wastes his passing ability. Another one of my players is great at crossing and is fast but cannot dribble thus I'll look for the options that do not include dribbling such as FB(A) or WB(S). Then I have what is your old school fullback with a little passing ability. He is reasonably fast but cannot dribble, his OTB is poor and he cannot cross. But he can pass. So he'd get FB (S) or (A). Just look at what you want them doing. Are they capable of leading the flank and producing stuff at the end of it? If so then you need the relevant role and duty as well as space for them to work in. If you want them up and supporting attacking players around then then you'd probably max out at WB(S) which does not overly promote crossing.
  4. Hey. I'm toying around with the Raumdeuter role and I have a player that would appear to be really good at it however I am trying to work out if he is using his passing ability or crossing ability as I am looking at training a couple of youngsters into the role who I think could be much better. Essentially the idea is for the RMD to pass/cross from the channel rather than out wide. The description is ".... ability to cross the ball accurately from wide areas". So.... what's wide?
  5. Hi, There is clearly a difference in how players respond during a game following actions on the pitch or a team talk. I do not recall ever seeing any threads on this but I think the impact can be fairly large and was wondering if anywork has infact been done? I'll attempt to track some of these over my next few games but here are some that spring to mind: Motivated Confident Self Assured Fired Up Calm Convinced Composed Professional Frustrated Very Frustrated Furious Angry Uninterested Complacent Wound Up Nervous I also note that some say 'seems' and others say 'Looking'. One of the of my opposition players went from Frustrated (when they went a goal down) to very frustrated to Furious. He then scored and became Angry. There is definitely an improvement in performance when your in the green but it's trying to work out what improves. Some 'seem' obvious. Motivate is likely to see an increase in determination. Fired up may see determination and aggression. Complacent may see a decrease in concentration. Uninterested maybe a decrease in determination. Any ideas? Backup or not?
  6. Think about what you want the player to do first and foremost and then how does he do that? For instance, taking your example. I have a winger that is oustanding at crossing and getting into good positions to do so, however he is not fast and he cannot dribble BUT he has good OTB and will get into great positions out wide he then just needs someone nearby who will pass to him in these positions. (think Beckham only he played deeper). The roles that highlight his best for me are the LB/RB roles into Fullback - Wingback and Complete Wingback. Have a look at those and see how they fit my statement. Each shift up the line requires more pace and running ability. But you can get a Fullback to cross from very far up the field. If you can't find the balance in the role then you can use something more neutral and adjust it with PI's.
  7. I'm taking a leaf out of Cleons (and Others) book and playing Standard mentality then reviewing things from there. It would be interesting to understand why the recommendation is there because if it was based on my opposition then it may give an insight as to how they are setting up.
  8. Hey. I'm looking at my PMTAS and it is advising I switch from Fluid to Structured. Can someone please tell me what this change is based on? Is it my choice of players or the opposition setup? This advice is effectively telling me to play with a little less creativity and to put some space between my lines and I'm curious as to why. LAM
  9. As a general rule of thumb do you put your Role(A) behind Role(S) on the premise that the (A) will go past the (S) who drops deep (assuming a striker). OR Do you out your Role(A) behind Advanced Role (A) on the premise that the more advanced player should be in other space? Pics below might help understand the question better.
  10. Between this and my attempts at the 4231 tactic I'm really learning to look at space and how it works and who uses it. My first observation here was that your midfield trio were very attacking. One MC(A) and two MC(S). I thought that would not have any space. However unlike the 4231 where you have an advanced player cutting in from the wing, here you do not. Thus there is more space for the midfield trio to attack and exploit whilst the wingbacks should keep the width. I have a question. Given that the midfield trio will be fairly advanced would the use of a Libero(S) work. I believe the (A) version would put him in places where the MC(A) is and/or clash with the two MC(S). However with the (S) role he would not break beyond the DM position (in theory). I can't test this yet as I am going to use it next season and I have 4 games left now. LAM
  11. Ha... thanks. As I said. This isn't about making it work. It's about understanding it. @summatsupeer Thanks for the feedback. Though, isn't that what these threads are for. Take the tactic, tweak it, break it and then learn it. I'm just obviously at the break it stage...... Reality is that I need to do two things now. Rethink what I want from this tactic as I really keen to get my young IF scoring but Kane is my talisman and really he should be the focus. Secondly, I made an observation a few days back that I thought my team were running it way to much and I've just look through their PPM's and 'run with ball' in some shape or variet is loaded across the board. This is one of the reasons I am not seeing as much passing and I also think it's pushing players into odd positions. I'm going to create another save off the current game and remove a few PPM's and see how it plays out. If it works I'll restore and try to 'unlearn' them. My two wingers both like to cut in too....... that aint gonna help.
  12. As a general rule of thumb I always copy your tactics to start with as it gives me a base understanding of how it should work. Being Spurs I am blessed with a wide range of players so playing any kind of formation/tactic is possible. What I'm trying to do now is understand why (and yes, I did mean DLF and not DLP ) my DLF(A) does not work but the DLF(S) does. Clearly sitting deep means he will see more of the ball and whether individually or otherwise Kane (or whomever plays in that role) will do better and bring others into the game. However his goals tend to be hero shots rather than based on a tactical brief. In terms of not getting results I'm not there, in fact it's the complete opposite. My team is very dominant just not playing the way I want. I'm not posting this to prove a points as winning games is not the issue. It's my understanding of how certain dynamics are working in the game. I'm frustrated with what I see and am struggling to change it. Last season DLF(A) worked. This season it doesn't but DLF(S) does. However that has a knock on effect. On thing I am noticing as I look at things more closely is that many of my players like running with the ball and despite decent stats to do so generally do not fare well when doing it. I'm going to push on with the DLF(S) but will try and work out how to set others up around him. I think I need to play around in the PPI's a little. For instance Ali is great in the Seg Vol role but loves shooting from distance all the time. On many occasions it is down to not having options but not always. I think his PPM comes into play around arriving late. I think by the time he gets there everyone else (who doesn't have that role) is already there. I also think I need to sit back and really think about what I want to see from the team. All well and good saing it's frustrating......... but what isn't? what looks good? ps. No, I don't think you'rebeing arsey.
  13. This quote was in response to me changing the DLP(A) to (S) if the striker is not involved in play. Given your response can you advise how you would handle this as it is proving more and more common as I entered the 2nd half of season two and teams are becoming more and more defensive. The two soloutions I use which work(ish) is to go DLP(S) or CF(S) which gives him roaming. Or I switch Kane to the IF(A) role and bring my other striker into the FC position. You mention that its about supply but if there is no supply then something has to change. I can change the roles around him ie the IF(A) to IF(S) but in your tactic this would pull the focus away from the IF who is setup to score. Riskier passes will involve someone going TQ/AP which will then pull play to them. The DM's are already at max attack in (A) and (S) respectively. The other option would be to go 'control' to push play up and effectively bring the game to him rather than him into the game or start using some PPM's 'riskier passes'. The 'control' element appeals to me but early in the thread you mentioned that its one hell of a change to make as it changes the entire team rather than a player or two. Thoughts? *EDIT* Would a change in Shape help? Move to fluid to compress play? Would it work both ways (kinda) that it will pull him back into the game a little but also push the game to him?
  14. In a little bit of a rush for my take on things but you have justone player on attack duty. They are all supporting.....but who are they supporting? Personally I'd look at IF(A). MCR-MC(A) so he is moving into space generated by the winger.
  15. Clearly the issue started much earlier than the tactics screen. I wanted a pacey player and bought one...... then changed the tactics around him! I had a really long reply bouncing around in my head but they say a picture paints a thousand words: Interestingly we are defensively so much stronger too as we were not losing possession high up the pitch. The overlapping on the Left wing (i mirrored your setup) was outstanding to watch. Both of the players i had in the AML role like to step inside (just a little) so they dragged the defence over too, I do need to find a winger that likes staying wide though..... and sadly I do not really have anyone coming through the ranks. Because I had not crammed the middle of the pitch the DM's and AMC all had space. They did cross over a little but not as much and because of that I could leave the DM's on (S) and (A). I'ts quite incredible how two decisions can wreck havoc. 1. I bought the wrong player 2. I changed the tactics to suit him..... just one role.
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