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  1. Not yet but my Man Utd save are projected a load of debt. Trying to balance the wages but it’s difficult as I have a bunch of squad players on long term huge contracts. Projected to be about £1bn in the next couple years.
  2. Any Physical training that involves the Strength attribute. Look in the description.
  3. Yeah, that's true. Should probably upload your save to the Bugs forum then.
  4. Okay but based on those shots we don't know how any of those injuries occurred. I thought you had made tests using your own team.
  5. I might be wrong but I think what they fixed was players taking free kicks with their wrong foot.
  6. Does it only show the potential injury in the players info if the injury forced him to come off? My player just picked up a yellow knock and there's nothing in his info.
  7. Not always often. I recently went 2-0 down in the first 20 mins of a game and came back to win 6-2. It is possible to still motivate your players during a match so in this case, maybe the AI manager lacks that.
  8. Besides the Roma match, you're getting a lot of shots and not dominating position. I'd look at the kind of shots you're getting. I've had matches where I'm the far superior team and still not getting 30-40 shots a match.
  9. Comparing the injuries to the same team IRL doesn't make sense. You should compare it to the other teams in your league at least and by the looks of it you only have 2 injuries more than the ones below.
  10. True but they've made it clear nothing's going to happen. So I just embrace how good this ME is compared to the previous one.
  11. They haven't used beta testing for over 20 years though. I think that's what he's saying.
  12. Agree with this. Happens to me all the time. When it says the player has picked up a knock it should say there and then what's wrong with him so that the manager can make the decision.
  13. If you pick the right tutors you shouldn't have this problem. It helps if you pick players with similar personalities and the tutor should be determined.
  14. I've definitely experienced injury crises similar to yours but I guess in my point of view they make more sense. I take precautions to prevent them though, I try not to let the same players play a full game every week and I make sure the injury prone players are looked after. The AI in FM15 is a lot smarter too, they won't hesitate to go in strong on your injury prone players.
  15. From my experience international managers don't know how to look after players. Whenever there's friendlies I set my key players to only play 45 mins. You should also look into the types of injuries you're getting and see if you can prevent them. You only have 2 long term injuries, that's not that bad.
  16. How many games have you played on 15.3 and how many injuries are you getting? Where are your injuries occuring? In training or during matches?
  17. Yes, it's normal. If you're getting a lot of injuries, you're probably not looking after your players properly.
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