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  1. I agree with Cougar. My transfer market is dominated by young players from Brazil and Argentina, it's better to load more leagues from the continent you wish to play in.
  2. I've noticed the DoF makes signings according to the club philosophy. My current club's philosophy is to develop young players so my DoF does help with this by making offers for young players. He doesn't always find great payers but you can always cancel the offer. They still tend to make offers around the deadline day mark but that seems to be a common problem in this game considering AI managers tend to do this too. In my 5 seasons with a DoF I've probably signed 1/5 players he made offers for.
  3. Press conferences are a disappointment as usual. I've personally given up hope that they will improve but until then it's the assistant's job!
  4. Still problems with the play through injury option. If a player gets injured before a big game his morale drops before you can even choose whether to leave him injured or have him play with the injury. It's hard to keep morale up as it is!
  5. Were you not able to negotiate it to a lower wage at all?
  6. I look for a bit of Fitness, Man Management, Determination, Motivation, Physiotherapy and Adaptability.
  7. I'm having a similar problem, still not sure how to tackle it yet.
  8. I've got 8 key players at the moment. Need to start thinking about changing a few though.
  9. And here's me thinking I get too many penalties...
  10. For the best tactical advice head over to the Tactics & Training Discussion.
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