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  1. As per title, even if you don't use it it won't affect anything. It would be the most common tool for searching on the editor and saves several clicks. If you need screenshots let me know, but it's irritating to have to click 4/5 times before searching a filter that is so common
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Everton Data Issues

    i've just seen his position atts and striker is his best
  3. so this should work "in the end" just happened to me, first match i've played on fm2018, good start
  4. the social media thing is contrived, dull and pointless. one negative, one positive, what a delight.
  5. alright mate, slagging me off. it's a 2 year old dell, an i7 of some description
  6. what processors were affected? my game seems faster, didn't really realise
  7. suffering with injuries on this, never had less than 8 at a time
  8. should be snubbed by a manager if volatile personality & disliked personnel is the other manager.
  9. The game is called Football manager...

    Good thread, i've always found the evolution of a sunday league rep manager a poor experience, some things never go up, makes me not believe the game is "listening" to my character
  10. Why FM is decaying?

    a circular snake IMO, the instructions you'd give individually are the reason why we label them as such, we label them because they follow the instructions in their style of play. One in the same thing TBH. I do agree, they should be a little less rigid though.
  11. Hey, Mental stats for this repuation, how high can they get? Are any of them fixed? How do you improve them? Anyone ever seen someone get a sunday league manager get to world class status and increase all their stats as though they'd started on international player? is it possible on sunday league rep to replicate the PA 200 a manager gets?
  12. @Miles Jacobson Miles, why doesn't the game/3d engine show people rounding the keeper & keepers punching. Basics?
  13. how did they get 1.2 mil in attendance when capacity usually only goes to 200k