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  1. i'd be embarrassed to be called Sir and having not 'won' the title - ridiculous
  2. Agreed. Bellingham might be young but he's special and again I believe foden could play cm. **** me xavi was the best player in the world at one point (briefly!) Let's have someone gorgeous there for once.
  3. Yep, this whole debate about grealish sancho Foden saka...etc just feels there's a missing 'flairs about England from what they could be. He's got some players playing well but he's almost the wise man of the hill, been through alot and is a nice guy but where is the cut throat penetrative play. Re kane yes it's frustrating his style, it's ok if you have an inside forward that can come inside when kane is deep and play as a legit striker but England don't really have that. Lots of players in the same position but not used as I'd hope
  4. I'm in the gunman camp, I'm not really an England fan either way but I feel more could have been done. Strange tournament overall
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