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  1. Crap, flaky, old, crap in that order imo. Easy stuff.
  2. It could happen, but the Dutch always seem to be a team that are more than the sum of their parts, compared to someone like England's "golden era", historically.
  3. Amazing that Skelenburg still starts, and some aren't amazing but tbf de Vrij, de Jong and Depay are all fantastic. Could flake out in the last 16 but if they get some head of steam up you can always see the Dutch going deep.
  4. Plus, he did actually score the only goal with a great bit of movement.
  5. Should be an easy Dutch win but they're another team who might be great or mediocre.
  6. Think Macedonia could still squeak through, lack of quality but I don't rate Ukraine at all.
  7. Austria's two bits of quality might have won this game, great ball again
  8. Low quality mostly but this has probably been the closest and most competitive match so far, credit Macedonia
  9. I'd have had him in the squad but you still needed 2 keepers in the 23 so...
  10. He's a fantastic player, but not better than Sterling, Foden or Sancho. What a privilege to have so many good options though
  11. Likewise, so does Southgate over Baptista, who is mostly known around here for usually being wrong.
  12. Wouldn't brag too much about sharing Rooney's opinion seeing how well his team did last season
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