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  1. Awesome progress Just re-read the whole thread again after following it a few years ago - just awesome stuff, definitely one of my all time favourites.
  2. Theres the Pogba we know and love. Still going to be a world champion though.
  3. Croatia to get back to 4-4 and winning on penalties would absolutely seal this total meme of a world cup.
  4. Lloris has been due for something like that on a world stage for 3 years now, fell off a cliff
  5. Aww France so clinical/Croatia can't defend.
  6. Croatia need to score in this period, theyre so on top right now.
  7. VAR is a positive step overall for football but they need to learn to use it better. And implement a bloody clock.
  8. One more goal and it's the most goals in a final since 1986
  9. Really though this is 0-0 after set piece goals are excluded.
  10. 2010 was alright. Loads of fouls, controversy and great saves. And the right winner.
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