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  1. Cheers! Never used a sweeper, never used 5 at the back, sounds incredibly defensive contrary to what I usually play - sounds fun!
  2. Let's have a go at this then, @Jambo98
  3. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Absolutely schooled by Iceland, what a **** shower. Grats Iceland.
  4. Pepe vs Austria - 20:00GMT

    Ronaldo :D
  5. Been using this for about 9 months in game, very pleasant play and general domination of games. Im Accrington Stanley in season 3, top of league one and just beat premier league stoke away in the league cup 4-1! I miss loads of chances, and most of my conceded goals are from set pieces but im 99% sure that is just my quality of player at this level, plus having no centre backs with height! Great tactic.
  6. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Obviously got to take the opposition into account, but England aren't that bad to watch these days really. Even in the world cup it was decent football, just not winning football
  7. Girls of the World Cup!

    The one on the right looks like Amanda Knox.
  8. England fans already giving abuse to the players for every mistake Singing 'England's going home' At least we have some humour about it I suppose.
  9. I think this, without any hyperbole, is the worst game ive ever watched. Absolutely no quality.
  10. So basically Netherlands, Colombia, Uruguay and Portugal went out in the groups for me, Chile topped Group B so Spain met Brazil.. and lost, and I ended up with a semi final line up of ; Brazil 1-2 Germany Chile 2-1 Belgium With Germany taking the championship. We'll see.
  11. How do you think the groups will pan out?

    Group A 1st Brazil 2nd Croatia Group B 1st Chile 2nd Spain Group C 1st Japan 2nd Ivory Coast Group D 1st England 2nd Italy Group E 1st Switzerland 2nd France Group F 1st Argentina 2nd Bosnia Group G 1st Germany 2nd Ghana Group H 1st Belgium 2nd Russia -- I can see this WC being similar to 2002 with a few shocks and underperformances. I reckon France might shock, they're under the radar and seem to alternate between great WC's and calamitous ones.
  12. Excited for the game again this year actually, and no problems whatsoever with FM Classic either. I might even give it a bash myself if I'm ever bored of a long term career game. I probably wouldn't pay for any of the unlockable features, however I do think that being able to start as an international manager should be left alone and free. Anything that is 'unrealistic' and/or makes the game easier - fine, charge a small fee. But starting as an international manager is a feature which is long established, and should be free to play.