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  1. I don't have a problem with regen names, but I wish there was some sort of % probability scale for their use. Loses a sense of realism and immersion when the best striker in the world is an Englishman called Ken Biggins or something.
  2. The only thing I wish we could 'spend' our manager's money on is coaching badges, seems a bit backwards that we can only go for further badges with the club and chairmans say so.
  3. Fair play getting 7th place with that squad and only one decent centre back
  4. I love players like that. I'd never drop or replace a player who is still performing regardless of stats. I once had a player still in my first team with Stalybridge in the Prem that I signed in the Conference North - he had one star CA by then but nearly always averaged over 7.2 a season.
  5. Awesome progress Just re-read the whole thread again after following it a few years ago - just awesome stuff, definitely one of my all time favourites.
  6. Theres the Pogba we know and love. Still going to be a world champion though.
  7. Croatia to get back to 4-4 and winning on penalties would absolutely seal this total meme of a world cup.
  8. Lloris has been due for something like that on a world stage for 3 years now, fell off a cliff
  9. Aww France so clinical/Croatia can't defend.
  10. Croatia need to score in this period, theyre so on top right now.
  11. VAR is a positive step overall for football but they need to learn to use it better. And implement a bloody clock.
  12. One more goal and it's the most goals in a final since 1986
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