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  1. Hey guys! Miles', sister's, co-worker's, husband told me today that it's coming Wednesday!!
  2. On the upside, 8pts clear of relegation and a draw away at Bayern! Few wins and it's a lovely boring midtable season
  3. Shame about the title, but you're back in the big time
  4. If the board give you a chance to rebuild, this might not be a bad thing in the long run. Youth only starting at the top level was very ambitious!
  5. Super tight! Looks like you play quite a few around you, just need to beat them and you'll be fine..
  6. Not great results, but at least the league is very tight. A few wins and you're heading towards mid table
  7. I always love your threads, another excellent one here and of course you won the CL in about five minutes I still read your First Vienna/Castellon thread from time to time for inspiration - any plans to do a similar youth only save at some point down the line?
  8. I don't have a problem with regen names, but I wish there was some sort of % probability scale for their use. Loses a sense of realism and immersion when the best striker in the world is an Englishman called Ken Biggins or something.
  9. The only thing I wish we could 'spend' our manager's money on is coaching badges, seems a bit backwards that we can only go for further badges with the club and chairmans say so.
  10. I love players like that. I'd never drop or replace a player who is still performing regardless of stats. I once had a player still in my first team with Stalybridge in the Prem that I signed in the Conference North - he had one star CA by then but nearly always averaged over 7.2 a season.
  11. Awesome progress Just re-read the whole thread again after following it a few years ago - just awesome stuff, definitely one of my all time favourites.
  12. Theres the Pogba we know and love. Still going to be a world champion though.
  13. Croatia to get back to 4-4 and winning on penalties would absolutely seal this total meme of a world cup.
  14. Lloris has been due for something like that on a world stage for 3 years now, fell off a cliff
  15. Aww France so clinical/Croatia can't defend.
  16. Croatia need to score in this period, theyre so on top right now.
  17. VAR is a positive step overall for football but they need to learn to use it better. And implement a bloody clock.
  18. One more goal and it's the most goals in a final since 1986
  19. Really though this is 0-0 after set piece goals are excluded.
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