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  1. Tomori now has 18 months to be eased into the side for the Euros which I suspect will happen
  2. Tomori got absolutely mauled vs Chelsea in the Champions League, as he was an outsider to 'the group' I'm not surprised it put Southgate off. Better the devil he knew with Maguire, and he was vindicated because once again, had a decent tournament.
  3. Theo is so poor defensively, he wouldn't make my team no matter how good he is going forward
  4. Absolutely, give me spicy takes to be debated over what some other (mostly on ignore) posters offer any day.
  5. I like Gunman, posts some silly or spicy takes but he winds people up which is always fun.
  6. Hard to disagree with this. I might have Livakovic in there over Bounou. Alvarez harsh to miss out too but no space for him.
  7. Apart from half the final group stage matches I missed 3 games in total.
  8. Tell this to the clowns who thing club management has much to do with international management
  9. That would have only been improved by Messi shouting SIUUUUUU into a mic or something
  10. Easy to forget we had Ashley Young at left back in 2018 The squad still had Delph, Rose and Phil Jones
  11. Haaland will never be considered a goat simply because of his nationality, he's very unlikely to do anything with Norway.
  12. Everyone going to Messi too, they all know what he means to them and the country
  13. What a match, what a world cup. If football finishes after this I'm okay with it
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