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  1. I've decided to so my annual ManUtd save this past weekend. 1st season I have finished 2nd and lost the title to goal difference to ManCity, both on 79 points. Lost in the QF of Champ.League to Barcelona and lost the final of Carabao Cup to Liverpool. FA cup, lost in the 3rd round to Brighton. So, not so good of a season in which I was experimenting with formations and played 3-5-2, 4-4-2 diamond before finally settling to 4-3-3 which is my main formation now. As far as transfers, I have sold almost all of the deadwood and restrained myself from splashing out on huge transfers,
  2. This "minor" patch has me feeling there were major changes to the ME. I don't buy for one second that there were none changes in the ME. The game is suddenly very very very hard. All of my tactics used pre patch are now totally useless. They worked fine before, not like super tactics or anything but reasonable. Now my team looks like a non league outfit against League 2 side. Playing with United. Labouring not just for goals or chances but for shots. Lone striker systems(4231 and 433) are unplayable for me due to the striker unable to get rating above 6.5 and do anything. Tried all sorts
  3. I just brought Pedro Aleman from Valencia Mestalla to my Deportivo squad, anyone has him develop good in their Valencia saves?
  4. Plus I dont even know if I will be promoted or this bug actually promotes the last team in the league and not the first. Haven't had news that I achieved promotion nor the steam acomplishment of promotion. Man if I lost hours of game time and not be promoted I will be properly pissed.
  5. Also, why do I have to wait a month before playing the last game of the season?
  6. Just started 5th season with Lazio. My squad and tactics and acomplishments so far below.
  7. In 7 seasons I am still to see VAR says "the goal stands". It is always disallowed for offside when VAR checks, never confirms the goal. Really frustrating.
  8. Is it possible to build a new stadium which is not bigger than the old stadium in this game? Like what Juve did in real life? For example, I'm playing as Lazio with my stadium being Olimpico with capacity 68000 and we never have sold out games and average att is around 48000, I would like to build a new one with ,let's say, 50000 capacity. Has anyone ever seen something like that in the game?
  9. Scouting in general for me is a shambles. My scouts rarely find anyone when I put in the parameters. CA star rating 2.5, PA 3.5 stars. You know how many players in the world with this parameters are there interested in signing for Lazio, the champions of Italy? Zero. So there's that.
  10. I disagree. I've been playing 3-5-2 in my save with much higher LOE and prevent gk distribution and I am quite happy with how it is working, I have my 2 strikers and attacking minded MC coming to press the def.line. I scored some goals due to mistakes of defenders trying to play it out. So in my experience it can work.
  11. It's been this way since forever. Something in the code I presume. Too often will I see this kind of "coincidence".
  12. Why can I only see how this player plays as a "segundo volante" when I am using him as a "defensive midfielder" but I am unable to select this role to see how he performs? I don't care how he performs as a SV because I am not using a SV in my team.
  13. Yeah, the bar covers part of the pitch in 2D. Very annoying. So many little bugs this year...
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