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  1. Signed him 2nd season for Anderlecht in January. Scored 15 that season. Next season he scored 17 in 17 and was bought in January by Sassuolo for 38 mil (minimum fee). I bought him back again for 65mil at the start of my 6th season. We will see now how good he will be. I expect a lot.
  2. Is it just me or are the AI keepers overpowered? I will so often see AI keepers getting 7+ or 8+ rating when playing against me and my keeper will so often have 6.6-6.7 rating? Why even bother to spend 40 milion on a keeper when he will play for 6.8 average rating and often play for <snip>. On the other hand I will see in almost third of the games I play below average keepers put on a show and just turn into a brick wall. Like, I win the game 3-1 and AI keeper will have 7.4 rating (conceded 3 goals) while my super expensive keeper will ofc have a<snip> 6.6 rating. Like how many times you as a user saw your keeper having a world class game? Maybe once every two seasons. Pathetic.
  3. Cool. It's just when I have a team that is miles better then the majority of the league (playing as anderlecht, had a tycoon takeover so I can invest 100mil euros in a team playing in the belgian league) it's funny we have trouble scoring and AI has no trouble, just needs to hoof a couple of balls over the top. I mean, it's not that I don't win, it's just I need 10 highlights for 1 or 2 goals while some ****** teams score from one or two highlights. But it's always been like that in this game..
  4. Is it just me or is AI too effective in punishing higher def.lines? I am losing my mind with games that I thoroughly dominate, missing chance after chance, AI keepers having phenomenal games left and right and then conceding from ball over the top.
  5. I'm playing with Anderlecht in Belgian 1st division. The club has major debt in the 1st season, paying 7.5mil/month which takes you to 60 milion euros in the red in the end of the 1st season. But I had a tycoon takeover, with UAE investors buying the club and investing 150 milion in the bank and clearing all debts. Great times ahead! Also the club has some major youth talents..Verschaeren, Kana, Lokonga, Sardella are superb players in the 1st team already but also there are some great prospects in the academy. The league rules in Belgian league make you have 6 players trained in Belgium for 3 years before the age of 23 in the match day squad so it's a nice challenge also to develop belgian talent along with my oil money atm.
  6. Sometimes I feel the game should be called Blocking Manager 21. I'm watching games on extended and blocked shots are driving me insane. Can't imagine how it is on comprehensive or full. Also when AI starts to play highlight like prime Pep Barcelona, you know it's going to end with the conceded goal for you.
  7. I've decided to so my annual ManUtd save this past weekend. 1st season I have finished 2nd and lost the title to goal difference to ManCity, both on 79 points. Lost in the QF of Champ.League to Barcelona and lost the final of Carabao Cup to Liverpool. FA cup, lost in the 3rd round to Brighton. So, not so good of a season in which I was experimenting with formations and played 3-5-2, 4-4-2 diamond before finally settling to 4-3-3 which is my main formation now. As far as transfers, I have sold almost all of the deadwood and restrained myself from splashing out on huge transfers, deciding to go for more cheaper options and avoiding to spend big on wages. So, I bought two players in the 1st season, bringing Manuel Locatelli from Sassuolo for 30mil euros in the summer,great deep lying playmaker who can play both DM and MC positions.. and another player in the winter window from Falmengo, Gabriel Barbosa who can play AML,AMR and ST for just 22 milion euros. He is a gem of a player, after having a huge impact in the 1st season he started the new season absolutely fantastic, scoring 7 goals in 5 games this far. Other two additions who joined in the summer of 2021 are midfielder Andre-Franc Zambo Anguissa from Fulham for 22 milion(plus 18 in instalments), good hard working player and striker Alexander Isak from Sociedad. This guy was expensive, but after failing to get Dybala or Joao Felix, he was my 3rd option on the list. I have payed 70 milion which is a lot but I had to pay his release clause otherwise Sociedad wouldn't sell. Players who have left the club from the top of my head are Jones, Cavani,Fred, Matic, Pereira, Joel Pereira,James, Lingard, Rojo. The squad: GOALKEEPERS: De Gea, Henderson, Grief DEFENDERS: Shaw, Telles, Williams, Wan Bissaka, Laird, Bailly, Maguire, Tuanzebe, Lindeloef MIDFIELDERS: Zambo Anguissa, McTominay, Locatelli, Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Levitt, Van De Beek ATTACKERS: Rashford, Martial, Diallo, Gabriel Barbosa, Isak, Greenwood My starting 11 are: De Gea - Alex Telles, Maguire, Bailly, Wan Bissaka - Locatelli, Pogba, B. Fernandes - Rashford, Gabriel Barbosa, Isak
  8. This "minor" patch has me feeling there were major changes to the ME. I don't buy for one second that there were none changes in the ME. The game is suddenly very very very hard. All of my tactics used pre patch are now totally useless. They worked fine before, not like super tactics or anything but reasonable. Now my team looks like a non league outfit against League 2 side. Playing with United. Labouring not just for goals or chances but for shots. Lone striker systems(4231 and 433) are unplayable for me due to the striker unable to get rating above 6.5 and do anything. Tried all sorts of role combinations, nothing works. 2 striker formations (3-5-2 and 4-4-2 diamond) work slightly better althoug the striker with Adv.fwd role will always be the worst player on the pitch if he doesn't score.(and rarely he does). This patch is the worst one to date, I'm sorry. It all just feels that defences are owerpowered, no fluidity in attacks at all. Very disapointed SI.
  9. I just brought Pedro Aleman from Valencia Mestalla to my Deportivo squad, anyone has him develop good in their Valencia saves?
  10. Plus I dont even know if I will be promoted or this bug actually promotes the last team in the league and not the first. Haven't had news that I achieved promotion nor the steam acomplishment of promotion. Man if I lost hours of game time and not be promoted I will be properly pissed.
  11. Also, why do I have to wait a month before playing the last game of the season?
  12. Just started 5th season with Lazio. My squad and tactics and acomplishments so far below.
  13. In 7 seasons I am still to see VAR says "the goal stands". It is always disallowed for offside when VAR checks, never confirms the goal. Really frustrating.
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