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  1. I look at it from a different point of view: How many players do you play in his position in your tactic and how many players do you have in the squad to play that position? Have you any youth players you are trying to develop into that position? Can you sell anyone who is on higher wages or who you don't like/wont use? To make room for him? He is a great player but you know your squad!
  2. Without you providing details of tactics and match stats - quite hard to diagnose. Are you creating a lot of chances in comparison to your opponents? Are you controlling possession but not doing anything with it? I find that in a losing streak - its about managing morale and ensuring that you try and get the confidence back in the squad! Stick to a tactic and similar starting line up to allow them to start to gel!
  3. If I allow my U18/reserve squads to be managed I currently set there tactics to copy the first team. One of my biggest frustrations is that I also allow training to be managed by that teams manager. Now if they are playing a specific tactic they should train to those roles for the majority of the time. I'm not saying that should be there only focus but the majority. I'm finding playing a simple 4-4-2 that my wide midfields are being trained as inside forwards, mid fielders are being trained as DM or AM which have no role in my current tactics. I know I can change this and I do but I shouldn't have to as its obvious those roles don't have a future at the club. I normally have two tactics that I use and these should be the priority and trained throughout the club.
  4. Also a comparison with the players at the club as well as all potential targets for that position. Key example I have a great 16 year old prospect LM. My current LM is 31 and struggling so I have been scouting for the position. I keep getting a lot of prospects aged 18-25. Not a problem. I would like to compare all against the 16 year old and want to sign someone who will give me good resale value and will be professional enough to understand I'm looking to progress the 16 year old as he is my long term replacement. At the moment I have to do all of that digging by looking at wages/value/ professionalism etc. Must be a better way of the recommendation stating more information!
  5. Has anyone tried the Huawei Matebook Pro X? Am looking for something light and portable with good battery! Heard the surface pros drain battery giving a play time of around 2 hours which won’t work well enough for me!
  6. I feel the scouting in general needs more control. I have currently about 500 scout reports out and want to prioritise certain players when I open their player screen. The options are limited from the player screen. I also want to disregard/stop scouting automatically any report that comes in say less than 50/60 rather them continuing for a week.
  7. I'm being thick and I know I am. Just had the usual question of a goal wrongly disallowed in a press conference and went to look at who the referee was but cant seem to find it! I'm sure it use to be at the top along with the match attendance! Any help please!
  8. Ok have you got a formation with two up top you have tested? Thanks
  9. @knap sorry to bother you. Ive tried this tactic on full release and not being as successful as expected. Is it being as successful for you in your testing? Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm in the same league with Boston Untd. Training is basically non existent due to two games every week and being a part-time club. There should be at least one training session on a another night.
  11. Found Dan Matsuzaka and his stats are decent after being released by Southend.
  12. Looking for a couple of CB’s. I’m currently playing as Boston and no money and very limited wages! Anybody found anybody useful?
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