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  1. Merry Xmas @Knap just been promoted to the Prem with Burton and my squad isnt up to standard. Need a tactic to try and survive the year, which one would you recommend?
  2. If you have the PS5 digital, where are you buying the games from? Looking for Cyberpunk 2077 but not sure where to get it. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  3. Yeah makes sense - Steve Hetzke was at Palace last year, not sure if he still is?
  4. What backroom staff have you got in place? Are you leaving training to your Ass Man or doing it yourself?
  5. I have had a similar learning experience. This has decreased when I have used the Beta tactics Knap is currently working on. What I am doing is finding a second tactic and loading that as my main tactic in January. Also adjusting the Mentality in some games has helped.
  6. Hi guys, anybody seeing a dramatic drop off in performance of tactics in the Beta? Two seasons in used my own 4-3-3 and finished 16th after having a great start. We won 15 games and had won 11 in the first half of the season. Then adjusted to Knap's Warrior tactic in the second season ended Pos - 9 with 9 wins and again had 13 wins in the first half of the season. Injuries and fatigue weren't an issue. Any ideas I'm interested to hear!
  7. Yeah I cant see a folder either in the documents to save it to or upload it from.
  8. Hi guys, Have found a version on Shopto for £25 that includes the beta. Any luck for less?
  9. @knap Thanks for the reply - I have a home/away tactic that scores early goals but keeping conceding late goals due to fitness levels and concentration (Championship). What are the two like in conceding chances? Do you hold that data for these two?
  10. Hi @knap Looking to find a defensive tactic that controls possession and limits chances to the opposition. Any suggestions?
  11. How quickly do slots two and three take to get a tactic to become fluid? Especially if they are vastly different to the tactic in slot one?
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