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  1. Has anyone tried the Huawei Matebook Pro X? Am looking for something light and portable with good battery! Heard the surface pros drain battery giving a play time of around 2 hours which won’t work well enough for me!
  2. I feel the scouting in general needs more control. I have currently about 500 scout reports out and want to prioritise certain players when I open their player screen. The options are limited from the player screen. I also want to disregard/stop scouting automatically any report that comes in say less than 50/60 rather them continuing for a week.
  3. I'm being thick and I know I am. Just had the usual question of a goal wrongly disallowed in a press conference and went to look at who the referee was but cant seem to find it! I'm sure it use to be at the top along with the match attendance! Any help please!
  4. Ok have you got a formation with two up top you have tested? Thanks
  5. @knap sorry to bother you. Ive tried this tactic on full release and not being as successful as expected. Is it being as successful for you in your testing? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm in the same league with Boston Untd. Training is basically non existent due to two games every week and being a part-time club. There should be at least one training session on a another night.
  7. Found Dan Matsuzaka and his stats are decent after being released by Southend.
  8. Looking for a couple of CB’s. I’m currently playing as Boston and no money and very limited wages! Anybody found anybody useful?
  9. Cleon - I have read a few of your posts/blogs on twitter. First of all brilliant work. I have come up with my own way of training in phases throughout the year; so preseason a lot of physical work. Early season when fixtures aren't to heavy - heavier training on the physical aspects; getting lighter towards game day and changing the focus towards tactics and technical attributes day before. Are you going to be writing any pieces for different time periods of the season? I.e. Xmas period or pre-season? I know this is very variable; dependant upon fixtures etc, but would be intrigued to see the differences in how people set up and explanations of the thought process behind the team training! I'm finding that generally training is going well but occasionally getting feedback that's suggest they want more of a type which I may need to tweak. Do you generally use the same training schedule each year (After adaptations)? Any advice is always appreciated!
  10. Brilliant - I presume though the strength of a squad is therefore in the midfields ability to win back the ball/control possession?
  11. Just been looking through your 2019 tactics for ideas and how best to set my team up. One of my questions is that other than you Man Utd 07/08 tactic all of them use a standard, lower tempo style. Is there any reason that this is a more successful tactic? Or is that a personal preference or do are tactics not as successful with that style of set up? Thanks
  12. Really haven't enjoyed the scouting in the last couple of years attached to the game. As a manager, surely it should be easy to give your chief scout a remit and allow him to then carry out that remit as best as possible. So in my case the club wants me to invest in young players for development. Being in the lower leagues I need to be signing cheap and adding value (like Southampton or Leicester) before having a good pay day when they are sold. All I want to do is ask the scout to find players, that play a similar style of football in similar positions (BBM/BWM etc), or those he believes could adapt to the style we play. At the moment I have to create very specific assignments for this to occur. Is there a quick way to do this? I like that the scouts do throw in an unexpected players but this in my opinion occurs to frequently. I recently read a report that a lot of clubs have lists of 5-10 players of varying ability that they have highlighted if players are sold. Could this not be an easy option to do or is it already a feature that I'm missing?
  13. What tactic/style are you playing? How are you finding the training or are you giving that to your assistant?
  14. Still at the start of July 3 days in sorting the whole yearly training schedule. He's still on holiday at the moment so may be able to cancel it once he's back.
  15. Interested to see how you get on. I too am playing as Hamburg after going for my stag do. Really nice city. I couldn't cancel the loan of Hwang Hee-Chan.
  16. Morning Knap and thanks for your hard work! I've seen you mention a 4222 Beowulf tactic but cant find it, can you tell me the link to it, as may be useful for a second tactic for my Burnley side. Much appreciated
  17. tomzo_2

    Board relationship

    Agree with the post, also in negotiating your contract it could be something you insist on for the club to fund. Numerous times I have moved up a division to find they still wont fund a coaching course even though they can probably afford it.
  18. Interesting! Similar problems I'm having with him! When he's fit he is one of my best players but just not fit enough of the time!
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