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  1. I really hope this is not the start of banning the custom kits and faces people produce. This would be a game changer for me. I know there are already some licensing issues. As clubs get greedier and greedier this could become more of an issue. I really hope not though
  2. In the past I have experimented with the camera and always uses the Director view.......this year I am preferring the TV Camera
  3. I had this too and was just about to post a possible bug. So if we are playing in a league we know nothing about how are we supposed to know all of these little caveats. I looked in the rules and I could not find the information. I got a message after about 24 games in the Dutch second level saying I had achieved a play off place. It was right I did get into the play offs despite finishing down the league. Is there anywhere in the game where I can find out about the leagues before I start to play them
  4. I know its a small thing but I really miss the player face on the display of the goalscorer. Come on we all get attached to our players and I want to see their face when they grab a last minute winner
  5. I think they will just take some getting used to, but to be honest in real life we would not know the percentage so its a tad more realistic maybe
  6. The match engine is really good, much better than I could have hoped for . I have it set on Medium quality for graphics in the preferences, so I changed it to high and it looked amazing. ......however had the odd glitch. I would imagine a really high spec machine will make FM21 matches look tremendous
  7. I am waiting for this too. The white on the screen is way too bright for my eyes
  8. Yes I could do this but I also use the lap top for work so do not really want to be continually swapping like this. Its not a huge issue as a skin will be out very soon I would imagine. I also have a decent save going in FM20 ;-). Thanks for the reply
  9. So far I like the match engine. Dislike the skin.....way too bright. I have an eye condition and I will need to wait for a darker skin to even play the game which is a real shame. I know its a simple thing , but I love the team sheet at the beginning of the game
  10. Yes I am having the same issue , that’s why I have come to this forum. The game is close to unplayable this year because Of this . Hope they fix it soon
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