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  1. Hmm. 1 vs 1 are about mentality? I didn't observe that. I see in both AI and human disadvantage in here. I see long shots that have clear sight(snipers) have more goals than 1 vs 1 in game. I hope 2021 will not be designed for kids. I'm not convinced by know-all people on this one.
  2. What mentality should it be for programming AI may I ask? Is it really better in defensive and changing formation last 5 minutes and scoring from setpieces. Only solution for competitive game? Well I'm a wargamer for 20 years and curious about what does know-all people say.
  3. I didn't touch any setpiece routine in corner and wide setpieces. If I touch it would be cheating against AI. Indirect setpiece goals already too much in default settings.
  4. I don't think world economies change in 15 years that much. Maybe USA and China interest in football we don't know, but football needs strong economy and population as well. Galatasaray(GS) played semi final in tournament before it was called Champions League against Romanian Steaua Bucharest in 1988. GS won the UEFA league (final against Arsenal) and Super Cup in 2000 against Real Madrid. Now Football is more about money. I agree about €100M in the bank and board doesn't allow best coaches or increase coach limit it should be bug.
  5. Yes I understand for attack width with full backs necessary but it seems they are overpowered, they should be necessary but not crucial. Many teams in the world not only score from full backs going forward in open play.As mentioned creative players(AMC) very slow at turning with the ball Deep playmaker more important in DMC position or in midfield. I'm very curious how engine come to this? It was not perfect in FM'17 but how come it is not enjoyable to watch in 2020.
  6. I think it is this post under review. I was not aware of this. But doesn't seem to be related to offensive players I guess. More about AI related tactics.
  7. As mentioned before I think in FM'19 also in here; creative and agile playmakers- or whatever role in AM position maybe any position- takes his time to turn around with the ball pass back to deep playmakers then those make the through pass. Timing should be everything in football. It is very frequent I see here. Opponent running back faster than creative player turn direction with the ball. And as in bug reports I don't see team mentalities work good enough below balanced. Lower mentalities rarely pass forward.
  8. My take on this long shot goals very common than any other version. I've wing back total sum of 24 in longshot, technique and finishing score from long range in 3 matches. I agree about the part any professional footballers can pass the ball in to space when player is available.
  9. Not to disrespect but Gary Grigsby's War in the East has 518 weapon database. It took 7 years for fire and assault phase to balance them properly. Imagine that is niche wargaming do not sell well.. But It was all free patches only a few DLC. And those DLC were only about scenario not about grand campaign. I don't buy this sentence 'we have limited coders'. Sorry.
  10. I think all about performance issues. I like 2d smooth as possible. No stadium and sound I need.
  11. I think this 'rare' bug should definitely be reported. Should not be left under soil. https://community.sigames.com/forum/739-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/
  12. Hmm 'I play it to death regardless of complaints over ME.' interesting argument. Not only this game audiance -mostly British and the Common Wealth- I hear similar argument in my country as well. Different opinion people aren't elite gamers but more 'passionate' as Devs says..
  13. It won't effect much for game. Church, mosque and synagogue and such will open and markets but how supporters will go stadiums not sure. Fanatics will go for sure. For 2021 I've more doubts about ME. Hope it will be better.
  14. Van Persie didn't do much in his Fenerbahçe carrier. Was very expensive player. Real life goals were typical goals from striker role in FM in that team. Not extraordinary.
  15. Not a young player myself I tend to not criticize and accept most games have faults more than younger players. But I think this is not good enough for me about how goals scored. Before any effort into micromanagement and time from me I'll look at demo and decide. Now added simulation problems and team instructions in recent versions. I don't like one way of playing a game as a strategy fan mostly. Cheers.
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