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  1. I hope season fixtures at least proper in this version outside ME. This should be another most important thing. All said about 2021 version about central play I hope for a more balanced goals and influence of AMC play in next version. Life is short.
  2. Thanks to Neil and Lucas, 1366 768 screen resolution problems solved in this current patch. Set piece goals were also a problem for me which does seem to be a bit better. But maybe AMC position still needs to be a bit better about influencing play and assists in central play. Deep CM playmaker seems much better at this with quick through balls from deep. As mentioned before maybe a code needed against a tight constant defense, they should break at some point under pressure and make more mistakes.
  3. Tactics should be important but for me it does mostly influence set pieces play in last 2 editions. Set pieces can be sometimes about luck - all players out of position-. There is not enough open play highlights for me when I watch AI vs AI and my team matches about how they score goals. Not good enough football simulation for me but of course everyone has opinion. But it is very routine and seems to have very conservative community.
  4. Niche wargaming firms I know they change their engine for faster map scrolling and sometimes they do also unnecessary engine change, their games were already perfect only need more scenarios . I think better direction in here(FM) to do engine change if simulation script too complicated and if not adequate. But it sells well it is good in the end. Generally I don't blame who governs but who votes.
  5. Max Kruse from W.Bremen had a transfer this season to Fenerbahçe in real life. 3.5 current ability raiting for Fenerbahçe team in FM. But to this date real life stats in 17 matches he scored 7 goals and had 6 assists. I've tried playing him advance playmaker, Enghance and many more roles in AM position in game it didn't help. But in FM average full backs had good assist made me think maybe something wrong in AM position not about goals but assists.
  6. As Fenerbahçe fan Emre was very good at age 39 in his condition to play most matches but in reality he shouldn't play in harder physical matches but he performed well overall. I think mental stats is enough in FM football. But not much physical stats in real football?
  7. Yes sad. People can play very complicated strategy games at very old age but it won't fit todays market. Struggle with tactics and squad is good. I can tell nostalgia about CM 2001 20 years ago at university. But what is that for, meaning? I think SI should solve either AI teams difficulty in tactical planning or the simulation about how the goals scored. I don't mind playing a game against strong AI.
  8. The problem about this post is it dictates. As I wrote yesterday in a Napoleonic game some players were sensitive about uniform and regiment names. Despite realistic combat results. Well they are elite wargamers. Devs are generally polite and the community. Possible there are also elite gamers here but how goals scored not important I don't understand.
  9. Absolutely, I don't mind tactical creator should be limited for some team instructions if they don't work in a simulated game just before match. Or maybe a warning to players of tiki taka and AMC position is abounded todays football in game. Need athlete in wing positions to do the same job. Which is correct.
  10. What I've read previously about how match result calculated before hand -don't remember who but previously written by Dev team- is the simulation AI vs AI that much separated from human play I wonder? Surely player has a chance to change outcome of a match more than an AI. Simulation is same for all player and the AI isn't it. Maybe Neil should answer.
  11. I've yet to see short through balls from AMC to centre forward in possession football. There are sure through balls -a bit wide- to inside forwards from deep MC playmaker. If I remember correct FM 2020 blogs talked about improved central play before game was sold . It is improved according to FM'19 for sure. Another problem seems to be deep setpiece goals. They are common in my game. Argument against no simulation problems for me it is like, In a Napoleonic war game where soldier uniform and regiment names should not be important.
  12. So the simulation is correct about how goals scored but only AI programming fault for open space middle? Did anyone test player vs player I wonder. That's how good strategy&simulation tested hotseat playing both sides by the same player.
  13. I hope it's only that. Isn't it how they score should be important as well as AI in this simulation. I hope better simulation first and then better AI.
  14. Played a bit this evening again for 5 matches and watch a bit AI vs AI matches but I couldn't get into game still. More like was in the mood I've paid it so I should play more. But still.. Not enough variety of goals in open play, setpieces dominate. Whether creation of setpiece and these goals afterwards result of good tactics who knows. So unpredictable.
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