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  1. I don't think in all levels of football in the world IW intention by going narrow only mean to open space for wide players. It would be very repetitive&robotic in game and real life. Then by going all wide it somehow open space in the middle?. In FM'21 it didn't need very special instructions to see through balls, it was all natural and balanced by AI controlled youth team and player controlled senior squad.
  2. Don't know about AI counter any tactics -most probably not-. But I've seen AI use substitutes more often as I see in match. As far as I remember Miles mentions defenders more aware in some situations in twitch I think it somehow limited central play. Rashidi mentions in one of his videos inverted wingers now in narrow -central position- than in 2021 but then how come central play is not as good as in 2021.
  3. I've watched many goals in my youth team it is very similar goals my senior team scores in the first league. As far as I know there is only one engine and animations for all leagues in game. Floated crosses type of goals with headers are more common now in FM'22. Long shots goal chance have increased, as mentioned before those players before taking long shots were playing through ball in FM'21. I hope all of this match engine change is not because of new position role in FM'22.
  4. FM'21 variety of goals currently is the best . I don't think FM'22 deliver yet in beta. I hope FM'21 won't be the new FM'17 in 5 years time.
  5. I like the new match animations and more detailed agent interaction and staff and such but yes I also think from my few tests ball going wide again such as in 2019 and 2020. Probably better to tell it now before the end of beta. Rashidi mentions inverted wingers now has better positioning than in 2021 version. Is it about central play or only promoting new position as center wide, don't know..
  6. fm 2021-04-22 19-47-29-18.bmp I think this squad hierarchy -team leaders- mechanic should have been much better in this latest third version of FM (2021) . Mesut Özil- in reality he didn't play proper football for about 2 years, Fenerbahçe did everything for his transfer - Gökhan Gönül -one of the legendary full backs ever in Turkish football (age 36)- and Ozan Turfan (young player) saying to manager unjustice is done to Nigerian Bright Osayi- Samuel (23). This Samuel guy doesn't even in the same social group to those. Hierarchy other players. God knows what is the relationship about. Maybe they opened restaurant.
  7. I believe from this feedback here first staff and player transfers should be harder. I agree. And lets's go away from this argument 'people use cheat tactics' I don't use anytime since I've registered in 2006. Match AI, AI suad building should be better. Plain and simple.
  8. I remember Roberto Carlos in Fenerbahçe only has only 1 good long shot on goal and excellent diving header goal which you shouldn't expect from leftback. But it was his later years in his career. But anyway I believe it is still ongoing process how the goals scored according to attributes in game. I don'y buy the sentence about -to justify some strange goals from unexpected players- saying professional footballers between 1-20 attribuıte doesn't matter much. Then of course community will question the simulation.
  9. When the simulation has this much sales it won't be a simulation. Just a game for everyone to enjoy. But AI department needs a bit of work, severe ME problems have been mostly solved. Maybe next year opponent manager AI should be looked at.
  10. As previously mentioned if stamina, workrate, and some physical attributes would contribute to pressing I will be more convinced about ME, and still good headers from players they shouldn't, long shots and goals are bit still too much. It is ongoing process I believe. This years engine much better but I think SI look for attributes next year. AI maybe following year? Who knows..
  11. Maybe they need to balance high intensity tactics*condition during match much more. It was mentioned in FM'19,20, same problem. No team can press hard in all 90 minutes. And AI needs more programming input -random times- during match. Not specially to respond to player but to win.
  12. Before this latest patch in Turkish league 'Mbwana Samatta - Performans bilgileri 20/21 | Transfermarkt ' +30 goals in game but didn't have a transfer request from other clubs. I had top 5 leagues running including their 2nd division as playable but not full detail. Samatta had an average rating about 7.15 or so.
  13. But AI Messi didn't score less from less data in previous versions. It was rather a problem in match engine. I'm not convinced about bad data or poorly researched attributes causing problem.
  14. I think I remember many posts about previous 2 versions people saying engine was great until final third. Very glad this version is much better. Previously those mental, technique were hard to notice about how goals scored.
  15. I like the opinion for simplifying attributes. In a game I should be convinced about what it does. Last 2 versions were about setpieces and longshots. It was clear engine did have some bias for some attributes or not at all- it was all very random. For the wargames there are great examples about detailed combat tables being patched for 10 years and there are some simple algorithm games that have more realistic casualty, disabled rate. If more attributes are needed then more in game codes-events- will be needed. It is big job.
  16. That is very good point. I've started watching Turkish 1st league from early 90's and I guarantee some players at mature age were developed. It can be cultural thing but I'm sure there are many examples in other leagues. Some players become professional and develop good attributes at even 30's. They learn a thing or two.
  17. Yes I agree with those. This years main concern will be not ME this time but the AI I presume. Not from SI games or mods but there is some encouragement I observe from some users to try LLM. This doesn't help to improve tactical AI. I think general AI(transfers, squad building etc.) needs processing power but tactical AI in matches could be improved? At least low fatigue players substituted early.
  18. To my surprise ME is so much better this year, Well done. Even AI vs AI games there is so much through balls than setpieces in previous versions. AM finally better and maybe advanced forward striker role is better than expected. But I'm most suspicious about AI. Using 5 substitute rule feels like cheating to me. AI use it very late- or not at all- and change formation much later if it decides to chase victory or draw.
  19. I've very old laptop and still can enjoy games such as Factorio and niche wargames still published in 2020. At some point I've realized I don't need better hardware but better games. For FM most important thing for me will it run smooth in 2d graphics (It was smooth in FM 2020) and the match engine about how goals scored. Looking forward more Dev diaries.
  20. Hmm. 1 vs 1 are about mentality? I didn't observe that. I see in both AI and human disadvantage in here. I see long shots that have clear sight(snipers) have more goals than 1 vs 1 in game. I hope 2021 will not be designed for kids. I'm not convinced by know-all people on this one.
  21. What mentality should it be for programming AI may I ask? Is it really better in defensive and changing formation last 5 minutes and scoring from setpieces. Only solution for competitive game? Well I'm a wargamer for 20 years and curious about what does know-all people say.
  22. I didn't touch any setpiece routine in corner and wide setpieces. If I touch it would be cheating against AI. Indirect setpiece goals already too much in default settings.
  23. I don't think world economies change in 15 years that much. Maybe USA and China interest in football we don't know, but football needs strong economy and population as well. Galatasaray(GS) played semi final in tournament before it was called Champions League against Romanian Steaua Bucharest in 1988. GS won the UEFA league (final against Arsenal) and Super Cup in 2000 against Real Madrid. Now Football is more about money. I agree about €100M in the bank and board doesn't allow best coaches or increase coach limit it should be bug.
  24. Yes I understand for attack width with full backs necessary but it seems they are overpowered, they should be necessary but not crucial. Many teams in the world not only score from full backs going forward in open play.As mentioned creative players(AMC) very slow at turning with the ball Deep playmaker more important in DMC position or in midfield. I'm very curious how engine come to this? It was not perfect in FM'17 but how come it is not enjoyable to watch in 2020.
  25. I think it is this post under review. I was not aware of this. But doesn't seem to be related to offensive players I guess. More about AI related tactics.
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