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  1. Had a really good first month to my save, Long balls and set pieces! it ain't pretty but its working for me. Only lost twice and scoring lots of goals, I've just lost both my Big Lumps Smith and Proctor to injury which is a massive blow to the way I play. Best players have been Newell W(S) and Manning B2B.
  2. Good to see you are still doing a cracking job Spills I have finally decided to give Rotherham a go. Just loaded up a save, 1st window transfer budgets switched off so will be using the current squad until January. Been analysing the squad, still in pre season and decided to go with a standard 442 with Route One tactic as I feel this best suits the squad. Going to recall Purrington from his loan as cover at left back and send Raggett back to balance the wages as Ryner and Robertson are enough cover at CB, I wish Yates had a recall clause too as really need cover for Vassell. How did Vaulks do for you? I have always found it difficult to find a role for him, I am using him as a CM(D) alongside Manning B2B.
  3. I am just coming to the end of pre season (I micro manage so it takes me ages) and am enjoying the challenge, think I've just about settled on a 4231 (wing play with a few tweaks) I play with 1st transfer window budgets off so will try to get through to January then do some beg, borrow and steal to try to stay in the division. tied up Vela with a new deal who has been excellent in pre season as a DLP along side Williams/Lowe.
  4. Good job warlock excellent summaries, I am a masochist and am managing Bolton Wanderers, god help me !
  5. In a 4231 I think its essential that both CM's sit and hold, I use a BWM(D) and a DLP(D) and I swear by this combination, this allows cover for attacking full backs and gives a solid base which allows your front 4 the freedom to express themselves, I've also found that the BWM(D) is a lot more disciplined than in previous versions. The 4231 is too top heavy to allow the CM's any freedom, using any of them as Mezzala or B2B is asking for trouble and can leave your CB's exposed.
  6. After setting up corner routines, during the match my centre half assigned to mark keeper doesn't appear?
  7. Just been browsing Bolton's IRL stats this season and noticed Josh Vela has played as an AMC behind the striker in most matches, I've noticed in FM he has a poor rating in this position.
  8. Great going Spilly I'm always tempted to have a go with the Millers after reading your stories.
  9. Hi James, Great to see you doing another Barnsley Career will be following and maybe doing one myself, really enjoyed last season's career, I'm becoming a FM Barnsley Fan.
  10. We have spent a fortune! I just hope financial fair play don't come back and bite us in the backside, we definitely need to trim the squad in January, its huge.
  11. Hi Rob, I think the squad is about spot on I agree with you about Fox, he is just on a run of confidence and is doing alright, better than when he's at left back anyway, also he has better defensive midfielders in front of him this season. I notice that Jack Robinson has a better rating at CB than LB? I know at Liverpool he was a Full Back not sure if he played CB at QPR.
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