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  1. Nothing better than when u finally ditch FIFA and get-to-know and understand FM (that was fm20 for me) and realize it is far and away and away the best football game in the market and ever made…. ….then u spend a few days around these forums and start to question everything u thought. my advice; enjoy the hell out of it, for true true lovers of the beautiful game, there is nothing quite like it. Appreciate it. Stay away from the forum. Lol
  2. I imagine girona had a nice bump to atributes on a lot of their players. Brighton did as well. Idk, just some of what ive seen on social media
  3. Dont see an issue there. Many top companies do this. He’s reaching more people with that tweet than he ever would with a post here. hell, I just came on here cuz I saw there was an update to fm on social media. Lol
  4. Real Zaragoza. currently in La Liga 2. Big city. big stadium. Good facilities and network. Very strong fanbase, and somewhat of a rich history including 4 copa del rey titles and a few league titles. u start the game with a few wonderkids in the first team and academy too. Jano Montserrat, Alejandro Frances, Ivan Azon, etc
  5. Gotcha. Makes sense. I did read all your posts before and you seem to know your stuff. I rely heavily on the star system tbh. Its just I remember there was a page where changing the “opinion of..” scroll did incur changes to some star ratings, but it makes sense now.
  6. In the squad page (maybe in squad planner i forget) where u can change “the opinion of” as u view ur players, changing assistants is 100% showing a change in stars for me man. Just not much, maybe a half star or 1 star variation on 2-3 pñayers out of my whole squad
  7. Watch more of the game (extended or comprehensive highlights) pay attention to player form, and if any are struggling in their last 3-5 matches dont be scared to rotate them and put in a backup. Remember the stars u see in ability is just the opinion of your assman, everyone here has seen plenty 2stars who performed much better than the 3star starting in front of him. Theres also hidden atributes so maybe a guy youve catalogued as a “backup” is rotting in your bench even tho he would do much better than the starter in front of him. Demand excellence, if players arent averaging 6.7+ over their last 5, sub them out a game or 2. You said youre in first place tho, so maybe things arent so bad. go to competition stats before each game, check out how your opponent is doing in corners, set pieces, attacking and defending them. If they score a bunch on corners, obviously set your focus to defend corners, if they’re scoring more on Fk’s then set your focus to defend fk’s. Same defensively, if they allow a lot of corner goals, set your focus to attack corners, etc etc. when you watch more of the game, dont make SO many changes every 5-7 mins or after every dangerous play given up. Yes, like the poster above said, u need to influence ur game more tactically, but beware of changing instructions every 5 mins and not letting the players settle. Thats not good. Sometimes, they need to be given time, if u come into a game confident of your tactic, and in min 2 u allow a goal, dont stress, let them play out a good 15-20 mins in that tactic u so trusted, theyll probably tie the game again rather quickly, maybe even take the lead. Find whats good, and TRUST it.
  8. I have an macbook air from 2017, runs the game fine just a bit slow if u load a huge database (still much faster than fm23 tho)
  9. Winning 2-0 with 67% of poss with their best players benched. Yeah, too easy
  10. Yet theyre beating that ass down 2-0 lol. Seems like they benched their best guys and still won, kind of contradicting
  11. Im still LMAO at being upset endrick only has 3 goals in 10 games when thats actually BETTER than the rate hes scored at in brazil, and on top of that u have to add him moving to a european club where the battle for mins is even harder. Lol imagine thinking the game is broken because endrick has 3 goals in 10 games, when he has 15 for his entire career so far.
  12. Endrick scored less than 15 goals in over 60 games in brazil what are you talking about? You think he should come to europe and bag 20 for u right away? Hes not even a natural striker. Vini Jr for comparison had 7 goals in his first 67 games for Madrid.
  13. Man ive played 4 seasons in game and every single one of them my striker was the leading scorer with 20+ goals. My CM leading assistman with 10+. road games? Yes theyre harder. THEY SHOULD BE. Yet, on the current season I have a much better record away than at home. people love to take the trials and tribulations they face thruout a season and turn them into absolute truths on the game.
  14. Girona would be a nice experiment for those who say the game is “too easy”. Go on, be 1st place in Liga halfway thru the season with the first window closed. 😂
  15. A lot of u use former players names. How does that work with those players being in the actual games as coaches? some here have mentioned Klose, Senna, Van Nistelrooy, etc all those guys are in the game as hireable staff, maybe not fm24 as I havnt checked, but in other versions, ive hired them. doesnt that kill your immersion? Or do u remove them via editor?
  16. Ive not seen brothers, but ive also not looked into it, and im only in season 3 so only have had 3 intakes. I’ll keep an eye out on it. what I did see which was pretty cool, was a newgen who is son of one of my coaches.
  17. Only 1 save at a time and usually run that until the next FM version I buy. ny current is the 2nd ive done on FM24 tho, my 1st was the betasave but I abandoned that one. im currently managing Real Zaragoza; I have somewhat of a fetish for that club, theyve won copa del rey 4 times, la liga a few times, even played some european ball in early 00’s. They are a pretty historic Spanish club w an amazing fanbase and stadium, but has fallen in tough times recently. anyway I live in spain and my family is spanish, but im actually from Miami, well Real Zaragoza was purchased by the Mas Brothers 2 years ago, they are also the owners and presidents (alongside Becks) of Inter Miami. They Mas family are very respected and loved in South Florida/Miami culture. So it only made sense id take over their Zaragoza project.
  18. Here are my comments on the registration/salary cap stuff. Hope it helps
  19. I explained Spanish registration do’s and dont’s in another thread. I’ll try to find u the link. the idea is that any u23 player u have, u have them on ur b team, and u can use up to 4 on the field at any time. Make sure they also train with your first team as of last season, Gavi, Araujo, and Alejandro Balde were not registered for fcb, and played every game as “b team” guys. u19 = no need to register u23 = u can register them, but u can also use up to 4 of them ON THE FIELD (more on the bench) if they are B team players 😉 use this wisely. Its a must in Spain
  20. Do u send your assistant to do interactions? theres certain interactions, with players being home sick, or not feeling well, being jaded, etc where it becomes extremelyyy hard to get his morale back up, has happened to me, and I was given the option to send him on a leave on absence. Once it was even over mental health issues if I recall. After that leave of absence the player came back feeling better, but a month latee in the window I sold him because he just never recovered his best form. anyway im thinking if you delegate all interactions to your assman, you may have never seen that option, but your assman probably sent them on the leave of absence himself. Things like this is Kinda why I still do all interactions myself really.
  21. Never berate. Never. Only for a catastrophic loss. The type that can get u fired lol. Besides that, id argue the opposite. For me, the issue is that I may win the first leg 5-0, and at halftime of the second leg down 1-0, if I say to them “youre doing well keep going” considering we’re up 5-1 on aggregate, theyll get upset, as if the result from the first leg is not something theyre taling into consideration
  22. Real name if playing in Spain. Mike Oxlong if playing in england.
  23. Probably just false hyperbole. Like 99% of this thread. LOL if 80% of goals were coming from set pieces lmao, just imagine the nonsense in that.
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