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  1. Kalvin Philips from Leeds please, and thanks
  2. Did the beta release come through on the shopto orders for everyone?
  3. I take back my original doubts, this is certainly the way to go. Switched him and the performances have risen drastically, stats are excellent averaging a goal or assist each since the change and all round play seems to be much better from the highlights of the games
  4. Doesnt quite capture his off the ball work when the team doesn't have the ball. Him and Martial (surprisingly) are both pressing heavily at the moment under Solskjaer
  5. Been playing around with using Pogba & Matic in the DM line - Pogba as a SV Attack and Matic as Half Back. Not sure if Matic is an Anchor Man, HB or DLP (D) in Solskjaer's tactic. Originally been playing with them in the normal MC line with Pogba as DLP (S) and Matic as DLP(D). It worked well from a team perspective but Pogba didn't get forward as much as I would have liked. If I knew how to take screenshots, I would take screenshots of my tactic for constructive criticism. Basically its as follows: GK (D) RB - WB(S) CB - BPD(D)
  6. What is a better trait for a goalscoring AMC - gets into the opposition area or arrives late into the box? Currently playing as Man Utd with Bruno Fernandes in that role, performances are good but with his stats I think he should be getting more goals so looking at potentially training a new trait
  7. What positions and roles are people using Fernandez in? Currently have him AMC as Advanced Playmaker support, isnt pulling up any trees Training him to learn to dictate the tempo of games.
  8. Rayan Aït-Nouri has signed for City already. Leicester want 65m for Chillwell, dont want to spend that much for a left full
  9. Grimaldo has gone to Liverpool already (no idea why they signed him when they have Roberson)
  10. Plan is to get someone in to compete with Williams in the long term, someone that is naturally left footed. I'll check out those suggestions, I've got about 30m left to spend on a left full so will probably be too short on cash for Chillwell
  11. Trying to find an attacking left full to play as an attacking full back or wing back for Man Utd in the first season. Lost patience with Luke Shaw 3 weeks into preseason. Hoping for someone less well known than Telles but my scouts haven't come up with anything. Ideally an attacking left full under 25 with room to still develop. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
  12. Why would you use RMD over IF(A)? Just curious as I would always of had Salah down as an IF
  13. Anyone updated this for FM20? As usual, trying to recreate the glory days!
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