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  1. I'd also be very interested in this given we've now returned to playing this style of football. Would be interested to see your take on Solskjaer's 4231 formation
  2. What other forum if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Has anyone been able to create a tactic yet that mimics how Utd are now playing under Solskjaer, there has been a bit more of a sample size in terms of games so interested to see what wiser minds from this forum's take on it. Also would be interested if anyone has come up with what you might call a "tradition Man Utd" tactic. Solskjaer coming back into the club has led to a lot of comments about Utd being back playing in their traditional manner with Gary Neville saying "No one should ever be allowed to enter Manchester United Football Club ever again and adopt a different philosophy to the one the club has." I would class Utd's tradition as quick/fast attacking play with wingers and width played by younger players with flair and no fear. Perhaps the classic Utd tactic and the Solskjaer tactic are one in the same but I would always associate Classic Utd with a 442, flying wingers and attacking full backs. It would have a striker that drops off the front ala Cantona/Yorke/Sheringham. Where's Ole's tactic is a 433 with Lingard roaming on the right, Matrial cutting inside on the left, width being provided by the full backs and Pogba given a lot of licence to get forward from centre midfield. Anyway enough of me rambling on, has anyone been able to create anything such as the above? If so, could you share or direct me to where i can see it? (I'm sure that if anyone has created something similar, then they will want to create/or will have already create a thread of their own)
  4. Yeah its the lack of being able to get him to shoot often that is the drawback on the advanced playmaker role. Put him on box to box and he didn't seem to get enough touches of the ball to really dictate things.
  5. What role is everyone using Pogba in? I'm using him in and Advance Playmaker Attack role on the left of a midfield 3, team is doing well but he isn't pulling up any trees in terms of individual performances.
  6. Going to turn him into the new Denis Irwin myself and train hi m for both full back positions
  7. Has anyone had success in developing the youth players at the club? Anyone got any screenshots of how they've turned out? In particular: Greenwood Chong Gomes Garner O'Connor Laird Tuanzabe Fosu-Mensah A. Pereira J. Pereira Henderson Mitchell Is there anyone else that could potentially come through that I've not listed?
  8. I'm currently away with work in Mexico and then travelling to the states, and was contemplating purchasing fm19 to pass some down time, I'm just wondering if there are any region restrictions on Steam. I was searching earlier for prices on the game and noticed that some of the sites have it as EU region only, which is why I'm asking the question. Don't want to get the game and not have it work, or to get it and have it work here for a few weeks and not work when I get home
  9. I assume there is no link then, shame as it looks like an exciting tactic
  10. Is there a link to this tactic anywhere? Love how it looks on the clips
  11. Recalled Andreas Pereira from loan with Valencia and use him on the right wing in the Beckham role, has been working out nicely. Been using mixture of Sanchez and Martial on the left wing but think i will bring in Sesseson from Fulham for the role in the long term or use Chong from the youth team to have a natural left footer there
  12. What are Keane’s PPM’s that aren’t visable in the picture?
  13. @goqs06 had suggested that he might do one, his Fergie 08 thread is a great read with a lot of great ideas in it. Would love to see someone come up with something similar to the real formation, I gave it a go but it was awful. Probably because the current United side doesn’t have the correct players to play that type of football. Too many square pegs into round holes........actually come to think of it Mourinho is having same problem in reality
  14. Have you signed anyone to replace Matic in the Carrick role? Trying to find someone to play DLP that brings some control to the game, looked at Kroos but struggle to justify the spend on wages.
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